Extra-ordinary Lifes and Extra-ordinary Abilities

 TELEPATHY: mith or reality?


Telepathy is the ability of the human brain to receive informationtransfer its consciousness and also perceive objects and situations from a distance. Indeed, in all eras, humanity has wanted to be able to read thoughts and to be able to see from a distance (clairvoyance).
The word “telepathy” consists of the word “tele”, which means distanceand the word “pathos”, which means sensation.
Throughout the centuries, the first person who was occupied with the issue of telepathy was the English physicist Baret, who created a group in London in 1882, in order to examine the secret aspects of the human psyche. The greatest scientists of the era were those who adopted the term “telepathy”.
In Americaa lot of scientists have been conducting experiments for a long time. But how is this scientific field viewed in Russia? At this moment there is no clear answer and almost nothing has been heard about the man who can conduct experiments on telepathy or about his talent.

Professor L. L. Vasiliev

Experiments on telepathy have been conducted since 1921. In 1922, B. M. Behterev of the Institute of Brain Research in Saint Petersburg started the first research for mental suggestion and gathered psychologists, doctors and hypnotherapists, as well as the physiologist L. L. Vasiliev. Due to Russia’s ban on exercising telepathy, this effort failed. Scientists conducted similar experiments only after several decades, when a team of bio-communication was formed, led by Professor L. L. Vasiliev, neurophysiologist of the University of Saint Petersburg and member of the Scientific Academy of the U.S.S.R.

L. L. Vasiliev and his associates conducted experiments to examine the transmission of thought from a distance, as well as its perception. These were new experiments made in secret. In a document referring to the agreement between the relevant Ministry of the Soviet Union and the organization 241 names are inscribed with the word “crystal”. I. Gianvareva, witness of the experiments and student of L. L. Vasiliev, remarks: “Everything was successful. L. L. Vasiliev managed to prove that telepathy exists”.

Later onin 1963 in MoscowLL Vasiliev met the future object of his studies by chance in one of his friends’ house, a young Georgian athlete, the basketball player Autantil Lomsatze, who had telepathic abilities. L. L Vasiliev took him to his laboratory in Saint Petersburg immediately, and observed that the telepathic abilities of Autantil Lomsatze developed even more during his experiments. Through the use of a special camera, which was placed in the laboratory (and which can still be found in the university), it was ascertained that Autantil Lomsatze was able to read human thoughts, regardless of the language, or how far away the thinkers were.
However, those time-consuming experiments caused great tiredness to Autantil Lomsatze: he was losing a lot of energy and he did not know how to “recharge” himself. As unbelievable as it may sound, all the people’s thoughts around the earth poured into him in the form of chaotic sounds. 

LL Vasiliev decided that it was necessary for Autantil Lomsatze to develop his abilities in India, the country with the greatest development in the field of psychic and energetic abilities of the human organism. This decision proved to be very important and correct.
The agents of the KGB were informed about the abilities of the young man, who could read human thoughts and see from a distance, and they showed much interest in this fact. Because in those days (the times of Hroutsovthere was greater tolerance for this kind of experimentsLL Vasiliev managed to convince the government that the young man’s talent had to be developed. On LL.Vasiliev’s initiative and because of the KGB’s interest, Autantil Lomsatze’s trip to India was arranged, under the terms that the KGB would use his abilities when he returned. The trip, according to the permission granted to the Scientific Academy of the Soviet Union, was to last a year, which seemed to its organizers to be a long enough time.

India was a beautiful and mysterious country. What happened thereto Autantil was wonderful, even though he could not understand the reason for which he had been sent there. In the beginning and for some time, he stayed in a school of yoga in Bombay, trying to adjust to the new conditions. Following that, he was transferred to another school, to even more advanced masters, and managed to surprise everyone! Later, as the yoga teachers were trying to decide which other more advanced school the young man should attend, suddenly the Great Master appeared. The teachers explained to the Master the case of Autantil Lomsatze, and told him that only he, the more enlightened master, could help.
Indeedthere was no other master on Earth that was more enlightened and who could do anything. Nobody called him by his name, probably because it would not be right, although the most advanced teachers knew it very well.
Who was this man? What does it mean that “he was able to do anything”?
In the meantime, even though everything he experienced wasn’t unknown to him, the young athlete started intuitively, slowly and gradually, to develop and to flourish to a higher level, and thus, his life started to change dramatically.
According to the philosophy of yoga, the master finds his apprentice when the apprentice is ready. In this way, the Great Master had felt that his future apprentice was in a yoga school, and so he traveled a long way from his remote house in northern India, which was located at the border of the Himalayas and Tibet, looking for his student. When he found him, it took two weeks of bureaucratic procedures before the municipalities allowed Autantil Lomsatze to meet the Great Master free of any surveillance.
During his apprenticeship with the High Master, Autantil Lomsatze communicated freely and mentally (telepathically) without any obstacle of language, as the Master was so great that anyone would be able to understand him. Apart from being endowed with the talent of telepathy, the Master wanted his apprentice to have other special psychic, mental and moral characteristics as well.
Viewing things through a common perceptionits not easy to understand either the divine essence of the Great Master or, eventually, the degrees of abilities that the apprentice acquired after his training, when he was given the title of Raja-Yogi. (The highest title that a Yogi can earn) The Master taught Autantil many things: how to use his energy without negative intentions, when to hide his powers from people who would not be able to understand, and also how not to reveal future events. Sothe apprentice acquired complete knowledgethe ability to predict the futureand to cure people in the most mystical way that exists on Earth. At this time, it was 1964, the Great Master was 120 years old and his pupil 26. But while the elderly Master walked on the mountains with great ease, the young apprentice followed with great difficulty.
After his apprenticeship in India, when Autantil Lomsatze evolved under the invisible supervision of the Great Master, the Truth, which is only revealed to very few people, was revealed to him.
The Great Master passed away at the age of 155 years old.

