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The Bible story or the Main idea of the Gospel

The main idea of the Gospel is that man starts his spiritual development only when he “awakens”. For instance the Gospel very often says that Jesus keeps telling his students to stay awake.
33. Look out, be awake, and pray, as you do not know, when this time will come.
34. In the same way as someone when leaving his house gives his servants authority and chores to do and orders the gatekeeper to stay awake.
35. So stay awake as you do not know when the owner is coming back: evening, or night, or at the dawn or in the morning.
36. Because he might come back home unexpectedly and find you asleep.
37. What I tell you, I tell to everyone: stay awake
(Mark, ch.13) and so on
Let us look at the Gospel from the esoteric point of view.  For the beginning let’s look at Jesus’ birth.  The birth of Jesus signifies the birth of consciousness. The Bible shows how it appears by describing the lineage of Jesus.
2. Abraham gave birth to Isaac; Isaac gave birth to Jacob; Jacob gave birth to Judah and his brothers… (Matthew, ch.1)
…from Adam – God’s son. What does it tell us? It tells us that Jesus was also God’s son. That is how allegorically the development of consciousness is depicted, how it goes through the stages of development and reincarnation. Moving from one to another, from generation to generation this consciousness is expressed in Jesus. So Jesus was born. His birth was inaugurated by signs (for example, the Bethlehem star):
1. When Jesus was born in Judea’s city of Bethlehem during the days of king Herod, magicians from the east came and said:
2. Where is Judea’s newborn King? We saw the star of the East and came to pay our respects and make our reverence.
3. After hearing that the king got worried, and all of Jerusalem got worried with him (from Matthew, chapter 2).
Herod finds out that a new king is born and gives an order to massacre all infants in Bethlehem up to 2 years old. In the esoteric meaning, king Herod who ordered to kill the babies – is ego, i.e. that which does not want the consciousness to develop therefore tries to kill it still in the infant state, therefore the Bible story tells us that, for as long as king Herod is alive (as long as we have an ego) it will do anything to kill Jesus (our consciousness).
You probably know by now that each man has both a King and a Slave in him. The Slave in us rules when we are not developing spiritually Therefore when our Slave (king  Herod) finds out that the King (Jesus) is born, he becomes restless, mad, he has one desire – to kill the King, not to give him a chance to develop – this is the Bible’s story and shows us how our ego behaves (through the behaviour of king Herod). But the consciousness cannot be killed! That is why the parents of Jesus manage to hide him, he survives, i.e. king Herod fails to kill him:
13. When they left – God’s Angel comes to Josef’s dream and says: get up, take the baby and his Mother and run to Egypt and stay there until I tell you.  Herod wants to search for the baby in order to kill it.
14. He got up at night took the baby and his Mother and went to Egypt. (from Matthew, ch.2)
If we look at this aspect of the Bible from the point of view of shamanism (shamanism is the most ancient religion), we would see that at that moment all the power from the dead & killed babies (which is the power Kut in shamanism) goes over to Jesus.
But the Bible’s allegory also explains that precisely because of it all the energy of the dead babies went to Jesus. He was precisely the one to gather all this power so that he could fulfil his high purpose. Jesus is a shaman. From the shamanic point of view the meaning of the infants’ death after the birth of the future savoir of humanity is very clear. The magic aspect of it is that the power of all the babies passes over to one – the one who has survived, and he becomes the strongest one as he obtains the power Kut.
When a man prepares to become a shaman, always at the same time some of his relatives die (to give him their power Kut). The same is written in the Bible.
Jesus was born in a barn. What does it tell us? Animals are born in barns.  All people are like animals, i.e. they are on the level of animals, their only concern is survival, until they become spiritual. Here the birth of consciousness is shown: from animal like to Godly.
How does human development happen? When a man is born he is on the level of his essence. A child does not have thoughts about anything, just simple desires: eat, sleep, walk – these are the natural desires of the essence, and the only ones that the child wants to satisfy.  But then he is brought up by his parents and society, and in him a false personality is born that depends on his immediate environment. If a man would be brought up in a spiritual environment, his false personality would resemble this environment. For instance, Krishnamurti is a good example of that, he was in a spiritual environment from an early age and was brought up by spiritual people.
But even in that case, in order for the essence to develop one needs to make additional efforts. When Krishnamurti’s  consciousness grows larger than his teachers, he leaves them. His false personality was of a different, higher level. Normally the false personality is lower in development than the spiritual one and also of the essence. When a man starts developing, he forms a spiritual personality which becomes higher than his essence. The higher the spiritual personality the more possible it is for the essence to develop further.
When just the false personality is present, and the spiritual personality does not yet exist, the essence is not nurtured and can not develop.
That is why it is said that the animal is holier than the human. Or sometimes we say about someone: “He is worse than an animal!”  Why do we say so? Because the false personality in its development is lower than the essence, so even the animals’ seem higher and purer.  If the development of the spiritual personality could be observed in terms of the way of how the perception of the world changes, the development of the essence on the other hand could be seen by the emergence of spiritual needs. A low essence has only physical needs. If an essence starts developing it already becomes capable of not just eating but also of feeling the food, unlike a dog; i.e. eating with higher impressions. As long as the false personality rules, the essence is restricted in its expressions and more so in its development.  It has its natural needs but they are restricted. What is an ordinary man doing? He does not move much, he only eats, drinks, sleeps, breathes and all that…Not much movements. The results are: diseases, stresses, neuroses.
