Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knowledge from my Teacher: "Fame, Wealth, Love"

You have to understand what Fame is. When people applaud you, admire you, they direct their attention towards you, and with this attention they also direct their energy towards you. You need this energy. When you want to be wealthy, you also need this energy, because money and goods are materialized forms of energy. People waste their energy and knowledge at work, in return they receive an equivalent of energy in the form of money, and with its help they can renew their energy reserves. Wealth is one form of energy. Youth and beauty are other forms of this energy. As long as a man is full of energy, he is young, energetic, beautiful - regardless of his age. Yogis conserve youth and beauty till they come to age of discretion – 200-300 years. At this age they can look like young men and young women, because they are full of vital power. Goddess Shakti gives them beauty, energy, youth, power and other qualities.

Love, happiness, knowledge are also different forms of energy. A man pursues those because he wants to be filled with energy of Shakti. When a man is filled with energy of Shakti, he is satisfied. Therefore, he is intent on all these purposes. 
If a person understands this and knows how to manage this energy, he starts to connect with energies that come from planets and stars, he starts to receive satisfaction much faster. Otherwise the process is slower because of attachment to particular form that always limits him. He is being told, “In order to be wealthy, you have to do business; in order to attain fame you have to desire it for a long time and go the way that your society dictates”. There are people who gain wealth and fame in very unusual ways: it seems that fortune helps them, they seem not to do much, but they reach all their goals. This is because goddess Shakti is helping them.

If a man obtains certain inner qualities, he can be famous. If he obtains other qualities – he can be wealthy. Yet other qualities help him have power and love. You have to understand that if you don’t obtain some manifestations of Shakti, it means that you don’t have certain quality, the chakra of certain energy is closed, it can’t receive and transmit energy. You can do many things, but you will never be able to obtain anything without opening this chakra, you will not receive corresponding energy inside of you. After opening the chakra the energy can fill you!

Any energy (fear, anger, passion) has its determined qualities, inner knowledge. It is not just a mad power that fills a man. Fear can convince a man that he has to be afraid of everything in this life, he sees danger everywhere. Anger can suggest an idea that everywhere he has to see negative manifestation of what he doesn’t like. Passion can suggest an idea that desires of his heart lead him everywhere, and he definitely has to be with them. Any energy has certain information, individual qualities. If a man is keenly intend on being wealthy, he will always see this energy of wealth which he wants to receive. Herewith, he should never become a slave of his wishes and ambitions; he has to understand that planets and stars communicate with him through these wishes. There is nothing bad in these wishes – those are merely manifestations of his ambition to obtain energy. Problems begin when a man becomes enslaved by his wishes, when he doesn’t understand that wealth and fame is the energy that is coming towards us from other planets; and we could fill ourselves with this energy, the energy of Shakti and Holy Spirit.

Sometimes he starts to think that this is the way of living, and in that moment he is making a great mistake and his desire becomes suffering. He goes the wrong way and receives negative karma, because of the desire of objects that are just material form of life. We always have an aspiration for energies and never for certain forms. When you experience some feeling, you think – “I want this person to love me. I want all people consider me as good.” You have to feel this state, how it is. You have to imagine that you have already reached it and you have to feel this state: “Yes, I feel the state that I want to reach. Yes, it is just the state when this person will love me, when all people will consider me as a good man.”

When this state comes to you, try to feel in which chakra it appears. Then, concentrate in this chakra and attract this state towards you, fill yourself with it, because this state is pure energy. If you really fill yourself with this energy, the first thing you will feel is satisfaction. You finally have that which you wanted!

When you feel that you have already obtained what you wanted, you will see that the person whom you wanted to love you for some strange reason indeed loves you, that everybody considers you as a kind and good man. So, what happened? The energy by itself attracts that which you want, but at first, it is necessary for changes to take place within you.
Western businessmen already know about it and they do the following: when they go to some meeting and they want to impress their customer, they imagine that they are full of energy of consent, happiness, charm and success. Being filled with this energy, they go to see their customers, clients and start to charm and involve them with this energy. Business, in this case, is more successful. 

Can you imagine a businessman who goes to a meeting with a gloomy, angry face trying to impress his customer? The customer, of course, will go away very far from him in order to never meet him again. But, when he sees a charming businessman filled with positive energy, a businessman will not have any difficulty impressing the prospective customer, influencing him. For this reason, you have to remember that when you feel energy within you, all life goals start to attract things into your life and your wishes materialize. When you don’t have such energy, you can’t realize any of life goals. When you are filled with the energy, you have a different feeling, you have already obtained that which you sought, and you don’t have to be limited by forms, because you already have what you wanted to get. At least, you will understand that you don’t have to desire money or fame in its physical manifestation (in a form of coins or applause). In a mysterious way all these goals will be reached, money will appear from somewhere, people will pay attention to you and applaud you.