Yogis of this level can determine the course of things according to the will of Godregardless of whether they can elongate their life or not. On his last day on Earththe Master was mentally united with his apprentice, and encouraged him to continue his work in India. Autantil Lomsatze chose to live in society and in civilizationconsidering that the world needed his help and his presence.

Years went by and Autantil Lomsatze already had two apprentices, teachers of schools in India. Distance was no obstacle for him for transmitting knowledge and to train people in yoga . If the Raja-yogi, Autantil Lomsatze, visited India, the other yogis would know immediately that He had arrived, now he was the Great Master, and for this reason they gave him high respect.
In Indian temples, people enter bare-footed, because it is mentioned in Indian History that people must first forget, then see and recognise the Great Master: The High Master has a special sign on his right foot, which indicates his spiritual glory. Autantil Lomsatze has this sign from birth. Autantil Lomsatze is now the Great Master with the highest level of spiritual, psychic and energetic abilities. God himself has sent him to live among us, in our world, and not somewhere on the Himalayas.
As for the Raja-Yogieveryone is surprised by his humility, even though he can control energies which are difficult for us and for scientists to understand. His appearance is special: he is tall, with penetrating eyes and a beautiful beard, just like the form of the Apostle in a picture of an older era. His communication with the surrounding people is so direct that no one can imagine what a phenomenon they are communicating with. Furthermorethis person differs from all others and under his simple behavior hides special abilities as well as a high spiritual level.

How did Autantil Lomsatze feel, after returning to his homeland, to his usual world, with his new and altered perception of things?
In Tbilisi he went to see his relatives, his friends and his fellow-students from the University years. He had managed to complete his studies before leaving for India. All these people perceived the great changes which had taken place inside him as well as in his behavior. He was very calm, self-controlled and lucid in his thinking. He was often asked for advice by various people on how to act in different life situations. Even the Patriarch of Georgia, Helias, met Autantil Lomsatze, and viewing him as a highly spiritual person, offered him a holy place in the church. Autantil Lomsatze thanked him sincerely for his honored offerbut replied that he had chosen to live within societyaffirming that his destination was to communicate with people and positively influence them in their spiritual development. The inhabitants of Tbilisi showed great respect to Autantil Lomsatze, and asked him many times to be the godfather of their children. Because his destiny was to live a simple social life, he followed this path until the end, and got married in a simple way. After having adjusted to his homeland, a few months later he traveled to Saint Petersburg where he met L. L. Vasiliev. The scientist was astounded with Autantils abilities. Although, recalling the Great Master’s words, Autantil had presented Vasiliev only with a small part of his abilities, even that exceeded all scientific assumptions, which had been crystallized until then, after years of research in the world of science. Conducting experiments for a second timeLLVasiliev confirmed the important abilities of the Raja-Yogi, Autantil Lomsatze: telekinesis, telepathy and epidermic vision. All his abilities were higher than what common logic could perceive: he was able to read thoughts in every language, to see events and transfer objects from any distance. LL Vasiliev also affirmed that Autantil was able to retrieve inside him the energy that he had already used.
The scientist kept a record of all his experiments with Autantil Lomsatze. Howeverhe was not able to complete the work of his lifetime or to make his research known, because he passed away, and after his death his manuscripts vanished in mysterious ways.
A person who can see from a distance and who can easily escape any obstacle, has abilities which are considered really valuable for a service such as KGB. The invitation for co-operation was made very carefullydiminishing the chances of refusal. Autantil Lomsatze, though, led by his philosophy and ethics, could not defy the moral, human laws, which include earthly and heavenly wisdom. Indeed, he could read other people’s thoughts, but he could not transfer them without permission. He was able to see the future, but not to change God’s plans. He could indeed transfer his consciousness, to see whichever side of the world, of his country, city, home, even of objects closed in a box. He was able to influence a person’s will from a distance and lead him to specific actions, and even to read his thoughts, but even in the case of illness, he could not do anything without the person’s permission: such is the philosophy of yoga.
He tried to explain all this in a simple way, but the army officers could not understand and said: “You will lack nothing, you will be well-off, and will be able to travel to any place in the world, even to countries with which we have no diplomatic relations with.” Autantil Lomsatze heard various interesting proposals and answered: “I’ll think about it”, knowing that if he declined them abruptly he would cause displeasure. He constantly received phone calls from Moscow, and he was bothered even by peripheral services of the KGB. Autantil Lomsatze always refused, but in a diplomatic way. We can even use violence! ”, shouted a man in a meeting in Moscow. However, Autantil replied calmly: “I may be wrong”. Dealing with Autantil’s constant refusal, one of the men in the service said: “Indeed, comrades, could we imagine the possibilities that could happen in case that he may be wrong?” And after that, they started bothering Autantil less and less, until finally they left him alone. Neverthelesshe was made to sign an agreement that he would not collaborate with a similar service in foreign countries and that he would inform the service if he wanted to travel in his country. In 1971, a parcel from North America arrived at the University of Saint Petersburg, in the former bio-technology laboratory, which had stopped working after Vasiliev’s death. Scientist K” was asked to participate in an international telepathic experiment, organized by scientists from North America. They said that, to their surprise, they had been informed that in Russia there was a telepathic receiver. “Scientist N” contacted Autantil Lomsatze in Tbilisi and encouraged him to take part in the experiment. Autantil, who never objected to scientific experiments that would be able to offer knowledge to science and to humanity, accepted to participate in the experiment.