But when the spiritual personality starts developing man begins to understand that his essence needs to move more, to develop, to receive more impressions. A lot of interests appear, the essence starts moving out of all restrictions. If it wants to swim – it swims, if it wants to eat – it does it correctly, for instance one does not overeat; if it wants to rest – it choses the rest which is beneficial for health. It starts feeling what is beneficial for it. It will start actively developing itself.
If you are reading these words now it means that you are one whose spiritual personality is developing. But it does not mean that you do not have a false personality. The false personality often tunes into the spiritual. It is smart; one might not notice its expressions. The Spiritual personality – is that part in us which helps our essence to develop, which brings one the understanding that one really needs.
Precisely the spiritual personality helps us to receive knowledge and information needed for self-development. A cat, a dog and other animals cannot receive knowledge and information beneficial for their development. Men have personality which allows them to perceive things. The false personality perceives only the conditions of society and stereotypes; the spiritual personality strives to learn and to understand for itself what is good for it and what is bad. It is concerned with development of its essence, with becoming conscious, with becoming free.
Precisely the spiritual personality is the one which starts counting breaths. The striving for self-development is an attribute of the spiritual personality. When the spiritual personality is developed and formed then the essence transforms into Divine individuality. So Jesus is born and magicians come to him to express their reverence – it is the personification of spiritual parts striving for the light of the born consciousness.
10. When they saw the star they rejoiced.
11. When they entered the house they saw the Baby with Mary, his Mother and bowed to him; opened up their treasures and gifted him with gold, incense and………(Matthew, ch.2)
From the moment Jesus was born he presents a high level of consciousness and the bible describes it: for instance from an early age he studies and interprets the scriptures. Remember the moment when his parents lost him and it turned out that he was sitting in the temple and listening to the priests talk, and asking questions and he taught them things, too. Even his mother and father were surprised by this. There is a moment when they find him and say: “We are your mother and father!” He answers them: “Do you not know that I am the son of my Father, and where else is my place if not in the temple of my Father, the Holy Father?”
Here is where the division lies: the consciousness has a Father, the same way that the body has a father, but differently.
Consciousness is present in each human; it is born with each human. But the human is asleep; his consciousness is in a state of germination. Therefore humanity is in the state of animal. And only when a man connects to Higher knowledge does the consciousness begin to awaken. And if it would not be for Jesus coming to earth, we would still be on the level of animals.
If we look at the birth of Christ from the astrological point of view, we need to consider that first of all each human is born with a certain purpose which is reflected in his natal chart. I.e. the purpose of a man is connected to the planetary positions at the moment of his birth  and the way they affect him. But many people are born at the same moment. So theoretically they would have to have the same purpose – one program, as they have the same natal chart. A cockroach could be born at the same time as Jesus Christ.
But the natal chart of a cockroach and a human being are two different things. Each one who is  born carries only a part of this chart. People differ one from another in the same way as a cockroach and a man, as in a human society polarisation takes place: there is a leader, there is a subordinate, there are strong people – there are weak people, there are clever people – there are stupid ones and so on. Each one has his own purpose.
Naturally the strongest one becomes a leader in this group of people born at the same time. In this way it is described how it happened that Jesus became a leader: when all other infants were killed, Jesus received all the power from them whose natal charts matched his and their power was incorporated unto him.
So let’s return back to the main meaning of the Gospel. Why Jesus says:
3. I am telling you the truth: you will not enter the Heavenly Kingdom until you become child-like (Matthew, ch.18)?
It means that until your consciousness will awaken no one enters the Heavenly Kingdom. A child represents human consciousness.
Further the Bible describes how Jesus was christened. He goes to John for christening. John represents the moral part of our personality which formally follows the dogmas. He tells people:
25. They asked John: why do you christen if you are neither Christ, nor Eliah, nor a prophet?
26. John tells them in reply: I christen in water; but there is someone amongst you that you do not know.
27. He is the one who Follows me, but he is the one in front of me. I am not worthy to untie the belts of his shoes (from John, ch.1).
Water – it is high emotions. Jesus christens – i.e. fills up with high emotions. He gets in touch with his emotions, is christened and reaches a high state. After that the sky opens up and the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove descends and they hear the voice of Christ.   What is happening at that moment? The awakening of consciousness is happening. When a human fills up with high emotions they help him to awaken the consciousness. The more often a man prays, talks to God, remains in a state of prayer; the more subtle energy he receives, and the more this fills him, the more chance he has to awaken his consciousness.
In the beginning a person tries for instance, to count his breaths for as long as he can, he could watch a creek a longer period, and more realistically. This happens because of the subtle energy: the more one has, the more one prays, the more awakened one becomes. Only after that does the awakening of consciousness happens.
Then Jesus goes to the desert. What is the desert? The mind becomes empty from its sick imagination. I.e. from this moment on a man starts realistically to see the world. His mind is not trapped any more in sick imagination – he just observes things without judgment. He is not imagining any more, therefore he can see without any prejudices and denotations.