Why will all this happen? Because you are filled with the energy, and the energy starts to attract material object to you. You have to remember that if material things come to you or, vice versa, you can’t reach something in your life, it means that you have (positive result) or you don’t have (negative result) necessary energy for it. Energy, filling you from inside, starts to work as a magnet, as a magnetic field, as a biological field.
Biological field has has certain qualities which attract, like a magnet, all corresponding life forms. Thus, life form is like a vessel, and energy fills this vessel, so all things happen this way. If there is energy, the vessel will always be found. If you will desire life forms, you never obtain necessary energy, so the vessel will not be filled. And, more than likely, you will not even obtain the vessel.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 greeting

'Conscience' is again a term that needs explanation.

"In ordinary life the concept 'conscience' is taken too simply. As if we had a conscience. Actually the concept 'conscience' in the sphere of the emotions is equivalent to the concept 'consciousness' in the sphere of the intellect. And as we have no consciousness we have no conscience.
"Consciousness is a state in which a man knows all at once everything that he in general knows and in which he can see how little he does know and how many contradictions there are in what he knows.
"Conscience is a state in which a man feels all at once everything that he in general feels, or can feel. And as everyone has within him thousands of contradictory feelings which vary from a deeply hidden realization of his own nothingness and fears of all kinds to the most stupid kind of self-conceit, self-confidence, self-satisfaction, and self-praise, to feel all this together would not only be painful but literally unbearable.
"If a man whose entire inner world is composed of contradictions were suddenly to feel all these contradictions simultaneously within himself, if he were to feel all at once that he loves everything he hates and hates everything he loves; that he lies when he tells the truth and that he tells the truth when he lies; and if he could feel the shame and horrorof it all, this would be the state which is called 'conscience. A man cannot live in this state; he must either destroy contradictions or destroy conscience. He cannot destroy conscience, but if he cannot destroy it he can put it to sleep, that is, he can separate by impenetrable barriers one feeling of self from another, never see them together, never feel their incompatibility, the absurdity of one existing alongside another.
"But fortunately for man, that is, for his peace and for his sleep, this state of conscience is very rare. From early childhood 'buffers' begin to grow and strengthen in him, taking from him the possibility of seeing his inner contradictions and therefore, for him, there is no danger whatever of a sudden awakening. Awakening is possible only for those who seek it and want it, for those who are ready to struggle with themselves and work on themselves for a very long time and very persistently in order to attain it. For this it is necessary to destroy 'buffers,' that is, to go out to meet all those inner sufferings which are connected with the sensations of contradictions. Moreover the destruction of 'buffers' in itself requires very long work and a man must agree to this work realizing that the result of his work will be every possible discomfort and suffering from the awakening of his conscience.
"But conscience is the fire which alone can fuse all the powders in the glass retort which was mentioned before and create the unity which a man lacks in that state in which he begins to study himself.
"The concept 'conscience' has nothing in common with the concept 'morality.'
"Conscience is a general and a permanent phenomenon. Conscience is the same for all men and conscience is possible only in the absence of 'buffers.' From the point of view of understanding the different categories of man we may say that there exists the conscience of a man in whom there are no contradictions. This conscience is not suffering; on the contrary it is joy of a totally new character which we are unable to understand. But even a momentary awakening of conscience in a man who has thousands of different I's is bound to involve suffering. And if these moments of conscience become longer and if a man does not fear them but on the contrary co­ operates with them and tries to keep and prolong them, an element of very subtle joy, a foretaste of the future 'clear consciousness' will gradually enter into these moments.
"There is nothing general in the concept of 'morality.' Morality consists of buffers. There is no general morality. What is moral in China is immoral in Europe and what is moral in Europe is immoral in China. What is moral in Petersburg is immoral in the Caucasus. And what is moral in the Caucasus is immoral in Petersburg. What is moral in one class of society is immoral in another and vice versa. Morality is always and everywhere an artificial phenomenon. It consists of various 'taboos,' that is, restrictions, and various demands, sometimes sensible in their
basis and sometimes having lost all meaning or never even having had any meaning, and having been created on a false basis, on a soil of superstition and false fears.

