Morning Practices

Morning Practices

MorninPractices: Practice of ‘Morning tuning’

As you wake up every morning, you are yourself. You have just come from God. Your soul is not yet filled with thoughts, habits and images. Therefore, first of all, remember the Creator: think of Him, without forcing yourself to follow ideas of God given to you by society. 
God feels your heart, not your thoughts or, more precisely, the formulas of  your imagination: if you feel good in your soul, if you feel happiness, bliss and joy, this means that He also greets and blesses you and your day. 
Do not waste time, immediately start with the morning practices and try, also, to remember God. Although He always near you, you may often forget Him during the day.

MorninPractices: 'Prayer'

In the morning, after waking up, thank God for the day to come and the possibility you have to help people. Afterwards, read the sacred prayer, with which we greet and say farewell to the day. Feel the presence of the Divine in each moment of your life, even in a windy day. With this attitude start your deeds!










MorninPractices: 'Drinking Water'

As soon as you wake up, do not hurry to jump out of bed immediately. Start your day as a true yogi! First of all, mentally thank God for the day you are about to live, for the possibility you have of helping people. Then proceed to drinking water.

The human organism accumulates toxins constantly and one of the main reasons for this is that  they ingest various products that, often, are not compatible with each other.

The stomach is a very important organ.  When it is strong and healthy, it can digest food rapidly and a person feels wonderful.

If we drink a glass of water as soon as we wake up  we switch on the work of the stomach gently and the whole organism awakens naturally. For this practice you should have your own individual glass of water (with a lid) of about 0.2-0.25 lt. capacity.

Starting from today, fill it up each evening with clean water and some drops of lemon, cover it and put it in a place far from your bed and where it can maintain room temperature. At awaking, still sitting in bed, after turning your back to the north, drink the water in small sips, trying to mix it totally with your saliva (approximately 5 minutes).

A person’s own saliva, as it contains all the bacteria  needed by and useful to the organism, is like a medicine.

During this procedure, you can tune in with the cleansing and healing power of water. After you have drunk the water, fill the glass up once more, cover it and leave it till the evening in the same place.
This will help you to recover the health of your stomach, pancreas and, ultimately, of the entire organism!

MorninPractices: 'Breathing technique'

When doing this practice you can either sit on the floor in the lotus position, with your back to the north or lay on the bed, with your head to the north. Try to find your heart either on your wrist, neck or groins. Count 7 pulses and, on the seventh, inhale and exhale deeply with the mouth open.
From this moment onwards, you should breathe through the nose, trying to take all the air into the lower abdomen. Inhale at the count of 7 pulses and exhale at the count of another 7 pulses, repeating the same breathing 7 times (cycles).
Ideally, during the first month you should breathe with your belly, the second month with the diaphragm and the third in the chest.

MorninPractices: 'Washing the Face'

Try and wash your face with cool water in the following manner: put your  wrists under water, feeling its coolness. Use the technique ‘one hand washes the other’ (3 times). Take some water in your palms and moisten your forehead (3 times), then  splash some water firstly your left ear and then your right ear one.  Last, splash your face with some water (3 times) and finish wetting the whole face.

MorninPractices: 'Brushing the Teeth'

You should have a medium hardness personal tooth brush. After placing the toothpaste on it, perform the following movements:

1. Upper teeth line: brush from 10 to 20 times with movements parallel to the teeth, back and forth from the right, from the left and in the front.

2. Lower teeth line: the same.

3. Upper teeth  line: brush in the same number of movement as before, but this time perpendicularly to the teeth.

4. Lower teeth  line: the same.

Do not worry if the gums are swollen in some places and a little blood appears in the mouth: this indicates accumulation of blood. It is good that there is some bleeding and that the excess blood comes out, as this means that the teeth will not become ill.

5. Repeat as above along the inner side of your teeth.

6. Brush gently the clean space between the cheeks and teeth, from the top and from below.

7. Massage with your finger the gums parallel to the dental line: both from the external and the internal side, and circularly from the front.
8. Rinse your mouth.

MorninPractices: 'Washing the Nose'

Prepare a glass of  water (room temperature), mix it with salt in the proportion of 1/4 tea spoon to one glass.

Take the salted water into your palm, close one nostril with your finger and inhale the water through the other nostril. Spit it out through the mouth. Do the same with the another nostril. Alternating nostril use up all the water in the glass.
If you swim in the sea and immerse your head in the water, especially when there are waves, you have basically already done this practice.

MorninPractices: 'Mantra singing'

The mantra is a sound that should be pronounced with a firm, relatively high voice, not whispered or sung in a low voice, as it would not give any result. To avoid stressing your throat, the air should go through it freely, the lips should be slightly tight, the teeth not clenched-even when chanting the sound ‘M’ - and you should feel a vibration or tickling between your lips.