Hence Jesus in the desert represents the ability of our consciousness to be empty, i.e. our mind could become empty and would not be imagining anything. It means that we would see and feel ourself realistically. If we see a real creek we won’t have the need to imagine it.
Is it possible to suffer while being in a high state? Of course not! Jesus is guided by the Holy Spirit. And here is where the Devil (sick imagination) starts tempting him – i.e. the sick imagination cunningly and deviously enters the empty mind:
1. Then Jesus was taken by the spirit into a desert to be tempted by the Devil
2. After fasting for forty days and forty nights he became hungry.
Hunger means that the sick imagination became joyful. The Devil tells him: “come on get into your illusions about this world, that the world of imagination does exist”.
3. The tempter tells him: if you are really the son of God, make bread out of these stones.
But Jesus looked at the stones and realizes that he is as empty as these stones; that he became like a desert too and replied:
4. It is not bread alone that keeps a human alive, but the words that come out of God’s mouth.
In other words not only the sick imagination (false ego) will keep a human alive, but the words coming from above, from God, from a Teacher, from spiritual knowledge and spiritual impressions; i.e. alive not only from worldly impressions but from spiritual ones too.
You’ve probably noticed that when you are consumed by a certain interest you forget that your body wants to eat, sleep, and drink? You forget about everything in the world, about all your bodily needs because you are consumed by spiritual impressions, you are filled by them.
Therefore they say, that “Man does not live by bread alone”.
5. Then the devil takes him to the holy town and puts him on a temple’s wing,
6. And tells Him: if you are God’s Son, throw yourself down because it’s written: he will tell his angels to carry you in their arms so that you will not be harmed by the stones.
Here the Devil tempts him with the thought: “Create a miracle: throw yourself down and stay alive”.
Later at the crucifixion one of the thieves is also tempting Jesus with words: “save yourselves and us”. What is happening at that moment? The same way the devil tempted Jesus, people are trying the ones who they want to become holy, they ask him to perform a miracle for them. “the holy person is supposed to be able to create miracles, it can not be otherwise!” – They think. But Sai Baba’s creating “miracles” does not make him holy. And then:
7. Jesus told him: it is also written do not tempt your God (from Matthew, ch.4).
An intelligent person goes for the knowledge, with trust, with faith. Even P.D. Ouspensky (he was quite an intelligent man) demanded from Gurdgieff some miracle. He used to ask: “are there any facts?”, demanding by this some proof of miracle. In the same way man’s sick imagination demands miracles:
28. Peter said to him in reply: God! If it’s you, order me to come to you by walking on the water.
29. Jesus said: go. Peter got out of the boat to come to Jesus, and started walking on the water
30. But when he saw the strong wind, he got frightened, fell in & began drowning and yelled out: God! Save me.
31. Jesus extended to him his hand, supported him and said: you do not have faith! Why did you stumble?
32. When they got back into the boat the wind had stopped.
33. People who were in the boat came up to him bowed to him and said: truly you are the Son of God!
And if a person (like Sai Baba) succumbs to the temptation, thinking that he is so great and starts performing so called miracles, he is fooling himself. One needs to let go of the sick imagination and to strengthen his faith. The biggest miracle is not to live without sleep, not to materialise things but to awaken the consciousness – it is the biggest miracle: to be able to merge with God and to dissolve in God.
8. Again the devil takes him to the highest mountain and shows him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory,
9. And tells him: I will give it all to you if you succumb to me and bow to me.
I.e. imagine that you have it all, that it’s all yours. An ordinary person constantly falls asleep thinking that he owns something, he can not see that he is nobody, that all this is not his.
10. Then Jesus says: go away from me Satan as it is written: Bow only to God and serve only him.
11. Then the devil leaves him, and the angels come and begin serving him (from Matthew, ch.4)
This example tells us that Jesus let go of the sick imagination.
But Jesus still remains.  Jesus, i.e. he still has at that moment his false personality. And only when his consciousness completely awakens will he become the Christ. The Bible’s story in the desert shows us that until Jesus dies, (the false personality) a man still remains imperfect.
We can look at the example of the girl-dog. There was an incident when a little girl was found living with a pack of dogs, where she was abandoned by her parents after her birth. While the girl was living with the dogs she completely felt herself as a dog, i.e. her false personality thought so. When she was found and taken to live with people they were telling her: “You are a human, enough walking on your four legs!”, then she would remember and would get up and walk on her two legs. But then she would forget about it quickly and would again walk on her four legs and even bark and crawl, i.e. she kept forgetting that she was a human. And until the memory of her being as a dog died, she would not start walking on her two legs permanently; she would walk sometimes on two legs, sometimes on four. She would fall asleep constantly from time to time.
And until Jesus was alive it means that the consciousness was not fully liberated yet. But if it has awakened, then it’s already in the first stage. A human can and should awaken. And when he understands that the whole world is an illusion then this state gets stronger. When Jesus was in the desert he got stronger in his faith, he got stronger in his belief that the whole world is a desert, that the whole world is dead! It is not life – it’s all just an illusion. The temptations and trials come only for the purpose of making one stronger. Further, according to the Bible’s story then Jesus starts teaching and healing people.
One of the examples of his teaching is Jesus’ mountain sermon. What does “mountain” mean? Jesus gathered his students, the ones who were close to him. In this way a pyramid (mountain) is created,  Jesus was on the top, and he rose there before all his students, the ones he was teaching. Yes, he teaches the crowd too, but the crowd is at the very bottom of this pyramid – that is their level. He tells parables to everyone, but the meaning of them is not clear to an ordinary man; the interpretations of parables he gives only to his students.
Who is a student? In the Bible the students represent the spiritual parts, which perceive the knowledge, listen and try to see – i.e. developing. Indeed they (students) are the ones who are there at the mountain with him. The Knowledge that they receive comes from above, from Divine heights. The Bible teaches us to become students (to develop your spiritual parts) and to rise there where Jesus – their Teacher, who guides his students to the top of the mountain, where he is. He has not risen to the heavens yet, he is still at the top of the mountain. The mountain shows us where, on what level we are – levels of human purpose: some have a purpose to be a Teacher, some – to become a student, some have a purpose to go to war for example and so on.
What does it mean to heal in the Bible, from the esoteric point of view? For instance, what does it mean to be blind, deaf, relaxed and so on? Blindness – signifies spiritual blindness; deafness – spiritual deafness. A human who is not open to knowledge is blind, he can not see the real world, and the deaf one can not perceive true knowledge. The relaxed ones in the Bible signify people who completely rely on inner stereotypes of thinking, therefore their mind is relaxed, not susceptible to the outside world and to new knowledge.   Jesus heals the relaxed ones:
24. The word about him spread all over Syria; they were bringing the weak ones to him, the ones possessed by various illnesses and fits, the mad ones, the lunatics and the relaxed ones and He healed them.
25. A big crowd followed him, people from Galilee, Jerusalem, Judea and Jordan (Matthew, ch.4)
And yet another example:
6. God! My servant lies at home in relaxation suffering enormously.
7. Jesus tells him: I will come and heal him.
8. He answered: God! I am not worthy for you to enter my house, just say a word and my servant will be healed;
9. As I am a Believer, but I have warriors that will attend me, I tell one: go and he goes; I tell the other one come and he comes; I tell my servant: do this and he does.
10. Jesus was surprised to hear that and he told the ones who followed him: truly, I have not found faith like this in Israel.
11. I am telling you that many people will come from the East and West and reside with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Heavenly Kingdom;
12. But the sons of the kingdom are going to be rejected into the darkness; there will be cries and grinding of teeth.
13. Jesus said to him: go and everything will happen according to your belief.  And his servant recovered at the very same moment (Matthew, ch.8).
Healing – is the awakening of our soul. It helps people to see themselves and the world realistically. Christ helps people to hear the truth, to banish the devil (in sick imagination), and he awakens people (consciousness).  This is depicted in the Bible as a miracle; Jesus is great because he performs miracles.
