Healthy Lifestyle

Why do we need cleansing

Let’s face it. Everyone would like to be healthy. Yet, we only know external or superficial methods to do it, we cannot really achieve this goal. In order to attain complete HEALTH (this involves not only the physical body, but also the emotions, the thinking processes, our relationships, etc) we need to clean our body totally. Cleansing is the foundation of the healthy lifestyle pyramid.
We can give you a system that will help you to purify yourself, and to detoxify totally both your body and soul! During these practices for the detoxification of the organism, we will eliminate the main causes that do not allow your vital body to function normally and, in this way, we boost the regenerative ability of your organism.  
If we only treated ourselves with medications and injections, and did not clean the organs and their systems, we would end up feeling better, and yet, this sense of well being would only be temporary as, afterwards, we would find ourselves in a worse situation.
Healing depends on how you organize the work with yourself.
Precisely this work provides the solid basis for your new healthy lifestyle.

The first steps in the process of self- healing are: 

°  Check if the place where you spend most of your time is either totally or partially polluted.  If this is the case, try to neutralize this areas or to  spend more time in nature, doing  your practices on the mountains or near a river;
°  Try to improve your relationships with family, work, and friends, and create a harmonious field around you;
°  Try to be more in control of your emotions:  uncontrolled emotions can destroy us;
°  Define and recognise the individual constitution of your body;
°  Organise your life and a healthy program in harmony  with natural bio-rhythms;
°  During purification, you may go through a purification crisis or  have some other reactions; remain positive and remain observant.
°  We shall introduce you to a concrete plan of work for healing the physical body. The second stage in this work will be that of reconstructing your vital power. 

It is important to bear in mind that:

1.      The energetic field is the foundation of a person’s life and health and, therefore, any damage to it (often caused by psychological tension) will have a strong effect on the quality of this person’s health.  This is why, at the beginning, it is important to clean the whole energetic field. You can learn different energetic practices that will help you to release stress and inner tension, and will protect you from various influences;
2.      Nearly 60-70% of the human body is made of liquids: blood, lymph, inter-cellular and intra-cellular fluids, which must be cleaned from all toxins. In order to achieve optimal  healing effects it is necessary to cleans and normalize the fluid medium of the whole organism; 
3.      As one’s diet is the main source of contamination of the organism, those who do not eat are not contaminated;
4.      An incorrect and unnatural diet damages the Large Intestine precisely because this organ absorbs the largest amount of liquids. When a process of putrefaction and fermentation occurs in it, its toxic matter  enters the blood and, later, invades and poisons the whole organism;
5.      As the toxins in the organic liquids obstruct and decrease a person’s level of vital energy, the cleansing of the Large Intestine is the most important purification practice, because this helps the cleansing of one’s entire organism  and energetic field;
6.      This, however, should be followed by the cleansing and fortification of the Kidneys, the other organ that ends up suffering greatly from the blood’s toxic substances; 
7.      In addition, as  all the blood from the gastric tract (with or without contaminants) passes through the Liver, during one’s lifetime, this organ becomes so polluted that it stops working normally. This is when ‘portal hypertension’, a condition leading to the stagnation of the poisoned blood and the slowdown of the functions of all the organs, appears. At this point, it is important to CLEAN THE LIVER. 

Alongside the above points, it is also possible and necessary to intervene in specific illnesses and situations of discomfort.  For instance,
  1.  a well design purification diet  followed for a fortnight after the cleansing of the Large Intestine renews the quality of the blood, which stops being a polluting agent when it circulates to other parts of the body. This benefits the renewal of the organs and their healing;
  2. a specific diet  designed especially for resolving the infection of the synovial fluids, increased cartilage erosion and inflammation  can help greatly people who suffer from arthritis and stiffness of the joints/articulations.   

Diagnose your Chakras 

In the Indian tradition the chakras are compared with the lotus flower. The root of the lotus flower is under the water, in the ground, the stalk is situated in the water and the cup is found in the air; it perceives the light of the sun. Our chakras are arranged in a similar way. Their roots, glands and organs are situated in the physical body, the stalks correspond to the nerves and ethereal transmitters, the channels, the Chinese meridians, which are located in the ethereal plane, but the cups are located in the astral plane, they perceive the light from the sun. In the Indian tradition there are three basic suns: Sat, Chit, Ananda, i.e. Will, Consciousness, Bliss. These suns reflect one common absolute, united God, the Higher Logos. The sun Sat basically illuminates the lower chakras and its energy falls on these cups and manifests through the lower planes of being. The sun Chit, the sun of consciousness, illuminates and saturates with energy the upper chakras and the sun Ananda, the sun of the divine love, supplies the middle charkas with energy. Now let’s stop directly on the chakras themselves, on the elements which correspond to these chakras and on the organs which are fixed on the physical body of the chakra. Let’s start with Muladhara.

Muladhara is located, as you know, in the area of the coccyx. There is its seat; the Earth is the corresponding element and the bone-muscular system in a man’s body is its roots; ways of sensing it are: the sense of touch, muscular sensation, the sensation of heaviness, balance.

Svadhisthana chakra is located in the lower part of the stomach. Svadhistana chakra corresponds to the element of Water. The corresponding organs are the urinary and genital system, the adrenal gland, the bladder, as well as the skin; it is responsible for the sensations of warmth and coldness. 

Manipura is located a little bit lower like a sword coming down from the chest in the area of the solar plexus. The element of Fire corresponds to this chakra; the organs of digestion, the pancreas, the liver, the stomach and the sensation of taste relate to it. 

Anahata chakra is the centre of the chest and the element of Air corresponds to this chakra, which is located in the lungs and heart system, directly in the heart. 

Vishudha chakra is in the jugular hollow of the neck, the lower part of the throat. All the elements mentioned above correspond to this chakra. Basically it is the ether. The roots of this chakra are located in the thyroid gland, in the neck. The muscles of the neck and all the glands that are located in this area relate to this chakra. Vishudha is responsible for the sense of hearing. 

Ajna chakra is located in the centre of the head and eyebrows. Ajna is the element of time, ajna is responsible for the perception of time, for feeling it. The roots of this chakra are located in the gland which is called pituitary gland. 