Letters of 200 pages and illustrations were sent to six of the most competent telepathic receivers of the world. The experiment was to be conducted on a specific day and at a specific time, and each telepathic receiver had to be in his country. Inside a spacecraft was placed a round drum, in which there were 200 metal plaques with different drawings on them. At an exact time that the scientists had specified, the astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who would be found in space, would push the button so as to set the box-drum in operation. For a few minutes the box would turn around and then it would stop, so that Mitchell would be able to take out one of the plaques and look at it carefully for a few seconds. After having recorded in his brain what he had seen, he would place the plaque back in the box, in order to make the experiment even harder. Each telepathic receiver on Earth, at the same time, had to find and keep a note of the drawing that the astronaut in space was looking at. After the astronaut’s landing on Earth and the analysis of the telepaths’ results, the scientists drew the following conclusions: two telepathists had 20% right, the other two had 40%, the American had 67 %, and Autantil Lomsatze, who was found in Tbilisi inside the Music Hall in a room that the director had allowed him to use during the experiment, had been able to guess correctly 84% of the information coming from the astronaut. The scientists were astonished, especially by the fact that Autantil Lomsatze had perceived correctly even a metal plaque with the same drawing which had been taken out of the box three times.
Finallyscience had admitted that the phenomenon of telepathy had to be researched in greater depth. The distances in the Universe presented no obstacle, as a thought can be immediately transferred the moment it appears. In America this event was regarded as extremely importanteven though hundreds of magazines and newspapers had announced the success of the American telepath, the scientists had been astonished with the unknown telepathic receiver from Russia. Mass Media published an article from the astronomer Charles Grill, who had said: “I thank God, who has given me the opportunity to learn the name of the miracle-man, who proved the phenomenon of telepathy in the American experiment. This is another ability of the human brain. In my whole life I couldn’t imagine that the non-real would become real. Autantil Lomsatze constitutes a miracle of this world. Its a pity he wasnt born in my country...Will his worth be realized and esteemed in the country he lives? Everything is in the hands of God!”
In Russia no one learned about the experiment except for the KGB. “Scientist N”, who had encouraged Autantil to participate in the experiment, was questioned by the agents, to whom he had to offer explanations about the experiment. A clerk of high rank managed to save him from the difficult situation by saying: “Comrades, why should we punish him? Why is it so bad that a Russian came first in an experiment of an international status? This is glorious for our country!”