Why are miracles shown? An ordinary person cannot understand until he receives his miracle. An ordinary person will hang back until he sees a miracle. When he sees: “Oh, here they do miracles!” then he will follow. And only few out of them will later perceive the truth and would be able to hear. In reality the true miracle was – that Jesus was awakening people, in his Teachings,  how to awaken, in his giving of the knowledge.
There also is a moment when God talks about his people creating two evils for themselves; one of these evils is that they created pots which could not keep the water: conditions, programs, stereotypes, idols. Remember how many people you know who are filled up with conditionings, who create programs and stereotypes for themselves – see how because of this they are full of negative emotions. They get into hysterics and emotional breakdowns from the wrong conditioning (pots). The correct, true conditioning helps us to come to the source of living water.
In the Bible water signifies: murky – negative emotions, pure – positive emotions.  High emotions in the Bible mean pure water, living water meaning that this is Higher Truth:
7. A woman comes from Samaria to get some water. Jesus says to her: give me some water to drink.
9. As his students went to the city to buy some food.
10. The Samarian woman says to him: how come you a Judean asks me a Samarian woman for water? As Judean people do not converse with Samarians.
11. Jesus says to her in reply: if you would know the God’s gift and who is asking you for water you would ask him for water and he would give you the living water.
12. The woman says to him: master, you do not have a ladle to get water and the well is deep how could you have living water?
12. Are you bigger than our father Jacob who gave us this well and drank out of it himself with his family and his livestock?
13. Jesus said to her in reply: anyone who drinks this water will become thirsty again.
14. And the ones who drink the water I give to them would never ever be thirsty again: but the water I give them would become in them a source of water flowing into eternal life.
15. The woman says to him: Master! Give me this water so I will not be thirsty and will not come here for water again (Johan, ch.4)
Here we come to the culmination point of the story: Jesus is being judged and sentenced to the crucifixion:
11. Jesus stood in front of the ruler, the ruler asked him: are you the Judaic King? Jesus tells him: you are talking.
12. When he was accused by priests and elders he did not reply.
13. When Pontius Pilate tells him: can’t you hear how many people are testifying against you?
14. And he did not answer to him at all, which surprised the ruler.
15. On the Easter celebration the ruler had a custom to release one prisoner for people, on their demand.
16. There was a well-known prisoner by the name of Barabbas;
17. So when they gathered, Pilate asked them: who do you want me to release? Barabbas or Jesus who is called the Christ?
18. Because Pilate knew that Jesus had been betrayed out of jealousy.
19. While Pilate was sitting in the prosecutors’ chair his wife sent him a message: do not harm this righteous man because I in my dream suffered immensely for him.
20. But the priests and elders talked the people into asking for Barabbas, and to kill Jesus.
The first commandment says:
1.     Do not judge and you won’t be judged (Matthew, ch.7).
Pilates signifies the intellectual part in a human (Gurdjieff’s – Ouspenski system) and does not condemn Jesus because he can not see – who is to condemn. I.e. he understands that unaware, sleeping people are mechanical like machines, they are unaware of what they do. And when we come to understanding, at least when we switch on our intellectual center (mind) we see that there is no one to condemn.
Yes, we are making lots of mistakes, but it matters what kind of mistakes. The most important thing is not to make mistakes in regards to our consciousness, to our development – this is when we give ourselves the wrong conditionings, when we react wrongly, when we identify with the wrong things. And if this is happening, we need to repent. Otherwise we do not care if we do something wrong – we are asleep anyway. All people are asleep. Only Christ is awakened. Therefore each one of us can make mistakes, but the most important mistake is when we do not want to develop. We need to repent when we do not want to change something in ourselves, or to become aware.
The crowd in the Gospel – is people’s parts. Therefore when He enters the city they greet him with happiness but in a short while the same people yell: “Kill him! Crucify him!” these are the different parts in human which are asleep, which are unaware of the self, which do not understand what they do:
21. Then the ruler asked them: who do you want me to release for you? They said: Barabbas.
22. Pilates says to them: what do I do with Jesus, who is called Christ? They all say: let him be crucified.
23. The ruler says: what evil did he do? But they only screamed louder: let him be crucified.
24. Pilates sees that nothing helps, but the turmoil is getting stronger, he got some water and washed his hands in front of the crowd and said: I am not guilty of the blood spill of this righteous man; see for yourself.
25. And the crowd says in reply: his blood is on us and our children.
Jesus also says: “God, forgive them as they do not know what they do”, i.e. he does not judge them either, as he can see that they are fully asleep and therefore do not understand what they do. P.D. Ouspensky, the student of Gurdjieff, talks very clearly about it:
I asked Gurdjieff what one needs to do to grasp his teaching.
- What to do? – asked Gurdjieff, surprisingly. – One can not do anything. First of all one needs to understand. Man has thousands of false ideas first of all about himself. He has to get rid of some of them before he can obtain anything new. Otherwise this new knowledge would be built on the wrong basis and the result would be worse than before.
- So how we can get rid of false ideas? – I asked. – We are depending on our forms of perception. False ideas are created by the forms of our perception.
Gurdjieff shook his head.
- You are talking about something else again, he said. – You are talking about mistakes, coming out of perception, but I am not talking about this. Bound by his perception man can be more or less mistaken. However, as I said before the main delusion of a man is that he can do something. All people think that they can do something, all people want to do something; and the first question they ask is: what can I do.
But in reality no one does anything, no one can do anything. This is the first thing one needs to understand. Everything happens. Anything that happens to a man, anything he has done, anything that comes out of him, – it all happens.
And it happens the same way as rainfall after some changes in the upper layers of the atmosphere or in the clouds, the way the snow melts when the sun rays fall on it, the same way as the dust rises from the wind.
It could be seen clearly when we try to do something new, or when our thoughts bump into some contradiction.
Jesus’ crucifixion – is the resurrection of Christ, therefore the crucifixion means to be born again, it shows the inner path of human development, his inner work, esoterically speaking.
46. On the cross, at about nine o’clock Jesus cried out loudly: Ili, Ili! Lama savahvani, which means “My God, My God! Why have You forsaken Me?”
47. Some people who were there heard it and said: He is calling Ilia.
But God had forsaken not him but his false personality so that the Christ, now absolutely free could dissolve in him.
25. At the cross of Jesus, there was his Mother, and his Mother’s sister, Maria Kleopova, and Maria Magdalena.
26. Jesus when he saw his Mother and his student which he loved, said to his Mother: this is your son:
27. And then to his student: she is your mother! From that moment on his student took her to live with him.
The Woman in the Bible, particularly Jesus’ mother signifies the emotional center of a human.
28. After that, Jesus knowing that it has all already happened says: I am thirsty.
29. There was a bottle full of vinegar. Warriors saturated a sponge with it and put it on his lips.
30. When he drank some vinegar, he said: it is done! He lowered his head and passed on (John, ch.19).
Vinegar represents worldly impressions. Precisely these impressions form our false personality.
And what is resurrection? It is liberation from it.
Therefore the most important thing is to let go of our false personality. And the Bible gives us an example how Jesus became stronger in his faith, how he ascertained that all his false personality was based on lies; that sick imagination will not serve you well. He is awakened, he is developing his essence, praying, talking to God, experiencing a state of merging with the Divine, residing in bliss.
That was what he was teaching to his students, that was why he was capable of healing – because of that he was on such high level!
Bu only Jesus could be crucified, only Jesus could die, as going through this cross Christ was being re-born – Christ is resurrected! Because Jesus is getting free from his false personality.  So, for as long as Jesus was alive, his Ego, his false personality was alive. He got crucified – and Jesus awakened in Christ! Jesus Christ – is both. In other words ego and consciousness are both present in a human. But when he resurrects and becomes Christ, completely dissolving in God, then his ego dies, and only consciousness remains.
Get awakened! Amen!