Sahasrara chakra is responsible for intuition, for consciousness. Its roots are located in the area of the sub-cortex. 

Now let’s look at each chakra in detail and examine their manifestation. 


The chakras may be in three states: closed, working and open. In the closed state chakras do not perceive the energy of their plane, they do not receive any information and they do not manifest themselves in any way; and the person is indifferent towards this plane of being. If the chakra starts to work, a person starts to show interest, he/she starts searching information about the corresponding people, starts expressing activity on this plane of being. But he/she is also a consumer. When a chakra is working, a person is a consumer of this type of information. When the chakra is open, a person completely perceives the light of the source, the light from the sun, the subtle plane, he/she becomes a creator, becomes a source of the energy of this chakra. He/she starts to create and produce. He/she is self-sufficient. 

Let’s analyze Muladhara chakra. In the closed position a regular person is apathetic and moves little. Such people are not interested in physical exercises. They are sluggish, usually with a weakly developed muscular system. If the chakra starts working, a necessity for movements will appear to such a person. You all know such a necessity: in childhood it appears very often because Muladhara is the only chakra which works in this period. And this age has been established by evolution that the chakra may develop. And even till now sometimes after the period of long sluggishness a desire may come to you to stretch, move, do several exercises – it indicates the fact that the chakra starts working a little bit. And if it works well, you have a constant necessity to move, a constant necessity for certain physical activities; when this charka opens in person, it means that this person completely controls his/her body; he feels it well and he has great muscular sensation. The working chakra offers you the ability to create your own style. In Ushu it is well –known that creating your own style is the sign of a working chakra. 

The next charka, the Svadhistana chakra corresponds to the sexual plane. If the chakra is closed, this person as a rule is not interested in the opposite sex and has the following belief: “I am a being without a gender and I am totally not interested in the opposite sex.” A person is indifferent to this plane of being. Usually in the older age this person gets hot. Since a lot of energy is used in the process of sexual life, a person afterwards becomes as if indifferent to this plane. If the chakra starts working, interest appears and a person attracts corresponding literature towards himself, starts being interested in the opposite sex. This chakra usually manifests itself in youth and starts working, which is built in by evolution as well, and in this period a person shows most interest towards these planes of being, and if chakra is open, a person becomes the source of the energy. He is attractive, charming and seductive. A person possesses the corresponding energy. It is even possible to receive the corresponding feelings just by looking at him/her, being near. 

The next chakra – Manipura –  is the social plane. If this chakra is closed, a person feels bad in companies of people. Usually these people are shy, closed in certain complexes. They have a bad contact with the world, they do not like crowded places, and try to isolate themselves. It is not because they are absorbed in themselves; they simply do not know how to express themselves outside. If the chakra starts working, a person becomes active in the social plane; he/she starts striving to manifest himself/herself as a manager, he tries to lead people, become a leader. When it starts opening, such corresponding feelings sometimes appears as a property of this chakra; sometimes feelings of greed or similar feelings appear. It is important to remember that these are all manifestations and there is no need to fear it if such feelings appear. You must try to be aware of them in yourself. In the next stage of opening we find entrepreneurs and business people corresponding to it. As a rule, they are not attached to material values. But they are creating on this plane, freely treating material values, without being attached to that. In other words, their field of activities is like creativity. 

The next chakra is Anahata. Anahata is the chakra of the sub-social plane. This chakra is well-developed in religious people, who devote their lives for serving God. But it does not mean that any saint has an open Anahata. Not at all. Because there can be different motivations, and we will talk about this later. If this chakra is closed, a person is dry, stale, not supportive about other people’s sufferings. If it is open, the person is more gentle, elastic, soft and compassionate. If the chakra is open, great bliss comes and it can be only experienced by yourself. A person, who has been in Stalin’s camps, told us that there was a short, slim man. Life conditions were very heavy there: they lived in huts, they had to work hard, had little food. And when people came, they were tired all the time, started arguments, fights, scandals, but that man came ad started praying; quietly prayed by himself, and gradually people around started to calm down; those who had some grief, offence or anger, slowly stopped, and even a calm state approached them. Bliss came from that man, which simply calmed people around down and took away all their worries, troubles and offences. Simply a calm state and that is all. 

Vishudha chakra – plane of creativity. The expression of Vishudha is the inspirational excitement of the creators, poets and artists. People who truly manifest themselves in this chakra, as a rule, do not get attached to their creations; they do not create for money, they create for the process of creation itself. And it saturates them. Maybe you have had such times of inspirational excitement, when you wanted simply to do something, to draw or sing, simply sing, it did not matter how, where, why; it did not matter how you would be judged, you simply wanted to express yourself in this plane. This is a sign that this chakra starts working, actively working. A closed Vishudha belongs to those people who are not interested in aesthetics at all; they plunge into the material world, they do not see the beauty of existence. If you tell them: “Look! What a nice tree!”, they usually speak about something that you can eat from this tree, something that you can possess. Such an approach is of the utilitarian people. If Vishudha starts working, a person starts being interested in painting, art and literature; the person is attracted to music. People of Vishudha plane do well at music, because hearing is the prerogative of Vishudha; they feel and understand it finely. If Vishudha is working, the person is a creator creating for the purpose of creation, not for the results of it. 

 The next chakra is Ajna chakra. Its state is that of concentrated will. A person of this plane, if his/her chakra is closed, is completely deaf towards expressions of theoretical type, he is not interested in information, i.e. he may perceive the world with feelings, like, for example, a person of Vishudha or Anahata, but he is not interested in mind conceptions and logical formations. Very often such people are narrow-minded or rough, plunged into their lives with their feelings. If this chakra starts working, a person is very interested in different theories, conceptions, philosophical developments; he is searching books, he is searching for information. And when this chakra opens, this person becomes the creator of theories himself, he delivers the knowledge of the higher power, he creates and writes books, he is able to explain the construction of the world.
It is very little knowledge – intuitive. As an example of good-working Ajna, we may mention the scientist Timofey Resovskiy. Read the book “Zubr”. This person was manifesting himself through Ajna, but he was attracting certain results. Thoughts came to him as he describes in this book; he could start one thing, a thought would come to him he did not care at all about completion, awards, and he moved to another thing. But if we take a regular scientist, who is motivated by Manipura, by basic social wealth, he writes essays for receiving a phD; such people cannot be called the people of Ajna. 

