Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why do we need cleansing

Let’s face it. Everyone would like to be healthy. Yet, we only know external or superficial methods to do it, we cannot really achieve this goal. In order to attain complete HEALTH (this involves not only the physical body, but also the emotions, the thinking processes, our relationships, etc) we need to clean our body totally. Cleansing is the foundation of the healthy lifestyle pyramid.
We can give you a system that will help you to purify yourself, and to detoxify totally both your body and soul! During these practices for the detoxification of the organism, we will eliminate the main causes that do not allow your vital body to function normally and, in this way, we boost the regenerative ability of your organism.  
If we only treated ourselves with medications and injections, and did not clean the organs and their systems, we would end up feeling better, and yet, this sense of well being would only be temporary as, afterwards, we would find ourselves in a worse situation.
Healing depends on how you organize the work with yourself.
Precisely this work provides the solid basis for your new healthy lifestyle.

The first steps in the process of self- healing are: 

°  Check if the place where you spend most of your time is either totally or partially polluted.  If this is the case, try to neutralize this areas or to  spend more time in nature, doing  your practices on the mountains or near a river;
°  Try to improve your relationships with family, work, and friends, and create a harmonious field around you;
°  Try to be more in control of your emotions:  uncontrolled emotions can destroy us;
°  Define and recognise the individual constitution of your body;
°  Organise your life and a healthy program in harmony  with natural bio-rhythms;
°  During purification, you may go through a purification crisis or  have some other reactions; remain positive and remain observant.
°  We shall introduce you to a concrete plan of work for healing the physical body. The second stage in this work will be that of reconstructing your vital power. 

It is important to bear in mind that:

1.      The energetic field is the foundation of a person’s life and health and, therefore, any damage to it (often caused by psychological tension) will have a strong effect on the quality of this person’s health.  This is why, at the beginning, it is important to clean the whole energetic field. You can learn different energetic practices that will help you to release stress and inner tension, and will protect you from various influences;
2.      Nearly 60-70% of the human body is made of liquids: blood, lymph, inter-cellular and intra-cellular fluids, which must be cleaned from all toxins. In order to achieve optimal  healing effects it is necessary to cleans and normalize the fluid medium of the whole organism; 
3.      As one’s diet is the main source of contamination of the organism, those who do not eat are not contaminated;
4.      An incorrect and unnatural diet damages the Large Intestine precisely because this organ absorbs the largest amount of liquids. When a process of putrefaction and fermentation occurs in it, its toxic matter  enters the blood and, later, invades and poisons the whole organism;
5.      As the toxins in the organic liquids obstruct and decrease a person’s level of vital energy, the cleansing of the Large Intestine is the most important purification practice, because this helps the cleansing of one’s entire organism  and energetic field;
6.      This, however, should be followed by the cleansing and fortification of the Kidneys, the other organ that ends up suffering greatly from the blood’s toxic substances; 
7.      In addition, as  all the blood from the gastric tract (with or without contaminants) passes through the Liver, during one’s lifetime, this organ becomes so polluted that it stops working normally. This is when ‘portal hypertension’, a condition leading to the stagnation of the poisoned blood and the slowdown of the functions of all the organs, appears. At this point, it is important to CLEAN THE LIVER. 

Alongside the above points, it is also possible and necessary to intervene in specific illnesses and situations of discomfort.  For instance,
  1.  a well design purification diet  followed for a fortnight after the cleansing of the Large Intestine renews the quality of the blood, which stops being a polluting agent when it circulates to other parts of the body. This benefits the renewal of the organs and their healing;
  2. a specific diet  designed especially for resolving the infection of the synovial fluids, increased cartilage erosion and inflammation  can help greatly people who suffer from arthritis and stiffness of the joints/articulations.   

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  1. I think Mr.Kenesh is revealing,on scientific manner,how to achive a clearer understanding of biological secrets of the incredible machine called living human body,which is according to science consequence of shemistry and phisics and have same elements like those burning in the stars.Whether we are cosmic creatures or not,it is recommendable to follow Mr.Kenesh advices how to prevent sickness, or to cure one if we already got it.He gives us a fuel to live happier life /v.aleksandar