Tell me: did you wake up today thinking about God?
Now we are going to learn about the orthodox festivity of Easter, which is one of the methods to remind us about God. Now we are not going into the depth of this ritual, which lasts seven days but we will look into the key phrases which are used during the days of this holy festivity.
  • “Jesus Resurrected!” “Truly Resurrected!”.  We always hear these words precisely over those days. But what is the meaning of these words? First of all what is Christ?
Christ is consciousness. To resurrect means to awaken consciousness: “Christ Resurrected!” It is a custom to reply: “Truly Resurrected!”, where “Truly” could be understood as “in truth” resurrected, i.e. awakened in the Highest.
And now try to grasp these words and repeat them consciously: “Jesus Resurrected!” What do you hear now in these words? Just a historical fact or something deeper?
The majority of people during the Soviet years lost respect for these holy words and formed an attitude similar to congratulating each other upon New Year’s Eve. But now when the orthodox faith is not in danger of governmental prosecution we can pronounce these words like genuine Christians with deep faith in the triumph of Christ!
Christ had died on the cross: the son of God could not die the way we understand death. He died as false personality, died as matter, so that he could resurrect for eternal life, so he could revive in Truth, be with God eternally. That is what happened: he sacrificed everything to become himself.
  • Rephrasing a well-known phrase we could say the following: “no use to blame life if your existence is crooked” – i.e. no point to demand anything from life, it is useless, one can not change the world, and one can do nothing unless he changes his being.
Then what it does it mean to “become holy”? It means to develop one’s being to a level where one remembers God without anyone’s reminders.
  • Let’s look at God’s Law, how the Orthodox Church conducts a service for this holy festivity of Easter.
The word “Easter” in translation from Jewish means “passage” or “redemption”. Jews celebrate the Old Testament Easter, remembering the liberation of their ancestors from Egyptian slavery. This is a historic fact. But one could see the deeper meaning of this festivity.
Slavery – is a false personality, i.e.   In the liberation of Jewish people from slavery we can see the possibility of liberation of our divine essence from the personality obtained in the social world. Hereby this festivity reminds us that we have two parallels: essence and personality (truth and lie). Essence is what truly belongs to us, as it was given to us by God; lie on the other hand is not ours. And truly when we live by the personality we feel enslaved. When we live in the essence we feel freer and could become a Christ (not in personality which could only wish for being taken for Christ, but in essence, as only an essence could be as pure as Christ).
Orthodox Christians celebrate the New Testament Easter, celebrating deliverance of all humanity through Christ from slavery of the Devil and for the gift of life and eternal bliss.
What is the Devil? It is deliverance from lies, false personality and from the sordid nature of humanity. When a man can step over the lies, conquer his sordid desires, when he takes the path of truth and becomes a Christlike being. And until we learn about our divine essence, until we understand, we will be constantly sent to the Earth again and again by God, until we get fed up with all the disappointments, lies, and sufferings – in Devil. Till we decide that there is no use for suffering in vain, but only for his truth. Only then will we be able to free ourselves from the Devil, when we can see all the beauty of suffering.
  • By the importance of benefactions received through the resurrection of Christ, Easter is the festivity of festivities, solemnity of solemnities – that is why worshiping this festivity is majesty and triumph”.
Why was Easter so important for Christians? Because it is the most important festivity – it is the beginning of new life and liberation.
The process of worship looks like this: a while before midnight all believers dressed in light coloured outfits gather in the temple awaiting with reverence the beginning of the Easter celebration. The priests all dress in light clothing. Just before midnight the bells toll announcing the start of a great moment of  the  holy festivity of the  Christ Resurrection.
Great moment – is the precise beginning time of the festivity (astrologically this festivity starts when corresponding planets get into a certain position. In ancient times there were special observatories determining precisely to the minute when the real Easter would begin). But in our time the majority of people do not know this and make the calendar the point of reference. But if people really want to live according to the cosmic laws (and we do know what it means to live in agreement with God) they would have considered this.
When the real event was happening with Christ, people who were there were circuiting his coffin three times. In our time because we do not have the coffin believers walk round the church three times. At this time the bells ring, pealing as if from the sky and all praying people walk with lit candles which represent spiritual darkness and the joy of the light bringing festivity.
The candle is not by coincidence here: to see the light, the darkness is needed. Who is in darkness? Humans. And when he holds a lit a candle in his hands he represents Christ, i.e. highest. In its highest meaning the candlelight – is the light of consciousness, the light of Christ. In order for sound to exist, silence is needed. Therefore all this exisst in our lives simultaneously.