 The next chakra is Sahasrara. Sahasrara is intuition. The correct state of it is renounced wisdom. It is very difficult to describe Sahasrara chakra because all mental formations, all indications end on the plane of Ajna. It is the plane of verbal communication and it goes further to intuition and sensations; if we have a look at its expression in the outer world, there can be a glimpse of fortelling in it; if Sahasrara is not working, a person may completely lack presentiment, understanding intuition, i.e. a person may learn something by heart and tell it back well but he is not able to get to the essence of things. It is also rather difficult for such a person to apply the knowledge in practice; as a rule, this person is a scheme-type person: he learns a scheme and acts according to the scheme, and does not catch the connection between the knowledge and practice; it is very difficult to draw any parallels for him. When the chakra starts working, such a person starts having a glimpse of intuition, revelation of the consciousness, discoveries. He finds the essence of being in a regular, popular, well-read truth. People with an open Sahasrara are great yogi possessing higher knowledge about the laws of this world.


Keeping Us Fat- Why Not Losing Weight Is Profitable



Diets don’t work and weight loss supplements don’t work- most people are aware of this on some level and yet it doesn’t stop Americans from spending 46 to as much as 100 billion dollars a year on diet products and self help diet books. Studies, (and the personal experience of about anyone you know), have shown that two thirds of Americans that went on a diet regained all the weight they had lost within one year. A whopping 97% gained it all back within a period of five years! [1] The question thus becomes why isn’t the success rate higher at a time when there is more weight loss information out there than ever before? Studies have proven that  lifestyle and not genetics are to blame for our current weight crisis so achieving a healthy body weight is possible for the majority of the population, and yet for all the information, products and medical knowledge at our disposal there are still 1 billion overweight adults on the planet and that number continues to rise.(2) Could it be that on some level it is more profitable to have an overweight population rather than a healthy one?
There is an unavoidable cacophony of contradictory information and weight loss propaganda that exists in our society. It acts as background noise that drowns out the basic (and mostly hard to profit from) tenets that have helped millions of people stay in shape. Namely, a lifestyle change where you avoid high calorie processed foods and incorporate a regular routine of exercise. This approach has been validated by numerous studies and millions of people around the world are able to sustain a healthy weight and fitness level by following these guidelines, so why are we bombarded by so many other ways to lose weight? Given the stakes it seems almost a crime to lead the public on a wild goose chase when so much is at stake in terms of health and when a crime is committed the first step towards identifying the perpetrator is to ask the question ‘Cui bono?’- literally ‘who stands to gain?’ In this case you can’t help but notice that our overweight population is worth billions to the not only the diet, fitness and weight loss industry, but also to the food industry, medical and pharmaceutical industries and interestingly enough the media at large.

How The Diet Industry Profits From Keeping Us Fat


Diets like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, The Zone Diet, NutriSystem, The Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, The Ornish Diet, The South Beach Diet, Slim-Fast and the always popular Subway diet all have two major things in common:
1.      Their abysmal long term success rate.
2.      The fact that you have to spend money to follow them.
According to figures from a Forbes report, the above mentioned weight loss diet costs an average of $85.79 a week! That’s more than $30 more than the $54.44 that the average single American spends on food![3] Not only is it expensive but each weight loss plan banks on your failure- that way you will remain a long term customer. It puzzles me that our society allows for an industry that keeps growing in spite of the fact that most of their customers fail. It is equally bewildering that so many different diet systems thrive on the market today. Logically the very existence of so many different systems actually highlights their inherent ineffectiveness. If only one diet system, self help book or workout dvd could provide a safe and effective way for everyone to lose weight and keep it off, then all the others would be out of business.  Instead it makes perfect sense that noise from the diet and weight loss industry should serve to confuse the public in an attempt to keep us fat and their coffers overflowing.
While the economy wallows in the doldrums, the food industry continues to profit by appealing to the nation’s desire for ‘health food products.’


How The Medical Industry Profits From Keeping Us Fat


Surgical procedures are the ultimate quick fix for weight loss and not surprisingly the number of active surgeons performing bariatric weight reduction operations like gastric banding, gastric bypass and variants of these stomach surgeries jumped nearly 500 percent

from 168 in 1993 to 860 in 2003 as the number of gastric bypass surgeries climbed more than 600% during the same period. [4] At an average cost of $30,000 per procedure [4], fees paid mainly by health insurance providers or government health benefit programs with your taxpayer money, it is easy to see how profitable it is for the medical industry. Liposuction is the most popular form of plastic surgery for men and women combined with more than half a million women having the procedure each year.[5] At an average cost of $2500 per procedure it doesn’t take much to realize that it is a huge cash cow for the plastic surgery field.
Equally profitable are prescription diet drugs. Doctor prescribed appetite suppressants and fat absorption inhibitors net millions for the drug companies that make them. Research has shown that while over the short term prescription dietary drugs can help reduce weight and potentially reduce temporarily reduce health risks in obese individuals it is only a short lived benefit as there is no concurrent change in lifestyle. Interestingly enough there are currently no studies to determine the effect of these medications over the long term. Not that we really need them as these drugs can only be administered for a period of weeks and if they were truly effective a single pill would have stopped the obesity epidemic a long time ago!

How The Pharmaceutical Industry Profits By Keeping Us Fat


Unfortunately it is not only the diet and weight loss branches of the pharmaceutical community that profit from you being overweight and staying that way. We know being overweight or obese increases the risk of coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol or triglyceride levels) and stroke [6]. 

