Healthy Nutrition

The ‘Sunshine diet'

This diet comes directly from one of the oldest traditions of the world, Tibetan Medicine. Follow it if you suffer from any chronic disease, or if you are going through a viral infection. It is mainly a Yang diet, energizing and warming in nature and, when done  correctly, it can soon restore health. It can be adopted by sick people to restore health, or by healthy people in order to prevent disease.

Tip 1.   What to eat?
a.    Meat: wild geese, beef and turkey, either fresh or frozen
b.    Fish: herring, carp,  squid, pike either fresh or frozen
c.    Cereals: soft oatmeal, rice,   rye
d. Vegetables: carrots,  pumpkin, radish, onions (dry or green), fennel and parsley
e.    Fruit: apples, berries and strawberries
f.     Products like: eggs, green tea and for salt, sea salt.

Tip 2Preparation and combining the foods in the right manner;
a.    Cook meat and fish either boiled or in the oven
b.    When you cook do not add salt, add it later
c.    Use meat and fish either alone or with vegetables
d.    Never eat fish and meat in the same meal
e.    Eggs should be eaten by themselves and should never be fried
f.     Never use the microwave

First part: The first 10 days of using the above foods and ways of eating is to create a good body environment.
a.    Use all the products mentioned above

Second part: The next 10 days of the diet will clean and purify the organism.
a.    Eat only rice prepared in the following way:  prepare 1 or 2 glasses full of rice. Saute it in a pan without oil till it takes colour and then put it in a jar filled with fresh water and place it in the fridge.  To prepare your meal, boil it.  On the 5th day of the first part, prepare your first portion of rice in a jar, store it in the fridge. This will be eaten on the first day of the second part of the program. Do the same every day after this, to prepare, respectively, the rice for the 2nd. 3rd. 4th. day (and so forth) for the second part of the diet.
It may happen that your bowel movements will change. If you become constipated, please, prepare an enema with 2qts. of boiled, lukewarm water in which you have diluted a spoonful of apple vinegar.)

Third part: The last 10 days, is to strengthen the inner environment of the body.

Tip 1. In these last 10 days, you should use the same products you used in the     first part of the diet, in the same way.

Tip 2: we advise you to repeat this diet at least 4 times per year, especially for severe chronic  diseases and viral infections.

Tip 3avoid eating fish if you are severely ill.


The purification diet

What does purification do?
Purification cleanses our subtle bodies, our biological field.

For this it is important to follow some steps:
-      Make a diagnosis to determine what happens with the subtle bodies
and with which ones  it is necessary to work,
-      Change your nutrition and, at the same time, study the laws of Cosmic Ethics and adopts the guidelines of a healthy life style,
-      Clean your intestine and, in addition, purify your body fluids and blood.
It is  also important to cleanse the liver and kidneys.
There are, however, additional purification methods as, for instance, the purification of the joints and more...

The purification diet is used before moving on to nutrition that follows correct criteria.
It is important that this is done by people who are already enjoying a fairly good state of health, or who consider themselves healthy.  It is also better to do it during summer, since this is the season when human beings have more energy and can more easily change their nutrition into a healthier one.
What is the primal aim of the purification diet? That of stimulating the major functions of organism and eliminating body toxins.

Purification diet
1st stage:
4 consecutive days.
During these days one should consume raw vegetables as well as fruits or juices in the amounts preferred.  Cooked food is not allowed,
If, however, there is strong desire of eating something more, is possible to eat 100gr of toasted bread per day, making sure that this is eaten separately from fruits, vegetables and juices,
During these initial four days not only it is advisable to avoid consuming cooked foods, but also all stimulant or any food  containing conservatives, as for instance: tea, coffee, pies, pastries, cookies, sausages, tobacco, and alcohol.

Following stage:
5th day: same, but add 50gr of homemade germinated wheat bread - better dried in the sun,

6th day: same, but possible to add 2-3 potatoes either baked in their skin or mashed,

7th day: same, but add half a litre of sour milk,

8th day: same, but possible to add 1 raw egg yolk,

9th day: same as on day 8,

10th day: same, but add 1 soup spoonful of melted butter and 2 spoonfuls of cottage cheese as well as a tea spoonful vegetable oil,

11th 12th 13th 14th days: same as day 10,

15th day: same,  but possible to add 100gr of cooked meat or nuts, although not more than twice per week!

The diet of first days can be repeated every Monday or Tuesday.

After this, it is possible to move on correct nutrition.

Very important request: should you decide to follow this diet, please inform us so that we can assist you and support you. We will be very glad to know the results of your experience with this purification process.

Kailash Elixir Tea

For a clean body, an alert mind and a light heart!

Makes Six Cups

4 crushed cloves 
2 cardamom pods 
2 cinnamon sticks, crushed
1/4 inch fresh ginger root (sliced thin)
4 cups water 
Pinch ground black pepper 
3/4 cup milk 
3 tablespoons Honey
3 tablespoons Black tea (
Darjeeling Tea leaves) 

Place crushed spices in water and bring to   boil
Let steep for 5 minutes.               
Add the milk and honey and bring to a boil.
Remove from heat and add tea.
                                            Stir and serve.