The director of the Philharmonic orchestra in TbilisiVKipiani, proposed to the telepathic receiver, Autantil Lomsatze, that he should organize performances on telepathy and present them in front of a wide audience. However, Autantil Lomsatze had to receive the permission of the Great Master first, who was still alive by then. Communicating with his Master was for Autantil a very simple procedure, even if it is very hard for us to imagine such a type of communication between these two super-humans. Nevertheless, this is a real event. Autantil explained to the Master that he wished to communicate with a large crowd of people, in order to present to them some of the abilities which could be understood by the common person. After receiving permission from the Great Master, Autantil Lomsatze started giving performances in the country. The program was in the form of psychological experiments with the participation of the spectators, and it was called “The Game of Thought”. Autantil viewed it indeed as a game with the spectators, as he was performing smart tricks and everyone was laughing. The spectators hid pictures with different drawings behind their backs and he was able to find the subject of the drawing with great ease, without touching the picture. The spectators could not understand how he was able to see the drawings even when they were out of the room or outside the national borders. Autantil Lomsatze could see their content, guessing every color, even the slightest nuance, such as light green or light and dark purple. During an experiment the telepath transferred thoughts from one person to another with great force, so that they would be certain that it was done on purpose. Furthermore, the spectators wrote down their questions about everything they wanted to know and Autantil Lomsatze read them through his consciousness. Some spectators thought that it was a sort of trick. A journalist from the newspaper “Komersant”, Elena Nepomniatagia, was assured about the incredible abilities of Autantil, when in front of her eyes and in a very small period of time, he healed her from an epileptic fit. However, after a presentation, she shouted: “This cannot happen!”
Some of the witnesses of his experiments could not explain all these and drew foolish conclusions. For example, a scientist and physicist from Novosibirsk approached Autantil and told him: “As you noticed, I have been sitting at the backstage and observing your show, and I came to the conclusion that in India a machine has been sewn under your skin, because otherwise I cannot explain your abilities”. Autantil smiled at him and replied: “If there was indeed such a machine, it wouldn’t be able to function incessantly”.
The energy of the Raja-Yogi Autantil Lomsatze is incredible. Anyone passing outside the building where the telepathic performances were taking place suddenly felt an enormous energy as well as an improvement of their mood.
While watching Autantils performanceMessing was shocked by the ease and precision with which every experiment was conducted. Only two experiments were similar to the ones Messing himself was conducting. All the rest were different and very impressive. The spectators watching the experimental shows could not understand how advanced the experiments were, and only Messing was able to assess them. Nevertheless, even he couldn’t imagine how much more Autantil was capable of. Telepathy, was the link between these two people. The difference was that VMessing was developing on his own, even harming his health sometimes, while Autantil had been trained for this by the Great Master in India and he did not hurt himself, since he had learned to retrieve his personal energy, and not just to transfer it to others. The meeting between the two telepaths took place during a performance. Backstage, Messing who usually held back praises, said: “Congratulations, Autantil Lomsatze, you make great experiments!” Autantil Lomsatze was pleased with Messing’s words as he realized that the world-famous telepathic receiver was truly glad for their meeting. When leaving, Messing offered him his photo with a dedication: “To Autantil, with my mind always with you. Volf Messing”. Later on, they met some more times, always on Messing’s initiative.
Modern mansunk in daily anguish, has no time to think: “What is life? Why do we live?” Religion teaches that life is offered to humans, so that they can understand God. The human mind, though, due to the modern age and way of living, is attached to the material plane. This hinders the understanding of phenomena beyond what is commonly known. Daily stress distances humans more and more from spiritual and philosophic thinking, and leads to the denial of religion, the destruction of temples and the neglect of the Divine. Sunk in his own anti-religious skepticismand sometimes yielding to temptation, a person is distanced from the real wealth of the church, ending up in some kind of dogma.
Real prophets, who reveal themselves and bring with them real Knowledge and Truth are rare. It is very important that they are acknowledged and that their words are assimilated, because the quality of the spiritual and natural human existence is dependent on them. Would it be possible for them to bring a radical change for the future and for younger generations with their knowledge? Will these generations be able to treat their peers or the natural world with care and create a free society away from passionsalcohol, drugs, vandalism and terrorism?
Autantil Lomsatzerealizing that the new generation is being wastedsuggested the creation of a public school, where children, from the age of 3 years, would be brought up by high standards, like honesty or the learning of foreign languages, so that they would not start using drugs in adolescence. The Raja-yogi, Autantil Lomsatze, with the powers endowed to him by God, could strengthen the physical body and psyche of the child through his wise and tender influence, and he could heighten the talents of the child, so as to prepare him/her for the difficult modern life of the adults, while cultivating the most positive aspects of his/her soul. To the questions: What would be special in this school in relation to the ordinary schools?” and “ Will Autantil Lomsatze’s teachers have patience and temperance , so as to be the role-models for the students, and among others to be role-models for no smoking?”, Autantil Lomsatze, with his vast power, with the philosophy of an Enlightened person and with his abilities as a Raja-Yogi, would definitely answer humbly: “I myself will be the meaning of this school”. A smart society should have appreciated he fact that he remained in Russia, and it was their duty to encourage the creation of such a school. But this did not happen.
Of course, Autantil Lomsatze could materialize the idea not only in Russia, but also in any other country in the world. However, his wish was to create the first school of this type in his own country, in order to cope with the most serious problem of our era: the fostering of a healthy generation with high morals, for a healthy future on all social levels.
Because he did not need to become famous, Autantil himself had an unimportant place in society. Only very few times, were articles published in the Mass Media about him, and he did not refuse to give interviews to journalists face-to-face. Some of his experiments and an interview have been broadcasted on television. In 1993, in a newspaper in Moscow entitled “Nedelia”, an article was published affirming that, due to the fact that Autantil had healed an American, he had been offered a “Pontiac Bonevil” as a gift. In another newspaper there was an article with the title “Superhuman”.
This is the only information that has been given about such a special man of these modern times!
It is an autumn evening in Saint Petersburg. The drizzle like a veil is covering the big house, where there is always a bright light, at any time of the day, coming from the windows of the upper floor. In the small apartment, in an old armchair, there is a man sitting. He can see the distant Isakiev temple, outside the window, the Troitski temple, which is found closer, and the beautiful bell of Saint Nicholas Church. Who is it? What is he thinking? Regardless of the thick walls of the old building, the world’s perception is limitless. He can move through his consciousness to any part of the planet, he can read thoughts in any language of the world, and, if he wishes so, he can make known every human thought or energy. With this philosophy, this knowledge will always remain inside him. He could offer wise advice for a better life in Russia, in order to help the change of the new generation of humanity and many other things, if we asked him. Will society acknowledge this? “No prophet in his own land”, explains a well-known saying. He is here, but we don’t see him!