Thus it should be no surprise that Lipitor- a statin drug designed to reduce cholesterol was the number one best selling drug not only in the United States in 2006 but in the entire world with an impressive 14 billion dollars in US sales alone for the pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer![7] To put things in perspective, in the United States, Lipitor made more than twice as much as the nearest other drug, the asthma medication Advair. Not surprisingly several other drugs in the top ten were also used to treat obesity linked diseases such as Plavix by Bristol-Meyer Squib, Norvasc, (another Pfizer drug) and Diovan altogether netting 60 billion dollars in the United States alone in 2006.[7,8] What is cause for concern is that the biggest pharmaceutical companies all profit mainly from diseases related to obesity, companies that have a major role in shaping public health policy- which has failed painfully to curb our growing obesity problem. With literally thousands of lobbyists in Washington, DC and an estimated $855 million spent on lobby activities from 1998 to 2006, pharmaceutical companies spend more than any other industry to ensure that their interests are protected. [9] Interests that focus on increasing profits for their shareholders and not on improving overall public health. Many have criticized the pharmaceutical industry on focusing solely on making drugs that profit from current health problems and not ones that solve them.

How The Media Profits From Keeping Us Fat

It isn’t only the muscle and fitness magazines packed with weight loss product propaganda that profit from an overweight population eager to learn how to be slim and trim, it’s every part of American media- from the news to talk shows. Ask any publicist in how to get on TV and they will tell you that the key stories are weight loss, sex and aging. These issues have always captivated large audiences and the obesity epidemic has given birth to a slew of weight loss reality shows in addition to the bombardment of diet and weight loss tips that flood the airwaves. 

By making weight loss information a form of entertainment the media does more to confuse people actively seeking credible information on how to improve their health. Unfortunately, the message of healthy lifestyle, exercise and balance isn’t sensational enough and won’t do to entertain the masses so a new and exciting new diet, breakthrough, study, , exercise or system has to be introduced all the time. The result- a confused pubic that stays fat but tunes in to see what they can try next to get into shape.
This impacts women more than any other segment of society and they use this to their advantage. Every women’s magazine faces the challenge of what to print to keep their readers in thrall and so every month they have a new way to lose weight. Research has shown that women’s magazines have over ten times more ads and articles promoting weight loss than men’s magazines do. Not surprisingly over 75% of women’s magazine covers include at least one message about how to change bodily appearance by diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery.  Women’s magazines also have over ten times more ads and articles promoting weight loss than men’s magazines adding to the almost incessant racket of useless weight loss noise.

How The Food Industry Profits By Keeping Us Fat

The list of industries that make billions from our weight problems is a long one and include as well the food industry which has shifted towards the manufacturing of ‘low fat’, ‘reduced sugar’ or ‘organic’ products to benefit from our collective increases in girth. The problem is that those foods are the problem. In 2010 there are more foods labeled ‘natural’, low fat’, ‘diet’ and ‘organic’ than ever before in our history and yet we aren’t getting any healthier. The obesity epidemic continues to increase while studies on cultures that do not consume these so called ‘healthy foods’ universally find that such populations do not suffer the weight problems of developed countries.
Over the past twenty years I have realized that half of the work required to help people lose weight comes teaching them that our very culture is part of the problem. Try to live a healthy lifestyle where you eschew processed foods, exercise and limit or eliminate alcohol from your diet and you immediately become a social pariah. This in itself is a tremendous barrier to overcome when your peers are influenced by many conflicting messages but it is one that must be crossed if you don’t want to help enrich the lives of those that stand to profit from our current health burdens.


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"Detoxing program for the joints I”

Let’s talk about our next subject:  Cleansing the Joints
Normally this type of cleansing is recommended for people who have problems with their  joints;  like Arthritis

Arthritis happens when there is acute inflammation of the joints, and you have  all the symptoms, like redness, inflammation, deformity, and the joint functions are affected. There could be a higher temperature in the affected area, and the swelling could appear in various areas or in only one area.
The cause of these illnesses could be infectious, or it can be caused by excess weight, or by an excess of physical labor.

How do we start to clean the joints? 
What should someone do to alleviate the pain in the joints?

In the first place, it would be desirable, as in every situation, to examine the energy bodies to see in what level this illness is created.  Very frequently problems with the joints are caused by karmic knots or blocks.  The person could have the wrong mental programs.  These programs, when the person lives according to these programs, without knowing, this person is breaking Cosmic Laws and as a result, receives joint disease.  Energetic or emotional problems and energetic parasites in the subtle bodies could also be causing the problems.  These must be eliminated.
The practice of yoga is recommended once it is decided to start the cleansing.  It is good to this in a group, but even if you are alone, to do some of the exercises.  For example, whenever arthritis is present, the movement of energy in the subtle bodies is altered and sometimes blocked in the joint area. 
How can we start moving this stuck energy in the joints area?
There is a very good exercise of Yoga called Astrogamma which helps very much.  The first level of Astrogamma helps the person increase flexibility in most of the joints, including the knees and the spine.
Many people who start doing yoga, say that Astrogamma is a very simple exercise complex  that can be learned easily, and as such does not seem very important. This is not true.  When the complex is done correctly, once you reach the second level, when you combine the breath with the movements, the etheric body starts to activate very  rapidly and strongly.  If you should start a group to do Astrogamma, because when you do the practices alone, you use only your own power.  When the complex is done in a group, the energy is multiplied.

If the exercises are done in a group, with people who have common interests, if they pray and connect with Divine Power first, then Divine Power starts to transform the etheric body.  We know that in some countries, people meet in the morning parks, or in nature, and they do the exercises together.  This is very good.

For group leaders it is important to explain to the people that the object of these exercises is not just to obtain flexibility, but to prepare our physical body to become healthy.  It is preferable to do the exercises daily for at least 30 days or longer.  It is important to begin any exercise done in a group with a prayer, and also to end with a prayer.
It is very good to start the 3rd level of Astrogamma with a partner, because a spherical energy is created and in this energetic sphere, all the energy channels of the partner are cleansed.  This sphere is formed in the first 3 or 4 positions of the Meditation Kata of Astrokarate.

One of the partners when connected with Divine Power, forms this spherical energy and with this starts to clean the channels of the partner starting with the head.  The person who creates the energy ball starts to move it starting with the head towards the left foot, then to the right hand, then to the left hand, then to the right foot and then returns to the head.  This should be done 3 to 7 times.  Later, when you learn to feel how your partner is helping you, you will be able to re-create the same feelings of cleansing with the energy, and then you will be able to do this by yourself. 