Sit with your back to the north and mentally greet God, Divine Power, holding your hands joined in front of the chest.  Bow down 3 to 5 times singing the mantra "AUM".

To do this correctly, you should chant this sound in one breath and without  any interruption between its syllables: “Aaa ….Ooo…..Uuu….Mmm”. Sing the first sounds in such a way that you have enough air left to sing the last  ‘M’ for a longer stretch of time.
Whilst singing, tune in with the Divine Power and the God. After  singing each mantra, inhale deeply and exhale through the nose or mouth, according to what is most comfortable to you.

MorninPractices: 'Exercises for Health' 

This is a set of 5 exercises that strengthen your joints, shake you off drowsiness and lethargy, open the energetic channels and boost your immune system. 

1.rotate your hips clockwise 100 times, making sure that you hold your trunk still and draw ample circles in the air. Feel that your spine becomes more flexible and that energy starts flowing up and down it. Feel that the lower abdomen and the area of the genital organs becomes warm and healthy.
2.Lift your arms at shoulders’ level, open your palms keeping your fingers close together and rotate your wrist outwardly 50 times to free the joints from all obstructions, salts and weakness. This exercise also helps opening the energetic channels of the hands that feed the corresponding inner organs. 
3.repeat 1)  but, this time, draw circles anticlockwise.
4.repeat 2) but,  this time,  turn the wrists inwardly. you arms bent at the sides, at the level of the solar plexus. Push them forcefully backwards, keeping them bent and then thrust them forwards and immediately backward, opening them and clapping them behind your back at the level of the solar plexus, if possible. If you cannot clap, do not force it, it is better than your arms stay at this level than to be forced to lower them in order to clap. Repeat 30 times. Breathe in when you open your arms and out when you close them at the sides. Feel how your back relaxes and becomes stronger and how, at the same time, your whole heart lets go of all tightness and closeness.
6.stand with your feet close to each other. Join the back of your hands before your lower abdomen and start gently lifting them up, holding them together. Let them go over your head and then open them and lower them in a circle. End in the initial position. Repeat 10 times. Breathe in with the upwards movement and out with the downwards movement. Feel peace and harmony fill your whole body and feel that you are in the flow of the universe.  Besides giving you these impressions, this exercise helps you coordination, concentration and balance.
7.Holding your feet together, bounce on the tip of your toes 100 times, making sure that you lift the heel and that you do not jump. Alternatively, you could do floor ‘steps’ and even walk around the room in this way. This exercise frees the joints of the ankles and toes, opening the energetic channels that feed the corresponding inner organs. 

MorninPractices: 'Divine Natyam' 

When you start facing the day, it is good practice that you fill up with beautiful emotions and feelings of love, joy and thankfulness.  Remember God’s highness, the help your guides give you and the essential beauty of the souls of the people around you. Select some beautiful music that really touches your heart and start dancing
Devote the first dance to the Creator of this magic world of birds, seas and flowers, allow yourself to be filled with immensity. 
Devote the second dance to your guide and, if you do not have one, you may ask hat soon you can find it. That you meet the best, wisest, highest guide on Earth! Perceive the security and happiness that can be felt only by knowing that someone holy and wise is near you and guides you. 
Finally, devote the third dance to all people, wishing them health, happiness, love and success in their lives. See yourself as someone who moves amongst them and gives them a helping hand, a smile, a word of support. See yourself as someone deeply interested in their well-being. You can also see that you help them finding their guide in life.

Finish the dances and stay in silence, in touch with your heart; allow yourself to be deeply moved. Carry these emotions with you into the big world.

MorninPractices: the "Black Dot" practice

Make a black circle of about 1/5 cm diameter either in you computer or by using 1€ or a small coin in your currency. Paint it totally black. Stick it on a wall facing north, at the high of your eyes. 
Set the alarm clock to go off after 10min.
Sit in the lotus position or on your knees at a distance of 1 or 1 1/2 arm’s length from the black dot. Place your hands on your legs and concentrate in your breathing. 
Gently and with devotion, start singing the mantra "AUM"  3 times. Breathe in and whilst breathing out sing "AAA-UUU-MMM!" with your eyes closed.
Open you eyes and start looking at the black dot, without imagining that you see anything in it, just observe. Try to keep your concentration and, when a thought crosses your mind, let it go, as if they were passing clouds. 
When the alarm clock rings, close your eyes and breathe in. Then, sing the mantra "AUM". Breathe in and breathe out singing "AAA-UUU-MMM".

Take your time to stand up. Feel the immense power you receive from this healing meditation. It gives you strength, concentration, boosts your immune system and heals you.

Do it in the morning and in the evening and, if needed, more times according to the advice of an instructor.