In the seminars of the “Academy of Siberia” which take place all over the world, the students and tutors visit several beautiful, idyllic and powerful places, and thus bring together different countries and continents under the teaching of the High Divine Power.
The Divine Power, recently, has chosen the Canary Islands of the Atlantic as a place for an extremely powerful seminar for businessmen, organized by the Academy of Siberia. Anyone who has felt the warmth and who has been able to delve into the special harmony of the elements, the sounds and colors of the islands, have called them “Paradisiacal places! The land of eternal happiness!”
In the seminar participated successful, intelligent and talented people: owners of big stores, foreign businessmen as well as industrialists. They all appeared to be different from each other, but despite their external differences, they had many things in common: great personal power, a high level of strength, they were extremely active, complete, self-disciplined, successful in the accomplishment of their aims, and strict as to their own weaknesses.
These qualities had helped each one of them to become successful businessmen of very high financial levelsto be mediums of great energy flows of the material worldmeaning the energy of moneyBesides, they were mostly linked by the realization of the need for the divine in their livesthey all turned to divine knowledge in order to find new associatesto develop their businessbutmost of allto bring harmony in their relationships with people. A lot of the businessmen already knew from personal experience that only in this way can the Divine Power help them materialize their intentions.
Many of those who attended the seminar were surprised with the tutorhis deep and wise eyesas well as the confidence and the directness with which he was communicating with people, which attracted everyone to him. His openness and his faith in Knowledge and Power enabled each person to accept his advice, as if the Divine Power was communicating with each one separately.
The strong and active tutor had come to reveal and to teach to the students the secret of light, the secret of life, the secret of the opening up of themselves. He had come to find the key that could open something very important to each person in the group: in each of them he found and opened with this key the most profound door towards Knowledge. When under the beautiful tall trees, each person sat at their own place of power, the tutor started transmitting Knowledge:
“Todayyou will learn the secret abilities of man. They exist in every personas well as in you. The human is born with super-abilities. But most people learn nothing about their abilities, throughout their whole life, because these abilities remain inside them, without being developed. The childwithout grown-ups knowingcommunicates with the mystic worldhears sounds and voices of other frequencies, feels subtle energies, their negative or harmonic intentions, as well as sees the events that can happen in the future. By observing the childs behaviorwe can learn what the Divine Power wants at any time. Ask whatever occupies your thoughts and you will receive an answer from high creatures.
The super-abilities that are usually asleep inside a person, wake up at critical points, when for example someone runs while being chased, with a very strong feeling of danger, he manages to jump over two-meters high bars or over wide potholes, or even manages to bend metal bars. In the same waya mother who is terrified about her child’s life, can save him by lifting a big car over him. Remember also how intensely you feel when something gun pleasant happens to your beloved people. What is this?
Its what we have been talking aboutthe unknown inside uswhich hasn’t been completely activated yet. Its the super-abilitieswhich we realize in the most difficult moments of our lives.
One of the students asked: “I have heard and read a lot about these phenomena. I am a businessman and my interests are very practical: the progress of my business and my financial development. For this purpose, I want to activate my super-abilities. Can you tell me how I can learn to do it?”
And the Teacher replied: “There are two levels of activation and obtaining super-abilities: the physical and the energetic. The physical level enables the development of the physical body and of yoga exercises. Of all the bodies, the most developed is only the physical. It is on the physical level that a human expresses himself and acts. All the other bodies are not developed yet. Their development is effected through the energy that the physical body produces. For this reason, the physical body must be strong and it must be under the control of the person. During the yoga practices, the human accesses and plays with the energy and learns to control his psyche. In other words, there must be the union of the body, emotions and mind. This is necessary so that he can perceive the subtle energies and quickly develop his super-abilities. For instance, doing a difficult breathing exercise for an extended time can offer the person a great amount of subtle energy. However, this would be impossible to achieve if the person has a weak physical body, if he suffers from illnesses, and in general if he cannot stand uncomfortable living conditions. It’s also essential that he have a straight back, as a non-vertical position of the body hinders the harmonic flow of energy.
The energetic level is the development of the extrasensory perception. Telepathy is the ability to perceive the vibrations of the subtle energies (subtle energetic waves) and transform them to associative morphs and senses. The right hemisphere of the brain perceives the high energy of Knowledge, which is then transmitted to the left hemisphere – the intuitive or associative center. There the energy is processed and transformed to intuitive Knowledge, and through the form of morphs, senses, and sounds, it comes out as a reply to a realization. Such a transformation of energy happens on the karmic level, the level of Adjna chakra, the region of the “third eye”. There is a special practice, which is called “the opening of the third eye”. In this practice the energy is concentrated at this point. When practicing this exercise for some time, anyone can clearly view the subtle world, as well as participate in these events, communicate with the Masters of humanity and with High spiritual beings, and, furthermore, receive answers to all his questions. Moreover, anyone can see objects, hear their sound, smell them and feel their surface and their taste. These senses adhere to the physical plane and are associated with the physical morphs. The extrasensory, on the contrary, is found beyond the ordinary perception of the senses, and we experience it only when the information comes from the subtle world. There are several levels of senses, from the most unrefined to the most refined. For this reason, clairvoyance, as an extra sense belongs to the following seven levels:
  • Muladhra – clear sense, when the body moves as it feels,
  • Svadhistana – clear sense, when we feel with the etheric body,
  • Manipura – clear taste, when we feel the taste of the energy,
  • Anahata – clear smell, when we feel odors,
  • Visudha – clear hearing, when we hear sounds and words,
  • Ajna – clairvoyance, when we see forms,
  • Sahasrara – understanding, when clear knowledge about everything appears.
The telepathic communication with the subtle world creates new forms in the physical plane, that is new ideas, discoveries, objects, and works of art. For example, with the activation of telepathic abilities, new, incredibly effective levels of development open up for businesses, computer techniques, the manufacturing of new military models, civilian airplanes and engines for cosmic spacecrafts, the technique of cable phones, the Internet etc. This happens in various ways and not always consciously. How did D.IMendeleyev invent the system of chemical elementsChemistry meant everything for this manHe was always in the mood for research, and thus he was moving towards his goal, struggling for his work. And when the energy was highly concentrated inside him, he envisioned this system and invented it. How did Mozart composeMusic for him was both suffering and joy. He heard it inside him all the time, on various levels and in several vibrations . His pieces were often born during his sleep. At night, the sounds appeared inside him, more and more often, creating emotional intensity in him. The sense of warmth was interchanged with the sense of cold. In this condition he couldn’t even hold a piece of paper. Thus, when his symphonies were born, he wrote them on the bed sheets.
The same happens within groups and communities. During the autumn, the birds fly to the south. Before that they gather into groups. But, where will they go? Who will lead the group? And suddenly a little bird goes to the front as a leader. It is observed that one, two or ten birds do not know where to fly to, but when they gather in a big team, the energy is concentrated. The collective intellect descends on them, and then they receive knowledge from the Universe. The most sensitive bird who is able to accept the knowledge, becomes the leader.

