People say…

“My warmest thanks, Kargan Kenesh, for your counselling and practical advice! Now that I know more what I want, and where I want to be, I am finding a better way to communicate with my partner. We are already getting on much better. Let me know when you’ll be back in town!!!”  Virginia (San Jose - CA)

“Dear Kargan Kenesh, your health advice and the program of exercises you have given me have changed everything: I am getting out of bed, I eat some food regularly, and enjoy it! I feel MUCH stronger and I am sure that anorexia nervosa is soon going to be only a bad dream. THANK YOU!” Karen (France)

 “Thank you for your wise advice!!! After our session, I felt so strong that I made a new business plan immediately and have already found two fantastic sponsors!! This is a miracle!!!” John (Barcelona, Spain)


Kargan Keneshs (in ancient Siberian language it means ‘wisdom tree’) work is a powerful blend of practice and direct transmission of spiritual, healing and artistic knowledge, which seeks to harmonize the synchronic development of all aspect of each person’s essential being, and  to awaken the divine individuality of each student.
In this time of turmoil and upheaval for the planet Earth, quickly approaching a climax when more and more catastrophes knock closer and closer at our door, he delivers a message of hope, strength, transformation healing and spiritual growth.
Childhood dreams 

Since early childhood, Kargan Kenesh, a Russian native, had dreamt of becoming a monk. The little child, growing in the Soviet Union of those years, had never seen either a church or a monk. He had only heard wonderful fiery tales... Fairy tales like Tolstoy’s vivid and emotional narrative of Christianity, or like the mysterious and magic national Russian ones.  He had also heard stories that sounded like fairy tales. Stories whispered when, during the long winter evenings, his family and some neighbors gathered around the samovar drinking tea and chatting into the evening. Looking at each other from the corner of the eyes, they would tell of men, called monks, who lived in monasteries and dedicated their life to the service of the Divine and to helping people.
His grandfather, who secretly treated people with herbs, was the closest image of ‘monk’ he could think of. Of course the secrecy of his grandfather’s activity (he could have been punished by the USSR authorities for this) filled the child’s being with much awe and mystery.  For sure, when he grew up, he would also help others to be well!
To be well to him meant: not to have tummy ache, be able to run around, help animals, and feel the lightness of happiness and laughter in his being. This was enough to fuel his wish! How great if all people could be like this!!!
And indeed he started from that time to take care of ‘others’: his hands on a sick or wounded chicken, kitten, dog and so on would invariably bring relief and healing  to the animal. 

He was barely 5 years old, when his grandmother became terminally ill.  Even if he was only a little boy, he could feel something very ‘strange’ in it. He moved about her with immense respect, looking at her from a distance through the semi-opened door, or sitting next to her bed holding her hand and looking into her eyes, as if wanting to find there the answer to his question, “Why do people suffer and, eventually, disappear?” Looking at her sallow and ragged face and gazing into her eyes staring patiently into nothingness, often tears would well up in his eyes. Then, he would tell her colorful stories or whisper softly into her ears lullabies that had the flavor of those she had sung for him, so many times. When his heart filled with sorrow, he would go off to the nearby mountains, run around the trees, bathe in a small pond and whistle the sounds of nature together with the birds. Sometimes, like his grandfather, he would pick up some green, yellow and red plants. Once, as he was placing them into little bags, a plant seemed to ‘bewitch him’. A thought caught hold of him, “What if….?” He ran wildly to his granny’s bedside, and tenderly held a cup to her lips, pleading with her, “Granny,.. Please!” She smiled, sipped the liquid peacefully, and for the whole day she felt a lot, a lot better. 