Christ says: “Ask and you shall receive”. Really why is it that when a man prays to God, he either receives what he asks for or he does not (then he feels upset with God)? If we ask for something, even if we already have something (though we could have nothing), we need to be able to know: “Do I have a need for it? Good that I have it now. But when the time comes to loose it would I really see it as being the meaning of life?!…” in this way we learn to become like Christ. I.e. we become aware that whenever we obtain something sooner or later we are going to lose it. If for example we want to enjoy having a car we need to be prepared that one day it is going to break down.
And it’s like this in everything. If you have a prestigious job today, it does not mean that you will always have it. You need to be prepared for various negative situations, for instance, conflict with your boss, colleagues, controlling organisations and many other things.
All of this needs to be adopted by you if you are on a spiritual path too. You should not be thinking that if you go regularly to church it means that you are rising up. You would have falls too. And it should be taken with joy. THIS IS A NATURAL PROCESS OF LIFE. From this position we could develop the observer. Why are we talking about the observer? Because the observer comes prior to Christ’s resurrection (Moses in us).
At six the people stop at the closed gates of the temple, as if at the door of the coffin of Christ.
The gates are shut and they enter from the west, which has its significance. Initially the churches were built according to the world directions; there were separate entrances for certain groups of people.
This ritual has a deep meaning. Here the call of the priest is similar to the Angels” enunciation of the Christ resurrection. He announces the joyful news: “Christ is resurrected from death, He has conquered death with death and gifted the living in coffins with life”. This song is repeated three times by clergymen. Three times has its significance too: it is a symbol of triune, holy trinity.