The same happens to people: when they are gathered they create a large energetic field. The level of the energy attracts the universal vibrations, which people also receive as knowledge and as answers to their questions.
In this way, the positive communication with the subtle world happens with the strong concentration of energy in a place. This depends on concentration. The stronger and the longer one concentrates on an object or an action, the more energy is being accumulated on that. But usually one thinks constantly and inside his mind there are only problems or memories. This is why the energy necessary for the concentration of attention is being distracted, and it is very difficult to be gathered again.
How can one obtain the concentration of attention? For this, different practices exist.
The practices of contemplation offer concentration of attention on a candle flame, on Sri-Yantra, on the pictures of Masters , cosmic symbols etc. The practices of observation offer one the chance to concentrate his attention during an activity: How the body is moving, how it reacts to various irritating stimuli, how the energy moves inside it, how the breathing (inhalation, exhalation ) takes place etc. A very good exercise is the counting of inhales and exhales: if during this exercise some unwanted thoughts arise, the counting stops and starts from the beginning. Other practices are based on prolonged concentration of attention on a symbol, on some idea or some form. In general, it is better if the visualization of a form is supplemented with the visualization of its color, its movement, its smell and volume.
One should practice this kind of exercises constantly without missing a day. During the exercise one should feel the object as deep as possible. For the development of telepathic abilities it is very important not only to concentrate on a thought or a phrase but on the energy of emotions too. Why?
Emotions are the strongest energy of human beings. Through emotions humans perceive the world, by feeling different situations as for example joy, sorrow etc. Through emotions one can express himself and be in the world and without them one cannot reach his goals. Our whole life is defined by emotions.
For example, when you meet someone for the first time in your life, in the first few seconds and without realizing how, you perceive some emotions that appear inside you for this person. Very often these first feelings stay forever in you, regardless of the logical assumptions or thoughts that you may have later on.
The mind itself does not have the strongest energy. When you concentrate your mind on something, you can observe that after a while you get tired, you become distracted easily and in some minutes you don’t see anything because your mind starts having different thoughts.
But if you concentrate your attention on an object, not only in the mental but in the emotional level tooyou will see that your connection with that object is much stronger and the result of this will be amazing. For example, if a businessman worries about his work, his attention stays focused and he does not lose himself in different fantasies easily. In this moment his concentration of attention on his work is strong. What helps him with that? His strong emotions! Then this man will easily feel which bank deals with his money better.
How do people play in the stock market? They are based on telepathy: Brokers know the stocks that will lose money for sure. They don’t have time to think but there the power of emotions takes the initiative.
Another everyday example of telepathy is playing cards for money. Every player tries to win and by focusing his attention on the opponent, he tries to feel what card the opponent has on hand. The emotional center is the center of our being and its energy gives us the motive for the expression of all the other centers.
A very good example of this is the following: One man goes in the forest and there suddenly he meets face to face with a bear. Imagine yourself in this position. There are no roads, no people, there is silence. Nobody can help you and you stand in front of this big, wild, strong animal. The bear seems not to like you because you have entered her field suddenly. You hear her roaring voice and you feel the state of rage that she enters more and more into. You see her hair bristling up, you see that she is ready to attack you. Feel the fear and terror of this situation! Hear how strongly your heart beats and the sound of your blood running in your veins! You may feel the state of your future death and definitely at this moment you will be shocked! But you will not remain in this stateyou will not wait until the animal attacks youIn such an emotional state, you have access to great energy, which will help you to survive and continue your life. Although this energy was sleeping up to this point, now it erupts inside you with great force, so that you will be able to climb high up the first tree that you find!
So, what happens to a person really? How can one climb to such heights and how can one climb down? Why does it happen this way? In a state of danger, a great amount of emotional energy commands the body, which enables you to climb the tree easily, freely and with great speed. The mind is silent because it has no time to think, and this is why it does not hinder the movement. The body moves on its own, feeling clearly what it should do, and only after a certain period of time does the mind wake up and starts posing questions as to what happened, where the person is found and what will happen afterwards.
If the emotional concentration inside a person is high, then the level of intuition, the extra-sensory perception is high. For example, a man is late. When he comes home, his wife certainly knows where he was. A mother, also, almost always knows when her child is well or not. When the child is in danger, without any thought, driven only by her instinct, she does whatever she can to save him. A mother may have her back turned to the street and be talking to somebody the moment the child jumps into the street . Suddenly, she turns and in seconds she jumps and manages to rescue her child . All these do not happen under the influence of the mind. The mind may realize nothing for some time. They happen because of our deep intuition for events and of the intuitive feeling of the energy of knowledge that comes from human emotions. The reaction does not come from the head, but from the heart, and only then does the mind think, rationalizes, explains, arranges and gives shape.
The expression of emotions helps a great deal in the concentration to the Highest, the unification with a high state. This is why it is very good to chant mantras and to say prayers.
In the right hemisphere of the brain is where the emotional center is located. This works with one kind of energy, higher than the physical or the mental. When strong feelings come out, the high vibration of H12 awakens. The openhearted person reaches a very strong state, and receives a lot of information from the subtle world and his super-abilities are activated inside him. His life changes for the better.
Be carefulBecause of the fact that knowledge comes directly from the channel of the Divine Wisdom, if you have developed your telepathic abilities through the extrasensory perception, a high concentration of attention, as well as of the emotions, is required. For this reason, as well as the activation of your abilities, meaning the invention of new paths of development for your business, it is important to activate your emotional center and, focusing on some object or activity, to feel it through your emotions.”
The tutor finished his speech. His wise eyes looked at the people, continuing to transmit the energies of the high levels, and smiled.
What special people had gathered in the seminar! As soon as the knowledge had been transmitted, their active thoughts started working, and each one visualized something new for the development of their business. Looking at the faces of the businessmen the tutor discerned the unique results that the Wise Master could bring to all these people for their prospective grandiose goals.