Yoga and a practice like Astrogama will be of much benefit to people who suffer from joint problems.  I want to give some advice to everyone who suffers from the joints, to start doing morning practices because the breathwork is very good for raising the energy level of people.  All the exercises of the morning practice, are also helpful for the body, by opening and unblocking the channels of the etheric body.

The 3 dances in the morning are also very helpful to clean the emotional body.  The blackdot meditation is helpful for those who are preparing for karmic cleansing.
By working with the morning practices, by studying the principles of Yoga, by learning to live a healthy life style, you learn to follow cosmic laws. 
Change your eating habits, clean the large intestine, then clean the fluids, clean the liver, and then start to clean your joints with laurel leaves. 

How do we prepare correctly the Laurel Leaf Cleanse?

Make a tea.  Take 5 grams of laurel leaves, 300 grams of water and boil together for 5 minutes.  Put in a thermos and leave it there.  You need to drink this tea with small sips for the next 12 hours. 
Next you rest for one week and then repeat the purification for 3 more days.  A very strong powerful energetic cleansing happens in this cleansing process, the energetic body releases many toxins and substances from the joint areas.  Gradually the pain goes away and the joints become more flexible.  It is important to note that those who have suffered a long time from severe arthritis, even those with cartilage damage, will get results, but it will take a longer time. 

It is a scientific fact that good nutrition is a very important influence in the treatment of arthritis.  That is why, the next step in  cleansing of the joints is to follow a proper diet.  Often, a proper diet and/or fasting can remove the pain and the symptoms of this illness very rapidly.
To those who are interested in following this diet, or who know people who have this problem, take note;  It is better to start the diet after the cleansing diet that we talked about in the beginning.  For the first 7-9 days, a special liquid diet which includes cooked vegetables (vegetable soup without the vegetable)  vegetable juices, hearbal teas and garlic. The next phase lasts 3 and 1 half months. You start adding vegetarian foods.  Do not use meat, eggs, citric products  or dairy products.  No procesed foods, no baked goods, no salt and no grains.  Do not use whole grains because they contain gluten, but you can have gluten free products.
After 4 months you can start adding dairy products once a day, always eaten separately from other foods.  All dairy products should be eaten separately. 
This diet should be followed for one year, but after one month, you will see positive results in the joints.

"Detoxing Program for Sore Joints  II”
(arthritis, etc.)

*It is important to treat the sore joints locally.  There is a very effective homemade remedy you can make at home, which is especially beneficial for detoxing and for the removal of the salt deposits in the joints.  It has the effect of warming, soothing and relieving inflammation.  

Take a half quart bottle, and place a small piece of camphor the size of 1 quarter  (1/4) of a sugar cube.  It does not need to be exactly 1/4, it could be a little bigger.  Camphor has the qualities of dissolving, and of relieving inflammation.  Then you pour in 150 ml (2/3 cup approx.) of turpentine or paint solvent, (has the qualitiy of warming and deep penetration), then add 150 ml  (2/3cup) of olive oil (softening quality) and finish by adding 150 ml of 70 proof alcohol, for more warming and penetration. The resulting  mixture should be rubbed on the joints at night before sleep.  Wrap well with a woolen cloth and keep it wrapped all night.  The warmth generated will help to dissolve the salt deposits.  You should do this every night until the pain is relieved.  Make sure to shake the mixture well  before applying.


 There is another method used in small towns.  Collect 120 fresh dandelion flowers and place in a container with 100 ml (about 1/3 cup) of vodka or 40 proof alcohol.  Cover well and keep at least 40 days in a dark place.  You can then rub this mixture on the affected joints. 
There are other methods that can be used, but only by those who have completed the entire detoxing course.
It is also very desirable to visit a sauna or to take hot baths.  Right after, olive oil or melted butter should be rubbed onto the affected areas. 
For this type of illness of the joints, fasting and urinetherapy is also very helpful.
I hope all of you will be able to clean and detox your joints, no matter how long it takes.



-Can this diet be used if the liver has not been detoxed yet?

You may, but it is better to have done the liver detox at least 4 times.  The liver produces some substances that have a direct effect on the swelling of the joints.  There are also many allergens that work in the liver.

-What is your opinion about magnets to relieve the pain?

It could be helpful, but the cause of the problem is not being helped then.  The pain could be relieved, but the real problem is the cause, which could be from incorrect ways of eating, an unhealthy life style, maybe even a Karmic problem.  Imagine, how can a magnet help a person resolve a karmic problem?  In the detoxing phase, when there is a healing crisis, and lots of pain, the magnets could be helpful.  This is the same way that many pain medications work, they remove or alleviate the pain, but not the cause.  Hospitals do not cure this type of illness, they just alleviate the pain and the illness then becomes chronic.

-Could magnets harm the etheric body?

Not if they are used correctly.

-Are these methods that you talked about today good for everyone or only for those that you have performed a diagnostic?

Of course, each person can use these methods, because they are simple and harmless, but when a person receives their own individual diagnostic, he can understand the deeper meanings and causes of his illness, and then he can start transforming his life.

-If there are also energetic parasites, what else can be done besides the diet?

When you receive a diagnostic, you will be told if you have parasites and the of the possibility of eliminating them.  If the diet and treatment is followed, it can help, but you will not know if there are energetic parasites because of course, they are invisible

- Is there any danger for someone who exercises a lot to follow this diet? 
If the person exercises very strongly and often but has painful joints, the physical actions will only hurt further the affected joints.  In this case it would be good to stop the exercises for some time, or to reduce the intensity of the movements and use the detoxing diet.  There has to be a choice made:  Either become healthy and pain free or keep the same level of exercising and keep the painful joints!

-I have a friend with arthritis, he takes many medicines and pain relievers, can I tell him about this diet?

Of course.  The first step is to do a deep detoxing treatment, because a person who has many toxins accumulated in his body, caused either by the pills he consumes or by his unhealthy lifestyle, needs to clear the body of the excess.  It wld be very helpful for that person to come for a diagnostic and then he would know.  It is possible that the person would require the Altaic-Tibetan healing.