  • If we are to convey the essence of the Christ teachings in one sentence, the abovementioned phrase would be the most suitable one: “Christ got resurrected from death, conquered death with death and gifted the living in coffins with life”. This phrase is one of the key phrases of Christianity; the whole knowledge is hidden in it. This teaching is for inner work. Christ is teaching us what could happen in out essence: consciousness could only be resurrected when it is resurrected from death. What does it mean “death”?

Let’s remember the Easter egg. It has not only a shell, it has three membranes: outer shell – illusion, second membrane – attachments, third – habits. The outer shell is the most fragile, as it consists of the external impressions (lie). I.e. through this image of an egg we see what we need to sacrifice –lie. Take smoking for instance: is it good for you to smoke? The body is the one that smokes, but image is the one that wants it, i.e. lie. The habit is connected to body – it is the same lie, just stronger, because it is attached to the essence. “Christ got resurrected from dead” – who is dead here? Consciousness (light) – is the opposite to robotization (mechanicalness, darkness). It means that the consciousness is resurrected from mechanicalness. The Christ would not be able to get resurrected to begin with if he would not be mechanical beforehand. He was incarnated here to destroy all mechanicalness; he overcomes all lies and resurrects consciousness. It would not be possible without a  physical body; development is only possible on the physical plane, as life is the training ground for fostering souls. “To conquer death with death”!
Christ died for the lies, although other people who identify with lies will live in in the circle of life and death for as long as they consider themselves to be these lies.
What does it mean “died for lies”? For instance before he got resurrected the son of the carpenter had died in him (it is only one lie, but there are lots of it).
There is a parable about a seed which was told by Christ. It says: one seed was planted on a stone and it died. The second seed was planted on the road – it rooted but the sprout was split by a carriage. And only the third one which was planted on good soil grew. What does this soil represent?  It means the Egregor: if you are in the Egregor, it means you are in good soil, which means you can grow.
There was a lot of seeds – this is the personification of the rule which exists in everything: mass is required in order for the only few who attain. Any civilisation existed just for this purpose, so that very few would reach the highest level of development. Other people are also needed but not many could achieve the same level. Thus the Christian egregor was created so that a man like Christ could come.
Why are people so joyful when they say “Christ is resurrected!” – “Truly Resurrected!”?
Because they share the joy that someone got resurrected in Truth which means – got liberated.
The priest comes out of the altar – this reminds of  the frequent emergence of God to his students on Sundays. Sundays – means awakening.
The church is an object not so much for people who consider themselves to be Christians, but for those who are really becoming Christians. The Priest in this action comes and goes like our consciousness on this particular level of faith (development) can come and go.
That’s what this part of the ritual represents.
At the end after the morning singing people hug each other: the brothers and the ones who hate us– everyone is forgiven on Sunday. The believers start greeting each other saying: “Christ is Resurrected!” – And get an answer: “Truly Resurrected!”
  • This greeting is accompanied by the gift of Easter eggs which is a symbol of rising from the coffin, the resurrection of life by the power of almighty God.
Eggs are a symbol of rising from a coffin. Yolk – is our essence which is supposed to break through lies (through the shell), to become Christ and not just a man. Favourable conditions are required for the egg to grow. Hence we could freeze an egg and a chick is not going to be born.  But we could keep it in a warm space and the chick inside it would become strong in these favourable conditions
And then it could break the shell on its own. A favourable environment is required!
If you are under the guidance of genuine faith, you are like these eggs, even though you are not developed yet – you still have the possibility to become a chick! It means one day you would be able to fly! But….before you fly you need to hatch. It means that we need to understand that we won’t be able to part with all our habits, to get rid of the false personality, of the Devil straight away, the moment we decide to take a spiritual path. No! But the sooner we obtain the understanding that without the favourable environment our essence is like an egg without an incubator, the sooner our chick is going to get stronger. And if someone thinks that somebody else could do it for him, let him visualise the egg again: if it could be done from the outside it could be done by only one means – breaking the egg. Is it going to work? No. The Chick is our soul; it’s only us alone that could develop our Soul.
  • Brothers and the ones who hate us hug each other; we forgive everyone on the day of resurrection. This is hard to understand, but if we look at the word “hatred” we would get closer to understanding.
In Russian language the word “hatred” could be also read as “not to see”. So        the ones who hate us are the ones who do not see who we are. Truly, we often do not see a person because we do not understand him. But when we get to understand him the hatred disappears.
  • And now let’s remember the words of Jovan Zlatoust: “may the one who is godly and prayerful enjoy God’s glory”. Jovan appeals to everyone; the rich and the poor to be joyful. All are the same to God: rich and poor  – it is all false labels, the same ones like that Christ was the son of a carpenter. Before the end of the  liturgy the Easter bread is consecrated and shared during the holy Saturday after the liturgy with all believers as an Easter blessing. When offered to taste Easter bread –a true believer is supposed to feel the connection to Christ and Christianity.
  • Holy remains – it’s when the monks, who attained a certain level go through a special ritual, like Christ. These monks – are not ordinary people, they are people who have developed their astral body to a certain extent. This quality extends all over the body. To make their remains holy the monk would gradually get his body into a mummified state, after which he would leave  his body. The monk would get his body prepared for this.
What happens when a man dies quickly? The soul start suffering, this could affect family members and other people who are emotionally connected to this person. In this case a vast amount of energy is released. Therefore monks get prepared for death long before it happens: they gradually leave their body.
Note that all the worlds’ nations have a special meaning attached to holy remains. Why do bones have this special meaning, why are bones in particular considered to be holy? Using the shaman’s perspective we could say that bones contain information and also if the bones belong to a holy person he leaves his power in his bones after death. His soul goes to God but through his bones he keeps the connection with the earthly.
What for? So that this developed being can have a connection with us.
Why are only the bones of holy people considered to be holy? Because the holy people are precisely the ones who have this kind of energy. If we are tuned into receiving help and information from these holy remains we can receive an answer or healing when we touch them.
  • What does it mean to “tune in”? In the Russian language the words “tune in” could be also read as “three of us”. This means that to tune in is to have three.
What do we have that is three inside of us? Body, feelings and mind. Which means that with our mind we need to understand what answer we want to receive; with our feelings we need to be in a certain state (not angry or aggressive but  humble); with our body we need to do certain actions such as praying, bowing, crossing ourselves.
If all these three parts are working in us simultaneously – it means we are tuned in, and that will bring about a result from any contact with holy remains.
  • If there is no tuning in, the “Babylon tower” appears. The Tower is the symbol of false Personality. Instead of creating a cult of simple truth, of divine “I”, people create a cult of false personality. That is why God had destroyed the “Babylon Tower”. It is written in the Bible that Gods have become angry with people and that’s how people began talking in different languages and therefore stopped understanding each other.
  • The same principle as with holy remains we could see in charged icons.
How were the charged icons created? Some monks were making holy remains out of their bodies; some would put their energy into icons so that later on descendants would be able to use them. Holy icons could have been also created by a group of monks: when a big group of people tuned into the same idea (in icon for example) gather, their energy accumulates in this object. And this object becomes truly magic: it heals; it sends bliss – and it helps people.