"Morality consists of 'buffers.' And since 'buffers' are of various kinds, and as the conditions of life in different countries and in different ages or among different classes of society vary considerably, so the morality created by them is also very dissimilar and contradictory. A morality common to all does not exist. It is even impossible to say that there exists any general idea of morality, for instance, in Europe. It is said sometimes that the general morality for Europe is 'Christian morality.' But first of all the idea of 'Christian morality' itself admits of very many different interpretations and many different crimes have been justified by 'Christian morality.' And in the second place modern Europe has very little in common with 'Christian morality,' no matter how we understand this morality.
"In any case, if 'Christian morality' brought Europe to the war which is now going on, then it would be as well to be as far as possible from such morality,"
"Many people say that they do not understand the moral side of your teaching," said one of us. "And others say that your teaching has no morality at all."
"Of course not," said G. "People are very fond of talking about morality. But morality is merely self-suggestion. What is necessary is conscience. We do not teach morality. We teach how to find conscience. People are not pleased when we say this. They say that we have no love. Simply because we do not encourage weakness and hypocrisy but, on the contrary, take off all masks. He who desires the truth will not speak of love or of Christianity because he knows how far he is from these. Christian teaching is for Christians. And Christians are those who live, that is, who do everything, according to Christ's precepts. Can they who talk of love and morality live according to Christ's precepts? Of course they cannot; but there will always be talk of this kind, there will always be people to whom words are more precious than anything else. But this is a true sign! He who speaks like this is an empty man; it is not worth while wasting time on him.
"Morality and conscience are quite different things. One conscience can never contradict another conscience. One morality can always very easily contradict and completely deny another. A man with 'buffers' may be very moral. And 'buffers' can be very different, that is, two very moral men may consider each other very immoral. As a rule it is almost inevitably so. The more 'moral' a man is, the more 'immoral' does he think other moral people.
"The idea of morality is connected with the idea of good and evil conduct. But the idea of good and evil is always different for different
people, always subjective in man number one, number two, and number three, and is connected only with a given moment or a given situation. A subjective man can have no general concept of good and evil. For a subjective man evil is everything that is opposed to his desires or interests or to his conception of good.
"One may say that evil does not exist for subjective man at all, that there exist only different conceptions of good. Nobody ever does anything deliberately in the interests of evil, for the sake of evil. Everybody acts in the interests of good, as he understands it. But everybody understands it in a different way. Consequently men drown, slay, and kill one another in the interests of good. The reason is again just the same, men's ignorance and the deep sleep in which they live.
"This is so obvious that it even seems strange that people have never thought of it before. However, the fact remains that they fail to understand this and everyone considers his good as the only good and all the rest as evil. It is naive and useless to hope that men will ever understand this and that they will evolve a general and identical idea of good."
"But do not good and evil exist in themselves apart from man?" asked someone present.
"They do," said G., "only this is very far away from us and it is not worth your while even to try to understand this at present. Simply remember one thing. The only possible permanent idea of good and evil for man is connected with the idea of evolution; not with mechanical evolution, of course, but with the idea of man's development through conscious efforts, the change of his being, the creation of unity in him, and the formation of a permanent I.
"A permanent idea of good and evil can be formed in man only in connection with a permanent aim and a permanent understanding. If a man understands that he is asleep and if he wishes to awake, then everything that helps him to awake will be good and everything that hinders him, everything that prolongs his sleep, will be evil. Exactly in the same way will he understand what is good and evil for other people. What helps them to awake is good, what hinders them is evil. But this is so only for those who want to awake, that is, for those who understand that they are asleep. Those who do not understand that they are asleep and those who can have no wish to awake, cannot have understanding of good and evil. And as the overwhelming majority of people do not realize and will never realize that they are asleep, neither good nor evil can actually exist for them.
"This contradicts generally accepted ideas. People are accustomed to think that good and evil must be the same for everyone, and above all that good and evil exist for everyone. In reality, however, good and evil exist only for a few, for those who have an aim and who pursue that aim. Then what hinders the pursuit of that aim is evil and what helps is good.
"But of course most sleeping people will say that they have an aim and that they are going somewhere. The realization of the fact that he has no aim and that he is not going anywhere is the first sign of the approaching awakening of a man or of awakening becoming really possible for him. Awakening begins when a man realizes that he is going nowhere and does not know where to go.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diagnose your Chakras