-What is urinetherapy?

It is a special method for healing that uses the person’s own urine for his treatment.

-If the urine contains the toxins that are being eliminated from the body, how is it possible to ingest that?
This is not bad, because those toxins will give the body more information about what the body needs to eliminate.  I would rather not talk about Urinetherapy now because there is a lot of information and I am not giving a complete explanation here.  There are different methods to use this therapy.  The person’s urine can be used in different ways.  Fresh, old, daily, or boiled.  It can be used internally, externally or as an enema.  To talk now about this is of no use, because the method must be used correctly for each different patient.  We will talk about this at a later time.

-What can I do if I have constant pain in my neck muscles?  It is as if the muscles were contracting.
We must look at the cause, it could be a problem of the subtle bodies, or energetic parasites or it could be sign of intoxication.  Some people say the pain is less in warmer countries, so you could move to a warmer climate!

Turn page! Let dark days behind with...Sun diet! 

How this has changed my life...

The idea of dieting caused us two opposite feelings. 
On  the one hand it sounded very exciting, because  our little, small  voice  told us that the results would be very beneficial and would give us something that  for many people was just an unfulfilled dream: a clean and pure our  body and a radical change of  the bad eating habits that we had for many years. 
This diet was turning this into reality.
This diet in facts, was meant to be  not a simple diet for weight control, but as an opportunity for learning how to eat healthily, how cleanse our body and  truly listen to it,  and also, how to be  as pure as possible ....What an emotion this gave us! We were like two girls, who had been given a new doll! Many adventures were waiting for us! On the other hand, we were also aware that making this decision involved a great effort on our part; we would for sure require a lot of will power and discipline and we should not have any pity for our lower desires, which could lead us to feed on the "delicious poison" that had damaged our bodies for so long. We would have to give up the delicious food a city so renowned for its rich kitchen offered!

We were about to start with the Sun Diet and expected this to be a great adventure. 
Being aware that following a program of transformation of old habits requires strength and inner will,  three of us decided to get together and do it as a group, as we were aware that this would help us sustain each other in case of failure.

The first thing we prepared was a list of what we needed. This is when the adventure really begun! Naturally fertilized chicken eggs "footprint" was one of the foodstuffs we had to eat. Where was it possible to find them? We asked the locals in the hope that someone knew. We actually got some addresses in town, but we found nothing!! There also were some colonies very far away from the city centre… The wish to follow our diet in the best possible way, made us want to go for it. We were really determined to get them!

The place we got to was very inhospitable; it was full of mud and we had to leave the car, and then go walking alone in a labyrinthine path behind some railroad tracks. It really looked like these coveted eggs were like the "golden eggs." But not even that strange place stopped us.  We knocked at the door of a derelict house where we could see the beautiful hens of our dreams! They surely had these eggs!  Effectively, when an old woman opened the door, she told us that she had the eggs, but only 7 of them. We asked her to sell them to us and she agreed happily! On the way back, having become ‘experts’ in searching, we stopped at three more houses.  When we got to one of them, a man gifted us, with three more eggs and did not even want to be paid for them.
Very  were joyful and went home with 10 eggs, looking forward to the time we would eat them!!! We even kindly asked the other people in the house not to touch our magical ‘golden eggs’! We did not know where else we could find  some more and, for sure, did not want to stop our diet. The next step was that of chasing after field strawberries - one of the other foodstuffs allowed – and when we found them, we bought a huge basket full.  Then we put our efforts into finding the quail! Yes, we became expert hunters of yang energy foods!
As the days went by, we realised the value of all this searching and hunting.  In fact, although we did not know anything about the power of each foodstuff, about why it was good to eat it, and above all, the effects  it would have on our physical body, our emotions ... after a week of starting the diet, our body began to change: the swelling went, we felt full of energy, we started feeling high and spiritually connected. This  was precisely what sustained us ‘till the end!

'Quantitative' health - what is this?

Often we hear people defining health levels as "low" and "high". These terms refer to the quantitative characteristics of vital energy levels, based on: the potential of vital power, the ability of the organism to confront negative outer and inner factors, the ability to recover the lost potential of vital energy, and the balance between life principles. These indicate some sort of "safety factors" of our organism.
At the beginning, a human being possesses 100% of his vital, energetic potential which, at the same time, provides him with the "safety factor". The term "safety factor" has many sub-definitions.
It could refer to the ability of the heart to maintain a high rhythm of contraction, of the lungs to provide the organism with oxygen, of the liver and kidneys to neutralize toxins and clean the blood,  of the gastrointestinal system to digest the food, and of the immune system  to create a shield from negative influences,  i.e. resistance of the blood vessels, bones and ligaments to destructive tendencies, as well as the ability of feeling comfortable under negative circumstances, and of successfully facing them etc.
As an example, we will study how a person passes into lower or higher levels of health losing or gaining the "safety factor".

If a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, his heart gets used to cater for this ‘mode' of life activity.  The person may feel fine, but  when the load increases, for example, as a result of a sudden run, drinking alcohol or getting sick, he immediately feels the heart overworking , a situation that can lead to injury. As a consequence of  the gradual slugging,  the organism's blood vessels become less elastic and are not able to take the increase blood pressure and dilate on time. Strong emotional experience can abruptly raise one's  blood pressure, and this can lead to the rupture of a blood vessel with serious consequences for the organism.   A person who, on the contrary, builds into his life,  regular and moderate physical exercises , helps the heart to be stronger and can easily, undertake the kind of activities  (sudden run, drinking alcohol,  and illness) mentioned earlier without any ill effects.
Purifying the organism is a procedure that can return elasticity to the blood vessels and prevent their rupture in case of an emotional peak.
Depending on life style, a person can increase the "safety factor" of the organism constantly, or decrease it.  For instance:
- Complex purification of the organism provides a resistance reservoir, and increases the overall ‘quantity' of one's health,
-  Starting a healthy dietary regime, provides a higher level of resistance,
- Starting a course of physical exercises, also provides a higher level of resistance,
- Starting ‘cold' training: even higher resistance,
- Mental control over emotions, moods, and thoughts, and yoga exercises: even higher resistance,
- Fasting and urine therapy: raise it to its highest peaks.