Fame, Wealth, Love

You have to understand what Fame is. When people applaud you, admire you, they direct their attention towards you, and with this attention they also direct their energy towards you. You need this energy. When you want to be wealthy, you also need this energy, because money and goods are materialized forms of energy. People waste their energy and knowledge at work, in return they receive an equivalent of energy in the form of money, and with its help they can renew their energy reserves. Wealth is one form of energy. Youth and beauty are other forms of this energy. As long as a man is full of energy, he is young, energetic, beautiful - regardless of his age. Yogis conserve youth and beauty till they come to age of discretion – 200-300 years. At this age they can look like young men and young women, because they are full of vital power. Goddess Shakti gives them beauty, energy, youth, power and other qualities.

Love, happiness, knowledge are also different forms of energy. A man pursues those because he wants to be filled with energy of Shakti. When a man is filled with energy of Shakti, he is satisfied. Therefore, he is intent on all these purposes. 
If a person understands this and knows how to manage this energy, he starts to connect with energies that come from planets and stars, he starts to receive satisfaction much faster. Otherwise the process is slower because of attachment to particular form that always limits him. He is being told, “In order to be wealthy, you have to do business; in order to attain fame you have to desire it for a long time and go the way that your society dictates”. There are people who gain wealth and fame in very unusual ways: it seems that fortune helps them, they seem not to do much, but they reach all their goals. This is because goddess Shakti is helping them.

If a man obtains certain inner qualities, he can be famous. If he obtains other qualities – he can be wealthy. Yet other qualities help him have power and love. You have to understand that if you don’t obtain some manifestations of Shakti, it means that you don’t have certain quality, the chakra of certain energy is closed, it can’t receive and transmit energy. You can do many things, but you will never be able to obtain anything without opening this chakra, you will not receive corresponding energy inside of you. After opening the chakra the energy can fill you!

Any energy (fear, anger, passion) has its determined qualities, inner knowledge. It is not just a mad power that fills a man. Fear can convince a man that he has to be afraid of everything in this life, he sees danger everywhere. Anger can suggest an idea that everywhere he has to see negative manifestation of what he doesn’t like. Passion can suggest an idea that desires of his heart lead him everywhere, and he definitely has to be with them. Any energy has certain information, individual qualities. If a man is keenly intend on being wealthy, he will always see this energy of wealth which he wants to receive. Herewith, he should never become a slave of his wishes and ambitions; he has to understand that planets and stars communicate with him through these wishes. There is nothing bad in these wishes – those are merely manifestations of his ambition to obtain energy. Problems begin when a man becomes enslaved by his wishes, when he doesn’t understand that wealth and fame is the energy that is coming towards us from other planets; and we could fill ourselves with this energy, the energy of Shakti and Holy Spirit.

Sometimes he starts to think that this is the way of living, and in that moment he is making a great mistake and his desire becomes suffering. He goes the wrong way and receives negative karma, because of the desire of objects that are just material form of life. We always have an aspiration for energies and never for certain forms. When you experience some feeling, you think – “I want this person to love me. I want all people consider me as good.” You have to feel this state, how it is. You have to imagine that you have already reached it and you have to feel this state: “Yes, I feel the state that I want to reach. Yes, it is just the state when this person will love me, when all people will consider me as a good man.”

When this state comes to you, try to feel in which chakra it appears. Then, concentrate in this chakra and attract this state towards you, fill yourself with it, because this state is pure energy. If you really fill yourself with this energy, the first thing you will feel is satisfaction. You finally have that which you wanted!

When you feel that you have already obtained what you wanted, you will see that the person whom you wanted to love you for some strange reason indeed loves you, that everybody considers you as a kind and good man. So, what happened? The energy by itself attracts that which you want, but at first, it is necessary for changes to take place within you.
Western businessmen already know about it and they do the following: when they go to some meeting and they want to impress their customer, they imagine that they are full of energy of consent, happiness, charm and success. Being filled with this energy, they go to see their customers, clients and start to charm and involve them with this energy. Business, in this case, is more successful. 

Can you imagine a businessman who goes to a meeting with a gloomy, angry face trying to impress his customer? The customer, of course, will go away very far from him in order to never meet him again. But, when he sees a charming businessman filled with positive energy, a businessman will not have any difficulty impressing the prospective customer, influencing him. For this reason, you have to remember that when you feel energy within you, all life goals start to attract things into your life and your wishes materialize. When you don’t have such energy, you can’t realize any of life goals. When you are filled with the energy, you have a different feeling, you have already obtained that which you sought, and you don’t have to be limited by forms, because you already have what you wanted to get. At least, you will understand that you don’t have to desire money or fame in its physical manifestation (in a form of coins or applause). In a mysterious way all these goals will be reached, money will appear from somewhere, people will pay attention to you and applaud you.

Why will all this happen? Because you are filled with the energy, and the energy starts to attract material object to you. You have to remember that if material things come to you or, vice versa, you can’t reach something in your life, it means that you have (positive result) or you don’t have (negative result) necessary energy for it. Energy, filling you from inside, starts to work as a magnet, as a magnetic field, as a biological field.
Biological field has has certain qualities which attract, like a magnet, all corresponding life forms. Thus, life form is like a vessel, and energy fills this vessel, so all things happen this way. If there is energy, the vessel will always be found. If you will desire life forms, you never obtain necessary energy, so the vessel will not be filled. And, more than likely, you will not even obtain the vessel.