Medical studies and hospital work: the impulse for the quest

However, as he grew up, realizing that there was no way he could become a monk in the former Soviet Union, and still fueled by the desire to help people, he went off to study medicine and, after graduation (1982), worked in a hospital, tending to his patients. For the next 13 years, he worked as a MD in primary care, growing more and more disillusioned with conventional medicine, seeing that conventional medicine only addresses the body, without any concern for a person’s well-being and happiness. 
He then started to look for answers in psychology and hypnosis (and later in yoga, ). His research lead him to realize that, no matter how wonderful a method is, people can only be helped when they really want to be helped.  He reports that at that time he thought, “How is it possible to force people to even wish to be healthy, when this wish has not been inculcated in them from their childhood?”
Yes, people were sick, and indulged in negative emotions about themselves, others, and the world…As Helen and Nikolai Roerich (Agni yogi founders) had stated at the beginning of 20th century, negative emotions are the most harmful influence for the cells of the heart and for the organism as a whole.  

The heart of the question: how to create in people the desire to get well?

Kargan Kenesh could no longer work in a hospital, knowing that the medicine he used was limited, and that people did not even want to be truly healthy.  This combination was surely not the recipe for happiness. He gave his resignation, and set off on a journey to find better methods for healing. 
It was just after Perestroika, and the Russian church had been allowed to operate more freely.  This opened to him the doors of monasteries and churches, where he hoped to be able to fulfill the dream of his childhood. 
What he found out disillusioned him:  there was nothing there that could make people want to be well. On the contrary, he only met with a dogmatic approach that suppressed people’s life impulse even more, making them resigned and even less interested in the pursuit of health and deep happiness. He also met with a discrepancy between ideal and practice, an unhealthy life style and what seemed to him a certain amount of self-delusion (like fasting on ‘chicken’ broth (!!) or being unduly rude to the faithful.
This was followed by a very fertile time of intensive searching in the fields of philosophy, mythology, world religions, spirituality and ancient medicine: he avidly read old scripts on Buddhism, Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Daoism, Chinese metaphysics and medicine. He also studied the Western Masters, and especially the Russian mystics: Madame Blavatsky, who impressed him immensely and, later on, Gurdjieff, whose teachings about the tragedy of the fragmented man, unable to find unity and happiness touched him deeply. 

The journey

Looking for answers, he turned East, towards the Himalayas, Tibet - the land of mythical Shambala- and then further on to India and China. He went off travelling and searching both in the external world and inside his heart, through a journey that was itself a deep prayer, “May I be granted to find what this desperate planet needs, in order to emerge from ignorance and pain, and  find health and happiness.” In the Himalayas, he visited secluded monasteries, and became fascinated with their teachings, especially with Raja, (Royal) Yoga. He allowed this to touch his soul, and to guide him to shed off the ‘old skin’ and all ties, and change him from an ‘ordinary’ social man into a man committed only to helping other people and fulfilling the divine plan. Continuing his journey, he went on and stayed in Poona (Osho’s Ashram) for some time and later in Pondicherry (Shri Aurobindo’s Ashram).

The call of personal transformation
It was Mount Beluha (Siberia, north of Himalaya) that provided Kargan Kenesh with a life changing and strong mystical experience. Here his senses opened, his soul started to feel that he was about to approach a new way of being and a deeper perception of the Divine. He felt that he was about to find the key he had been looking for all his life.
He lived here as a hermit, fasting for 14 days, and praying; the Ascendant Masters Kuthumi and El Moria appeared to him, guided him and spoke to him about the special soul who would soon be taking care of him. He recalled that a Tibetan Lama had already foreseen this event, telling him that Siberia was the Northern Gate of Shambala and that precisely there he would receive his deepest teachings. His heart filled with expectation! He prayed and fasted more firmly, not only from food, but also from emotions, thoughts, attachments, desires, memories…leaving everything behind and totally opening to a new life.
He first met a monk, a hermit and master, who became his first guide on the way to transformation. He told him about the effect of the stars on life in general and human life in particular,  showed him a unique, deeper approach to  Raja Yoga,  filling the formed MD with marvelous and amazing secrets of spiritual healing.
Here, he also met his own phantoms and, after undergoing a lengthy and very tough spiritual process of transformation, through which he shed the harmful and hampering influences of his personality’s dictates and conventions, he was reborn as a healer, master of ancient methods of spiritual development and spiritual guidance.
It was an unforgettable time!
After these teachings, came the encounter with the High Raja Yogi.  He then understood that everything in his life had been unfolding in coherent succession, following different but complementary stages of his spiritual journey.  At first, God had shown him his path of development through mystical visions and predictions, then had shown  events of his future, and only late, the manifestation of events on the physical plan that triggered the spiritual transformation.
By the end of the nineties, his Master had blessed Kargan Kеnesh with the task of transmitting this knowledge through the spiritual healing of people.
Leaving behind even more decisively his social position and all riches, Kargan Kenesh embraced his new life definitely and enthusiastically.
This marked the beginning of his endless travelling around the world.