By increasing the "safety factor" and the potential of vital force, a person not only stops sickness, but can also achieve a lot more.
The gradual slugging of the organism decreases the "safety factor" and by
- adding to it bad habits as overeating, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle takes  it to its lowest levels,
- emotional imbalance: decreases it even more,
- constipations:  even more,
- use of chemical drugs, especially hormones:   lowers it more,
- surgical intervention: lowers it  even more.
The decrease of the "safety factor" of the organism and of the potential of the vital energy initially causes frequent illnesses and, later, debilitation and semi or total disability.
There is a way out! The most important is to choose health consciously, through understanding. Even better if this is done in a group, under the guidance of a wise teacher , who himself practices all these methods


Investing time in life

Health is one of those treasures we do not value until we loose it. For this reason, instead of waiting until we become sick, we should learn how to maintain it.
People know exactly the type of petrol they must put in their car to keep it running through the years, but do not know the type of food their body needs. Each car, as each body, has specific needs. We receive very correct instructions on how to maintain the health of our 4 wheels vehicle, but who gives us instructions on how keep the health of our 2 feet vehicle? How is it that in our high tech society, ruled by the motto: "Greater efficiency with the minimal effort",  we are not applying the same principle with reagrds to our health?
The answer? Nobody taught us HOW!
Firs of all, we have the vision that maintaining good health will force us to change our way of living totally. In reality, enjoying a  good health is just a matter of acquiring new, small and positive habits that can fit into our life easily;  it might demand only a pinch of creativity and, afterwards, any change will come naturally. When your body starts to have more power and  to 'talk' to you lauder, simply and  naturally you will stop doing some things. You will be able to feel what your body needs, you will be more connected to it and you will give priority to new habits rather than to old ones. This is a fact.
Your body is a marvellous instrument, it allows you to move, to be joyful, to feel, to dance, to laugh… it is your individual and unique vehicle in life. Why do you neglect it? Without it, you would simply not exist!! Be thankful for having it and give it the attention it deserves.
For instance, do you pay any attention to your hands? How would your life be without them?
And without your feet? What about the parts of your body you do not even see? Do you ever think about you liver or your kidneys?
It is difficult for us to see how the health of our liver relates to our mood,. Yet, these are very closely related. Did you know that anger affect the liver directly?
Nobody taught us to regard our body as a whole ecosystem, in which each part has a direct or indirect influence over the rest. Maybe you have noticed that, after becoming upset with somebody, your body also reacts with stomach pain. Does it happen that, when you are nervous, you start itching all over? Our emotions and our thoughts affect our physical body in a much deeper way than we think. Still, whereas they have the power to cause disease or not, they for sure have the power to heal!
By understanding our body as a whole unity of different systems  interconnected and interdependent, we can easily understand the delicate balance hidden in the simple  word: 'HEALTH'. To focus on maintaining this balance has a much lower cost than any treatment! This does not apply only to the money spent for it, but also to another factor so incredibly precious nowadays: time. Just think how long it would take you to do your washing up only once a year: you would be rubbing and cleaning your dishes for days and days, you would be doing ONLY this for a long time! You would not be able to go out with your friends,  enjoy beautiful walks in the park,  have sweet times with your boy/girlfriend… You would simply keep company with a mountain of smelly, slimy dishes. 

Something similar happens when you neglect your health for a long time: toxins and other residual substances accumulate in your body causing firstly the obstructions and malfunction of your inner organs and, later, diseases.
Surely, so that you remember yourself, you would not like to reach the point when your whole body struggles in pain, when you have a hammering headache and an annoying, runny nose....To be ill is not very sexy… to be healthy is much, much cooler!!!
Rather than waiting for the burn out, be healthy now!
Your body is a fantastic machine with many secret buttons. Would you not  want to discover them? Would you rather waste your life driving only in second gear?
Of course not!
So....learn how to change to third,  fourth and even to fifth gear  so that you can enjoy life to the max!

Yes! What is health?

We all seem to have the answer ready and to think that we know what this is, yet, when confronted with the question, it often becomes obvious that we define health in very imprecise terms. Many people think that being healthy means that they are not afflicted by a major disease like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, asthma and, of course, cancer and coronary disease.  The same people would consider it quite normal to have period pains and clots during their menstruation, headaches and constipation, bad eyesight and   smelly breath.
Yes, we have come to think that the so called minor ailments from which most people suffer for short or more prolonged times in their lives are quite ‘normal'.  We can ask ourselves: "Is this perception correct? Could it be that so many horrible and life threatening illnesses now threat people's life that we are quite willing to put up with some symptoms and fear others?" We need to look at things straight in the eyes! No symptom is ‘healthy' but, rather, all symptoms are like the tears of a child asking for help. If we just dry up the tears and do not look at why the child cries, most probably we end up ignoring a healthy alarm-bell which, if given the due attention in time, could prevent the occurrence of some very serious disease.

So, why not start from changing our perception and acknowledging that all symptoms, even the most innocent -looking ones can point in the direction of some disharmony and illness? When we do this, we are, therefore, left with only one possible definition of health: health means not having any symptom at all, health means the perfect working of all our organs, tissues, glands and sense organs in the way they should, according to their physiology, health means having positive emotions and thoughts, a cheerful attitude to life and a sense of joyfulness radiating from all our being.

Is this a dream? It might sound like one, yet it is not!!!