In the Indian tradition the chakras are compared with the lotus flower. The root of the lotus flower is under the water, in the ground, the stalk is situated in the water and the cup is found in the air; it perceives the light of the sun. Our chakras are arranged in a similar way. Their roots, glands and organs are situated in the physical body, the stalks correspond to the nerves and ethereal transmitters, the channels, the Chinese meridians, which are located in the ethereal plane, but the cups are located in the astral plane, they perceive the light from the sun. In the Indian tradition there are three basic suns: Sat, Chit, Ananda, i.e. Will, Consciousness, Bliss. These suns reflect one common absolute, united God, the Higher Logos. The sun Sat basically illuminates the lower chakras and its energy falls on these cups and manifests through the lower planes of being. The sun Chit, the sun of consciousness, illuminates and saturates with energy the upper chakras and the sun Ananda, the sun of the divine love, supplies the middle charkas with energy. Now let’s stop directly on the chakras themselves, on the elements which correspond to these chakras and on the organs which are fixed on the physical body of the chakra. Let’s start with Muladhara.

Muladhara is located, as you know, in the area of the coccyx. There is its seat; the Earth is the corresponding element and the bone-muscular system in a man’s body is its roots; ways of sensing it are: the sense of touch, muscular sensation, the sensation of heaviness, balance.

Svadhisthana chakra is located in the lower part of the stomach. Svadhistana chakra corresponds to the element of Water. The corresponding organs are the urinary and genital system, the adrenal gland, the bladder, as well as the skin; it is responsible for the sensations of warmth and coldness. 

Manipura is located a little bit lower like a sword coming down from the chest in the area of the solar plexus. The element of Fire corresponds to this chakra; the organs of digestion, the pancreas, the liver, the stomach and the sensation of taste relate to it. 

Anahata chakra is the centre of the chest and the element of Air corresponds to this chakra, which is located in the lungs and heart system, directly in the heart. 

Vishudha chakra is in the jugular hollow of the neck, the lower part of the throat. All the elements mentioned above correspond to this chakra. Basically it is the ether. The roots of this chakra are located in the thyroid gland, in the neck. The muscles of the neck and all the glands that are located in this area relate to this chakra. Vishudha is responsible for the sense of hearing. 

Ajna chakra is located in the centre of the head and eyebrows. Ajna is the element of time, ajna is responsible for the perception of time, for feeling it. The roots of this chakra are located in the gland which is called pituitary gland. 

Sahasrara chakra is responsible for intuition, for consciousness. Its roots are located in the area of the sub-cortex. 

Now let’s look at each chakra in detail and examine their manifestation. 


The chakras may be in three states: closed, working and open. In the closed state chakras do not perceive the energy of their plane, they do not receive any information and they do not manifest themselves in any way; and the person is indifferent towards this plane of being. If the chakra starts to work, a person starts to show interest, he/she starts searching information about the corresponding people, starts expressing activity on this plane of being. But he/she is also a consumer. When a chakra is working, a person is a consumer of this type of information. When the chakra is open, a person completely perceives the light of the source, the light from the sun, the subtle plane, he/she becomes a creator, becomes a source of the energy of this chakra. He/she starts to create and produce. He/she is self-sufficient. 

Let’s analyze Muladhara chakra. In the closed position a regular person is apathetic and moves little. Such people are not interested in physical exercises. They are sluggish, usually with a weakly developed muscular system. If the chakra starts working, a necessity for movements will appear to such a person. You all know such a necessity: in childhood it appears very often because Muladhara is the only chakra which works in this period. And this age has been established by evolution that the chakra may develop. And even till now sometimes after the period of long sluggishness a desire may come to you to stretch, move, do several exercises – it indicates the fact that the chakra starts working a little bit. And if it works well, you have a constant necessity to move, a constant necessity for certain physical activities; when this charka opens in person, it means that this person completely controls his/her body; he feels it well and he has great muscular sensation. The working chakra offers you the ability to create your own style. In Ushu it is well –known that creating your own style is the sign of a working chakra. 

The next charka, the Svadhistana chakra corresponds to the sexual plane. If the chakra is closed, this person as a rule is not interested in the opposite sex and has the following belief: “I am a being without a gender and I am totally not interested in the opposite sex.” A person is indifferent to this plane of being. Usually in the older age this person gets hot. Since a lot of energy is used in the process of sexual life, a person afterwards becomes as if indifferent to this plane. If the chakra starts working, interest appears and a person attracts corresponding literature towards himself, starts being interested in the opposite sex. This chakra usually manifests itself in youth and starts working, which is built in by evolution as well, and in this period a person shows most interest towards these planes of being, and if chakra is open, a person becomes the source of the energy. He is attractive, charming and seductive. A person possesses the corresponding energy. It is even possible to receive the corresponding feelings just by looking at him/her, being near. 