The end of the tunnel: happiness, health and good relationships can be a daily reality

Gradually he started to see some light at the end of the tunnel, a way of self-transformation that could lead many people to happiness.  Humanity does not wish to be well, because of ignorance, humanity needs knowledge, a knowledge that can awaken people, a knowledge that can take the planet out of the stillness and stagnation that rule it now, and make it shine with renewed spiritual consciousness.
Nowadays, Kargan Kenesh is a brilliant Raja,( Royal) Yoga Master, who has incorporated into his teachings ancient knowledge from India, China, and Tibet, as well as that coming from Gurdjieff, Osho, Aurobindo, and Rama Krishna, to mention just a few. This knowledge includes: ancient rituals and teachings in tantra, astrology, spiritual business, development of women’s femininity, and family harmony. In addition, he masters to perfection the energetic self-defense method of spiritual Aikido.

His work, world centers and activities

In recent years, Kargan Kenesh’s students have opened centers all over Europe, South America and Australia, so that his teachings can reach as many people as possible. 
There, with the support of the Divine Power, he plants the seeds of transformation in all those who seek his help.   When a safe space to grow unhampered by any social conditionings is created through seminars, healing sessions and local classes ,people  can bloom, and show their true, inner beauty and power! He helps people to uncover their hidden talents, to cure difficult relationships, to learn to defend themselves against external influences, to find health, increase their immune systems and resistance to diseases, and let go of pervasive habits, like fear, anger, depression.  Over the last 15 years thousands of people in Europe, Latin America, and Australia have been helped by him and his group of trained instructors and tutors.
He is the founder of the ‘Project for the Harmonious Development of children’ that helps children to develop creativity, talents, potentials and their lively spirit; when these qualities are not curbed, but encouraged to develop from a very early age, the children grow into happier and more fulfilled adults, aware both of themselves and the surrounding world.
 He is also the founder of the ‘Project for the development of women’ that helps women to connect to their inner qualities and talents: a woman’s ‘bridge’ to personal growth, self-expression and spirituality. In turns, this helps all women to find a better ground on which to build successful relationships.
 He also set up a special project that addresses  men - businessmen, social men, men as husbands and fathers, men in their relationships with the world at large - a project aimed at bringing to the fore the intrinsic male ‘spirit’ and to help them to develop their unique  individuality.
In a nutshell his teachings are aimed at freeing in each being the maximum potential leading to the harmonious development of spiritual individuality.
All these methods are firmly rooted in the foundations provided by Raja Yoga, or better said, by the ‘New Raja Yoga’ that has emerged from his long years of personal searching and working in his quest.
As the founder and promoter of these initiatives, he has taken part in many Forums in Europe and Latin America, and has given speeches in European Universities as well as in hospitals both in Mexico, Chile, Argentina  and Brazil.
People who have worked with him or who have received healing from him have found again the will to live, to be healthy and joyful, and have found new meaning to their lives. Many Medical Doctors, healers of alternative medicine, Yoga instructors, businessmen, women and children (mainly Indigo) are living witnesses of the results of his work.