Some days later Osho interrupted his silence and started to give courses in the drawing room, which could accommodate fifty people. We took turns attending them.
The next evening, a video course was shown to the whole community in Rajeenish Mandir. .
He spoke about rebellion against obedience, about freedom and responsibility and even declared that he would not leave us in hands of a fascist mode. He said that, finally, he was now talking to people who could accept what he said and that for 30 years he had to mask the messages of Buddha’s, Mahaviry’s and Jesus’ sutras etc.
But now he had to reveal clear truths about religions. He underlined again and again that, “In order to be enlightened, one does not need to be born to a virgin. Actually, all stories about the enlightened are lies made up by the priests.”
"... I am as ordinary as you are, I have weaknesses and instabilities. This needs to be stressed over and over again, because you have the tendency to forget it. And why do I stress it? I do it so that you can see a very important point: that if an ordinary person, who is exactly like you, can become enlightened, you for sure will not have any problem; you can become enlightened too..."
"I don't make any promise to you... I don’t try to stimulate you. I don’t give any guarantee; I don't take any responsibility in your name and this because I respect you. If I took responsibility   for you, you would be enslaved: I would be the leader and you the followers. But we are like travelling companions: you do not follow me, you are at my side, you are with me.
I am not above you, I simply am one of you. I don't proclaim any superiority or supernatural power. You see what is the essence of it all? Making you responsible for your life and giving you freedom".
"Freedom is a huge risk... No one wants to be truly free; ‘freedom’ is simply an issue raised in small talk.  No one wants to be independent, everyone wants that someone else takes responsibility. In freedom you are responsible for each one of your actions, each one of your thoughts, each one of your movements. You cannot put anything on someone else’s back.”
At far end of the garden, before the Pond Bass, where black swans lived on one side and white ones on  the  other  side of a bridge,  was the garage where his famous 96 Rolls-Royce where kept. 

In India, one Mercedes would make enough noise, but in the USA one hundred Rolls-Royces were needed in order to achieve the same effect.
For many people, these cars stood as a barrier between them and Osho. These cars stopped them from seeing. It is said that Sufi masters changed clothes, could move around without being recognised  and did not need to waste time with those who were not  spiritual seekers.
“96 Roll Royce are not a need. There is no way I could use 96 Roll Royce - the same model, the same car - at the same time.  Yet I wanted this so that it could became clear to you that you are quite ready to throw away all your desires of truth, love and spiritual growth only in order to possess a Roll-Royce. I purposefully have created a situation you could be jealous of.”
“The function of the Master is quite bizarre. He should help you to understand that the inner structure of  your consciousness is saturated with  jealousy.
The 96 cars have served their purpose: they have created jealousy all over the USA, have made extremely wealthy people jealous. Had they had enough understanding, instead of being my enemies, they would have come to me to find a way to be released from jealousy, as this was their problem. Jealousy is a fire that burns you out, it burns you out very powerfully.”
“Everything I did in my life has had a purpose.  This has been a device to bring out from you something you are not able to see by yourselves...”

Osho on Mystic Kabir Death in Maghar

Osho: Nobody can save anybody else – and it is good that nobody can save anybody else. Otherwise even your liberation would be a kind of enforcement. It would be as if you have been forced to enter into heaven – two persons following you with naked swords and forcing you to enter into heaven. What kind of heaven would it be? – it would be hell.

Hell is when something is forced upon you; what it is does not matter. Heaven is when you ask for something and you grow in it. Whatsoever it is, it is salvation. Just being a descendant of Mohammed makes no change, no difference. Just by being born a Christian you are not saved. Just by being born in this land, in India, you are not saved.

The Indians have the idea that this land is the Holy Land: just being born in India and you are saved. They have the idea that if you go and die in Varanasi, you will go directly to heaven – just by dying in Varanasi!

Kabir lived his whole life in Varanasi, and when he was on his death-bed he suddenly jumped out of bed and told his disciples, ”We have to rush out of Varanasi!” Those disciples said, ”But why? And you are so ill, and you are on the death-bed, and the physicians have said that it is only for a few hours that you will be alive, that you cannot be alive even for one day.”

He said, ”That one day has to be used. Rush and run as far away from Varanasi as possible!” But they said, ”Where? And why? People come to Varanasi to die.” People go and live in Varanasi in their old age, just to die there, because that is the holiest spot on the earth, the city of Shiva, the ancient-most city, the holiest of the holy. There you die? – that’s enough, your sins are no longer counted. Your very death in Varanasi is a purification – you are saved, you go immediately, direct, to heaven.

Kabir said, ”I will go to Maghar” – a small village near Kashi. And they said, ”Out of all places, Maghar?” – because there is a tradition that says that if you die in Maghar you will be born a donkey. ”Out of all places, Maghar? Have you gone mad? You must be mad! You are dying, you have lost all your senses!”

They tried to hold him in Kashi but he wouldn’t listen. He left Kashi and went to Maghar and died there. And when they asked, ”But why Maghar?” he said, ”If I die in Maghar and go to heaven then it is something. If I die in Varanasi and go to heaven it is pointless. That heaven is not of worth. If I die in Maghar, where it is said that people dying in Maghar are born as donkeys, and go to heaven, then it is something of my own, authentically my own. I depend only on myself.”