The next chakra – Manipura –  is the social plane. If this chakra is closed, a person feels bad in companies of people. Usually these people are shy, closed in certain complexes. They have a bad contact with the world, they do not like crowded places, and try to isolate themselves. It is not because they are absorbed in themselves; they simply do not know how to express themselves outside. If the chakra starts working, a person becomes active in the social plane; he/she starts striving to manifest himself/herself as a manager, he tries to lead people, become a leader. When it starts opening, such corresponding feelings sometimes appears as a property of this chakra; sometimes feelings of greed or similar feelings appear. It is important to remember that these are all manifestations and there is no need to fear it if such feelings appear. You must try to be aware of them in yourself. In the next stage of opening we find entrepreneurs and business people corresponding to it. As a rule, they are not attached to material values. But they are creating on this plane, freely treating material values, without being attached to that. In other words, their field of activities is like creativity. 

The next chakra is Anahata. Anahata is the chakra of the sub-social plane. This chakra is well-developed in religious people, who devote their lives for serving God. But it does not mean that any saint has an open Anahata. Not at all. Because there can be different motivations, and we will talk about this later. If this chakra is closed, a person is dry, stale, not supportive about other people’s sufferings. If it is open, the person is more gentle, elastic, soft and compassionate. If the chakra is open, great bliss comes and it can be only experienced by yourself. A person, who has been in Stalin’s camps, told us that there was a short, slim man. Life conditions were very heavy there: they lived in huts, they had to work hard, had little food. And when people came, they were tired all the time, started arguments, fights, scandals, but that man came ad started praying; quietly prayed by himself, and gradually people around started to calm down; those who had some grief, offence or anger, slowly stopped, and even a calm state approached them. Bliss came from that man, which simply calmed people around down and took away all their worries, troubles and offences. Simply a calm state and that is all. 

Vishudha chakra – plane of creativity. The expression of Vishudha is the inspirational excitement of the creators, poets and artists. People who truly manifest themselves in this chakra, as a rule, do not get attached to their creations; they do not create for money, they create for the process of creation itself. And it saturates them. Maybe you have had such times of inspirational excitement, when you wanted simply to do something, to draw or sing, simply sing, it did not matter how, where, why; it did not matter how you would be judged, you simply wanted to express yourself in this plane. This is a sign that this chakra starts working, actively working. A closed Vishudha belongs to those people who are not interested in aesthetics at all; they plunge into the material world, they do not see the beauty of existence. If you tell them: “Look! What a nice tree!”, they usually speak about something that you can eat from this tree, something that you can possess. Such an approach is of the utilitarian people. If Vishudha starts working, a person starts being interested in painting, art and literature; the person is attracted to music. People of Vishudha plane do well at music, because hearing is the prerogative of Vishudha; they feel and understand it finely. If Vishudha is working, the person is a creator creating for the purpose of creation, not for the results of it. 


 The next chakra is Ajna chakra. Its state is that of concentrated will. A person of this plane, if his/her chakra is closed, is completely deaf towards expressions of theoretical type, he is not interested in information, i.e. he may perceive the world with feelings, like, for example, a person of Vishudha or Anahata, but he is not interested in mind conceptions and logical formations. Very often such people are narrow-minded or rough, plunged into their lives with their feelings. If this chakra starts working, a person is very interested in different theories, conceptions, philosophical developments; he is searching books, he is searching for information. And when this chakra opens, this person becomes the creator of theories himself, he delivers the knowledge of the higher power, he creates and writes books, he is able to explain the construction of the world.
It is very little knowledge – intuitive. As an example of good-working Ajna, we may mention the scientist Timofey Resovskiy. Read the book “Zubr”. This person was manifesting himself through Ajna, but he was attracting certain results. Thoughts came to him as he describes in this book; he could start one thing, a thought would come to him he did not care at all about completion, awards, and he moved to another thing. But if we take a regular scientist, who is motivated by Manipura, by basic social wealth, he writes essays for receiving a phD; such people cannot be called the people of Ajna. 