    Principles leading Kargan Kenesh’s life (received by his master)

•             The philosophy of Yoga tells that a book does not mean anything without a teacher, and that only the Master can see what it is written in between the lines.
•                The philosophy of Yoga differs from other philosophies, and a yoga Master also
   differs from normal teachers as he wants that his students are even better than
   they are.
•             The philosophy of Yoga says, “Live quietly, do not to plan anything too rigidly, but spend a long time pondering. The brain ought to be calm, but fast in the thinking.”
•             The philosophy of Yoga is not against marriage, but it simply recommends the mastering of its philosophy, so that a harmonious family can be created.
•             In order to create a harmonious family it is desirable that both husband and wife have the same line of thought, and share the same general views and ideals in life. When it is so, the children grow harmoniously, rather than suffering, wandering whether they should take the mother’s or the fathers’ side, and growing into silent and unlucky people.
•             Abilities can also ‘wear off’: the more selfish a desire, the more rapidly energy disappears. It is never possible to misuse abilities.
•             Be glad just for the sun and the wind. Why do you have the need to measure yourself according the applause of spectators or the opinion of others? All people’s sufferings are caused by their dependence on the opinion of their surroundings.
•             My pupils live in God’s Bliss, which is much more pleasant than any swelling vanity.
•             Not every mother can bring up a child correctly. Even tsars, ruling over large empires, had their children to be trained by wise men and philosophers.


•             In each joke there is a portion of a joke. Memorize it: the main thing is to be joyful!
•             God wants that people do not fuss, but stay calm and smile. A person should smile whole his life long.

An anecdote from Kargan Kenesh’s Master

A young man was walking from a village to the big city together with his Master.
At some point a trolley passed them by.  The Master said,
 “Stop the trolley please. We should take it to go to our place.”
The pupil began to wave his hands, to jump, stump his foot and shout, but the trolley did not come to an alt.
Then, they approached the trolley stop, and the Master said,
“Look, I will now stop the trolley with one word.” He then proceeded to order the trolley, “Stop!!!” and this stopped.
Moral: people suffer from ignorance, and only by developing both their mind and consciousness they can become miracle men and lords of life.


 Eastern parable

 A very long time ago, in an ancient city lived a Master surrounded by his pupils. The most capable of them once reflected, "Could there be any question the Master could answer to?"
He had come to a blossoming meadow and, having caught a wonderful butterfly, he
hid it in between the palms of his hands. The butterfly clung to his palms, tickling him. Smiling, he approached the Master and asked,
“Tell me please, is the butterfly in my hands alive or dead?”
 He held the butterfly tightly in the close palms of his hands, ready to squeeze it for the sake of having ‘his’ truth.
 Without looking at pupil’s hands, the Master answered,
“They are both in your hands.”

  Taoist parable

A long, long time ago, a king built a huge palace: a palace with over a millions mirrors; all its walls, floors and ceilings had been lined with mirrors.
Once, somehow, a dog had walked into the palace…. 
As he looked around, he saw a huge number of dogs everywhere. Being a rather reasonable dog, he decided to show himself off and frighten them, just in case he needed to protect itself from these millions dogs surrounding him.  But all the dogs also showed themselves off, and started barking. It was a threatening answer. By this time, the dog was certain that his life was in danger and started barking back. Feeling that he had to go well past his power, he began to bark very strongly, very desperately. But when he did this, those millions of dogs started barking back at him too. The more it barked, the more they answered back.
In the morning, this unfortunate dog was found dead. He had been there all alone, in a palace with over a million mirrors. Nobody fought him, there had been no one there who could fight him, but he had seen himself in the mirrors and had become frightened.
When he had started to battle, his own reflection in the mirrors had taken part in the struggle.
He had become lost in struggle against over a million reflections of himself!


Question: I want to study yoga more deeply.

Kargan Kenesh: It is a sign that you already have been engaged with yoga in your last embodiments. It is also a sign that you will have the chance to meet the great Raja Yogi Master in this life, and learn directly from him. The path to him s not easy, but we will prepare you for this.

Question: I want to purify myself

Kargan Kenesh:  This is a good reaction of your essence. It is great that you stop trusting the influence of your surroundings, and start trusting the sensations of your body. You can develop further your essence with yoga, shamanism, tantra, and spiritual aikido.

The trip to the States

This fall, Kargan Kenesh is having a tour in the United States. When asked why he decide to do this he answers, “I cannot say that there is a specific reason. In fact, it was not at all a decision. I had a sign that this was what I should do, and simply listened to it. There was no way I could resist it at all!”
During this time he will visit several places - starting from CA – where he will hold meetings, and will give talks and workshops, as well as private counseling sessions and healing. 