Genetic food (Lazarev)

Blood is the symbol of life; sexuality is the continuation of life.
Cockroaches are on a verge of extinction all over the world. This is an indication of a serious problem.
Insects are the most resistant creatures on the planet and when they are on the verge of extinction it means that there is a big problem on Earth. Insects are less inert, and they die first. A test tube with a mosquito was taken to outer space and exposed it to a temperature ranging between +50 – 150 degrees. It survived. Insects’ maggots survive even in acid, which tells about their colossal resistance to outside influences. Yet, there is a small detail here: they are resistant only to physical influences, but not to informational ones.
The situation is quite serious. Cockroaches began to die off a few years ago, which means that a modern man has 5-7 years of life left.
Popularity of inoculationsWhat is inoculation? Let’s see, for example, how genetically modified products affect humans? They destroy the four upper levels of the human soul. Inoculation is a weakened bacterium, which stimulates the immune system, so that a man does not become ill. It follows that inoculation is better than illnessThis is how the world got rid of smallpox. Lately, however,  the material for inoculations has been made genetically, and  this causes the destruction of the human energy system.
An interesting connection is being revealed here! What happens to a cockroach when it eats genetic modified food? Two areas are destroyed, the chest - immunity - and the lower abdomen - the urinary as well as the reproductive system, responsible for procreation – sexual energy or procreation.. The conclusion: genetic products destroy the energetic structure of the organism, and the cockroaches become weak.
Remember the information about the death of bees? The extinction of worms and insects tells us about the coming death of all life. For instance, in Mexico 70 millions hectares are used to grow genetically modified products and soy!
What is the danger of this?  The genetic apparatus of any living being is created in such a way that the initial cell is meant to merge with the Creator in order to receive the initial ‘life giving’ energy, in the same way as a tuning fork tunes its informative contour into the cosmic space, into God and the whole universe. This is happening at certain cyclical periods of life and is called “connection with God”. If the living organism does not go into the right direction, it gets sick and dies.
The main condition for survival of any creature is tuning into God. In a worldly sense this involves: emotion, religion, morality, and commandments. A prayer makes one stronger as with prayer one consciously merges with the Creator.
The cell is not supposed to be malignant, but to work for the whole organism. If a normal cell is not in unison with the universe, it begins to work as a malignant cell.
Genetically modified products are created by scientists, who become the ones playing the so- called role of ‘creator’s. What is the scientists’ energy like? As they think of money, profit, and partners rather than of the highest love, their energy is quite ‘earthly’. In their laboratories scientists create products that carry the basic desires of their “creators: the scientists themselves!
Although all genetically modified products increase by 500% the possibility of prostate cancer, firstly they attack the immune system and decrease the energy of organism, and secondly they attack the urogenital system.

Genetically modified products made by companies:
MONSANTO (poisons, development of chemical weapons) – harvest increase by 30-40% with the help of cancerous cell, which means that any genetic product switches on the mechanism of malignancy in humans
- SYNGENTA - fertilizers
- NESTLE: chocolates, coffee, drinks, baby foods causing children’s death.
- HEINZ-FOODS: ketchups
- HERSHEY FOODS – non-alcoholic drinks
MCDONALDS – fast foods restaurants
DANONE: yogurt, cottage cheese, baby food
Drinks like tea and coffee contain genetically modified products too. Some people who stopped drinking tea and switched to herbal teas report better mood and increase of energy whereas before, when they were drinking teas bought in shops, they suffered from stomach pains and headaches
A good 70% of all genetic foodstuffs are baby foods.
A real biological war is going on, and this leads to the destruction of all human population.
In order to survive, we need to eat the kind of food monks eat: grains and vegetables.

Why did God create such an abundance of foodstuffs on Earth?
Because we are taking the wrong path and we are going to be destroyed through foods.
Can this be avoided? Yes it can be avoided if we stay away from the:

  1. Colourful labels of sweets
  2. Meats and sausages (they contain genetic soya products)
Most importantly, we need to adopt a natural and healthy nutrition.
How genetically modified products affect humans?
The pollution from the informational field affects different people in a different way:  
  1. Head
  2. Liver, urinary system, and reproductive system
  3. Immune system, urinary system, and destiny
  4. All defence systems becomes blocked and blackens
Conclusion: genetically modified products intensify the already existing imbalance (jealousy, pride, despondency) in any specific human energy system.
*If a person has suicidal thoughts, after eating genetically modified products these thoughts become much stronger, or the development of cancer is accelerated,
*If a person has been judging and hating all his life, he would develop problems with his head and liver
*If a person  has been angry with somebody, he will develop problems with his stomach and intestines
*If he denied love or betrayed someone, then his urinary and reproductive system will shut off.
What is humanity facing  now?
What is the meaning of the biblical commandments?  Maintain God’s love.
What if a person is not following the commandments, or following them only superficially? This is exactly what Jesus Christ was talking about when he said, “You are the sons and daughters of lie!”  He meant that you are obeying the commandments only formally, and that inside you, you are full of hatred and are unwilling to help each other.
If we are not connected with each other and with the creator, we will not survive. Yet, if we will survive, then animals and plants will also survive. They will survive on our energy as, if someone has been able to survive, then many others can connect with to this too. Therefore, if some harmonious people are to survive, then to some degree it this will ensure the survival also of  our planet’s insects.. In this way the role each one of us plays in our  survival grows!
ChernobylIn the area of high radiation, a house that contained some icons, was radiation free. This is hard to believe, but  in it the radiation meter was silent!  What is radiationRadiation rips even the chromosomes and yet, in the harmonious energy field of icons, the radiation disappeared…

What  does the prayer before meal mean?
Even if it is done only  for three seconds, a prayer before each meal, and done with the intention of giving our energy to God as  a sign of gratitude, it cleanses our energy field  and allows us to stop being slaves to food. This is very important, as in this way our pleasure goes to the Creator, not to the eating.
Do not overeat,  and eat fewer delicacies as their digestion requires lots of energy.  
Music of high vibration opens up in human a channel of connection to God , cleansing the karma for four generations.
·         Prayer
·         Observance of Biblical Commandments
·         Music of the high spheres
·         Healthy lifestyle
All this can reduce the damage caused by genetically modified foodstuffs, and makes us realise that lack of Love is a serious problem.
The more one experiences love the more he strives for it.
It can bee seen how people are dying on the subtle level. Why is there no subtle energy? Because people are following the commandments only superficially; this is simply a shape willed with emptiness in its core.  Christ said, “Let the dead bury the dead”.
It is important to let go of all negative states, and feel JOY! If you will maintain the state of love and joy no one could offend you, you state will become like a state of a happy child.

Welcome to the club of "healthy lifestyle"
Bienvenido al club de "estilo de vidasana"


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