Friday, November 11, 2011

Jupiter retrograde

From September till December 25'th Jupiter is in its retrograde phase. It is as if Jupiter will be moving backwards (retrograde motion). This time is not very suitable for active advancement in career or decision-making in all social affairs. This is the time of stoppages, obstructions, etc. The optimal solution at this time is manifestation of built-up potential and preplanned ventures.
 On December 25-26 Jupiter will be "stationary", at which time the new beginnings may not find their realization or their advancement will be immutable (won't be able to do anything about their inertia) - orb of +/- 7 days
. From end of December 2011 and until the end of year of the Rabbit (23 January 2012) Jupiter is accelerating again passing through sign of Taurus (11 June 2012). This time is auspicious for any earthly matters, concerned with establishment of financial stability and wellbeing.  Also, winter-spring of 2012 might bring about events of summer 2011 (recurrence of situations of the past).

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