Wisdom Tree

Only a little over a decade ago, Kargan Kenesh (his names in the ancient language of Altai means Wisdom Tree) could have be regarded as an ordinary ‘good’ man, a psychiatrist dedicated to the well being of his patients who, disillusioned by the limitations of conventional medicine, had started seeking alternative ways to help human beings to overcome sufferings, disease and spiritual sterility.
By no means an open and free highway, his path led him away from conventional medicine and into the realms of a deeper and inner search for personal change and transformation. The guide and teacher, who help him to turn his life from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ is one of the greatest Masters of our time:  the Great Master of Altai. He patiently and lovingly instructed and guided him, teaching him to transform theoretical spirituality into experiential and living consciousness.
This involved undergoing an adventurous and breath taking process of self - transformation and self-discovery, a process that gradually helped him to shed off his ‘old skin’ - the harmful and hampering influences of the dictates of personality and conventions - to be reborn as a healer, guide, advisor in all aspects of a person’s life and, most of all,  as  a spiritual teacher able to use an array of methods coming from all mystic traditions of the planet to help people.
By delivering and transmitting ancient and new knowledge to the whole world, he has been able to find ways of tapping into each student’s uniqueness, and to bring to light their special talents and highest spiritual aspirations.  
He is the founder of the ‘Humanity Project Organisation’, based in Barcelona, which runs various spiritual schools that cater for the specific needs of different groups of people, as for instance:  the ‘Academy for the Spiritual Development of Women’, the ‘School for Energetic Self-Protection’, the ‘School of Advanced Tibetan Raja Yoga’, the ‘School of Business and Wealth’, and ‘The school for the development of creative skills’. He also runs a specific program for the ‘Harmonious Development of Children’ with summer camps held all over the world. 
Through seminars, healing sessions and local classes he plants into each person the ‘seeds of transformation’, so that these can grow and bloom in a fertile land, unhampered by any social and personal conditionings.  With his help, thousands of people have been able to make a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual shift in order to achieve health, gain a deeper life purpose, a new perspective of wealth, a deeper relationship to himself, the others and his surroundings.
Kargan Kenesh travels the  whole world.  His teaching journeys have led him to India, Tibet, Nepal, Siberia, Altai, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Canada, Australia, to mention only a few of the places where he has held seminars, individual counselling and healing sessions.
Kargan Kenesh can, indeed, bring about a deep and long lasting transformation in every human being who has the chance to meet him!

To be in Kargan Kenesh’s presence is like taking a deep plunge into the deepest recesses of one’s being, as if through his eyes and touch it becomes suddenly possible to meet one’s own essential being, one’s on soul in all its magnificence!
In this time of turmoil and upheaval for the planet Earth, quickly approaching a climax when more and more catastrophes knock closer and closer at our door, he delivers a message of hope, strength, transformation healing and spiritual growth.  

His ultimate mission is to help as many people as possible to find a living connection with the sacred, crystallize their divine essence, know pure happiness, love, health and succes

People say : ) 


"Master Kargan Kenesh has helped guide me through my ascension process. His explanation of shamanism helped me understand the concept and also relate to it. I experienced a tremendous amount of inner cleansing that helped me clarify a lot of confusion in my past lives. I genuinely can’t wait to be in his presence again, I would fly to wherever he is, if I can"

Lyn Marie Hicks

“ I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the basic principles I learned. Master Kargan Kenesh emanates peace and gentleness which all could be enhanced by. He expanded the way I viewed the world and relating to others. I walked away with new practices to create greater health and well being as well as a new perspective towards living! ”

Tom Tribble

“This meet-up was so much fun! I loved it! Very interesting andthought provoking. Met some wonderful people with sensuous hands! ”

“ I really like how Master Kargan Kenesh shares information and then we get to experience what he is speaking about. Really powerful and special class with useful information that was put into practice immediately! Playing the drum was amazing for me. The happiness & joy I felt was like nothing I had felt before. I look forward to attending upcoming Shamanism Workshops ...