 The next chakra is Sahasrara. Sahasrara is intuition. The correct state of it is renounced wisdom. It is very difficult to describe Sahasrara chakra because all mental formations, all indications end on the plane of Ajna. It is the plane of verbal communication and it goes further to intuition and sensations; if we have a look at its expression in the outer world, there can be a glimpse of foretelling in it; if Sahasrara is not working, a person may completely lack presentiment, understanding intuition, i.e. a person may learn something by heart and tell it back well but he is not able to get to the essence of things. It is also rather difficult for such a person to apply the knowledge in practice; as a rule, this person is a scheme-type person: he learns a scheme and acts according to the scheme, and does not catch the connection between the knowledge and practice; it is very difficult to draw any parallels for him. When the chakra starts working, such a person starts having a glimpse of intuition, revelation of the consciousness, discoveries. He finds the essence of being in a regular, popular, well-read truth. People with an open Sahasrara are great yogi possessing higher knowledge about the laws of this world.

Why do we need cleansing

Let’s face it. Everyone would like to be healthy. Yet, we only know external or superficial methods to do it, we cannot really achieve this goal. In order to attain complete HEALTH (this involves not only the physical body, but also the emotions, the thinking processes, our relationships, etc) we need to clean our body totally. Cleansing is the foundation of the healthy lifestyle pyramid.
We can give you a system that will help you to purify yourself, and to detoxify totally both your body and soul! During these practices for the detoxification of the organism, we will eliminate the main causes that do not allow your vital body to function normally and, in this way, we boost the regenerative ability of your organism.  
If we only treated ourselves with medications and injections, and did not clean the organs and their systems, we would end up feeling better, and yet, this sense of well being would only be temporary as, afterwards, we would find ourselves in a worse situation.
Healing depends on how you organize the work with yourself.
Precisely this work provides the solid basis for your new healthy lifestyle.

The first steps in the process of self- healing are: 

°  Check if the place where you spend most of your time is either totally or partially polluted.  If this is the case, try to neutralize this areas or to  spend more time in nature, doing  your practices on the mountains or near a river;
°  Try to improve your relationships with family, work, and friends, and create a harmonious field around you;
°  Try to be more in control of your emotions:  uncontrolled emotions can destroy us;
°  Define and recognise the individual constitution of your body;
°  Organise your life and a healthy program in harmony  with natural bio-rhythms;
°  During purification, you may go through a purification crisis or  have some other reactions; remain positive and remain observant.
°  We shall introduce you to a concrete plan of work for healing the physical body. The second stage in this work will be that of reconstructing your vital power. 

It is important to bear in mind that:

1.      The energetic field is the foundation of a person’s life and health and, therefore, any damage to it (often caused by psychological tension) will have a strong effect on the quality of this person’s health.  This is why, at the beginning, it is important to clean the whole energetic field. You can learn different energetic practices that will help you to release stress and inner tension, and will protect you from various influences;
2.      Nearly 60-70% of the human body is made of liquids: blood, lymph, inter-cellular and intra-cellular fluids, which must be cleaned from all toxins. In order to achieve optimal  healing effects it is necessary to cleans and normalize the fluid medium of the whole organism; 
3.      As one’s diet is the main source of contamination of the organism, those who do not eat are not contaminated;
4.      An incorrect and unnatural diet damages the Large Intestine precisely because this organ absorbs the largest amount of liquids. When a process of putrefaction and fermentation occurs in it, its toxic matter  enters the blood and, later, invades and poisons the whole organism;
5.      As the toxins in the organic liquids obstruct and decrease a person’s level of vital energy, the cleansing of the Large Intestine is the most important purification practice, because this helps the cleansing of one’s entire organism  and energetic field;
6.      This, however, should be followed by the cleansing and fortification of the Kidneys, the other organ that ends up suffering greatly from the blood’s toxic substances; 
7.      In addition, as  all the blood from the gastric tract (with or without contaminants) passes through the Liver, during one’s lifetime, this organ becomes so polluted that it stops working normally. This is when ‘portal hypertension’, a condition leading to the stagnation of the poisoned blood and the slowdown of the functions of all the organs, appears. At this point, it is important to CLEAN THE LIVER. 

Alongside the above points, it is also possible and necessary to intervene in specific illnesses and situations of discomfort.  For instance,
  1.  a well design purification diet  followed for a fortnight after the cleansing of the Large Intestine renews the quality of the blood, which stops being a polluting agent when it circulates to other parts of the body. This benefits the renewal of the organs and their healing;
  2. a specific diet  designed especially for resolving the infection of the synovial fluids, increased cartilage erosion and inflammation  can help greatly people who suffer from arthritis and stiffness of the joints/articulations.