And dying, he said to his disciples, ”Depend on yourself. Don’t think that just because you follow Kabir, you will go to heaven. Heaven is not so cheap.”



Grigori Efimovich Rasputin - Life of a wise itinerant

May of the year 1907

When I lived in the community, as we use to say, until I was 28 years old, I lived in, I loved it and all that it had, and I was fair and I was looking for a consolation from a common point of view. I went in carts a lot, worked as a horse-cab driver, and was fisherman and ploughed fields too. Indeed, all it is good for a countryman! I had a lot of sorrows: if a mistake was made, it was thought to be mine, but usually it wasn’t my fault at all. In the work crews I suffered a lot enduring mockery of others. I ploughed the fields and slept little, but in my heart I was thinking how to find a way of salvation. I considered the priests as example, but understood that it was not what I was looking for; they sing frisky and loud as a man chops wood. So I had to think a lot: I am even a bad one but a Parson.
And I went on a pilgrimage; I was quick in looking into the facts of life: I was interested in everything, bad and good things.  I wondered about what it all meant, but there was nobody to ask? I travelled a lot and revised everything in  my life. Often during my pilgrimage I had to endure different difficulties and troubles, it happened like that time when the murderers went after me, I was chased, but God has its own will! Sometimes they say my clothes are wrong, sometimes the liars were losing their mind. I was leaving the sleeping place at midnight, but the enemy was jealous for my good deeds, so he sent someone to steal something from the place I have slept at. The housekeeper was sending pursuers after me. I have experienced all of it! But the guilty one was always found quickly. There were many times when wolves attacked me, but they always run away. There were many times predators attacked me, they wanted to take my belongings, but I was telling them: “It is not mine, these belong to God, if you want to take it from me, then take it – I will give it away with joy”. Something happened in their hearts and then they asked me where I was from and what’s wrong was with me? I responded: “I am a man – I am your brother sent to you and faithful to God”. It is easy to write it now, but in reality I had to live through it. I walked 40 – 50 km per day and I wasn’t afraid of windstorms, wind or rain. Often I didn’t have anything to eat, I travelled through Tambov province eating only potatoes, I didn’t have money with me and never begged for it, knowing that God would send me help, if someone lets me in for the night then there I would eat. This way I came to Kiev from Podolsk  many times, without changing my clothes for half a year and haven’t touched my body – those were secret vows, I did it to get experience and to test myself. More often I walked for three days and ate only a little bit.
During hot days I fasted: I didn’t drink kvas, but worked with day-laborers like they did. I worked and went for a prayer during rest time. I prayed while grazing horses. This served me everywhere and for everything. I walked by the rivers, found peace in the nature and often thought about the Savior like how he walked same way. Nature taught me to love God and to talk to him. I imagined The Savior walking with his students. I often thought about The Holy Mother how she went to hill places and asked God: “When I will be ready to go to you?”  Nature can teach you lot of things and every tree, and spring too. Spring is a big celebration for a spiritual person. How nature awakens on the fields during bright and garnished month of May, the same way ones soul blossoms, he has a triumph during the Easter. It reminds him that day when he received the sacraments. The way spring evolves the same way that one looking for God evolves and triumphs. For a not spiritual persons spring is a joy too, but it is the same as grammar for someone who doesn’t know the letters.
I also have found the best joy from all: I was reading the New Testament little by little every day; I have red little by little, but thought more. I was learning to follow vows for three years, but the enemy was confusing me: “You are the exalted one, there are no equals for you here”. I have fought a lot for my vows, but they were of no use, but then I have found the vow of love. I have loved without discriminating: if I see people from a temple then I give them my love. I have learned something from them too – I have understood who the followers of God are. I had to struggle through many things and had suffered much. Once a thought came into my mind, I have thought a lot why God hasn’t chosen royal house, but poor crib and shed luster on his glory. I, the unworthy, had an idea to dig a hole just like a grave in the crib and I went to pray there during Morning Prayer and Liturgy. Whenever I had free time I went there and felt so nice, because in such a narrow place my thoughts were getting together. I often spent whole night in there, but the evil enemy tried to get me out of there in many ways – with cracks, beating, but I didn’t stop my practices. This was going on for 8 years and there came a moment when the enemy-evil force brought people offering me a free place to sleep, so I had to leave. Whatsoever I have never believed visions, so that God liberated me from them. A temptation has found me – I started to feel disgusted with society. You shouldn’t believe in vision – it is above our understanding. If you yield to temptation, then God will ask of you same way as evil landlord when you lose his belongings.
You have to be very careful with these visions; they can bring you down, to such baseness that is to oblivion that you won’t remember days or hours and you will become so proud, you will be like a real Pharisee. It is difficult for an itinerant to fight the enemy. When I went to Kiev, I walked from the early morning without lunch, this was my schedule. The evil force was jealous for my every good deed, he appeared as a beggar, but I could see it wasn’t one, but an enemy in shadows. I made the sign of the cross and it disappeared as if never existed. It was telling me that a village is about 30km away, but I had to walk out of the forest and I could see the village over there. Eh, Satan! It sends dirty thoughts, brings tiredness, hunger, thirst. I felt it all was from the enemy again. Often, I fell on the road as if I fell over a hillock – all these are temptations! When I was approaching a village and heard bells, I ran to church for a prayer. Here the evil tempts me: to beg for money as there is a long road to go and I would need a lot of money; or to pray for people to invite you and feed you. I started thinking and heard the songs in the church, but I haven’t attended them yet, didn’t stand before the eyes of God, and didn’t rejoice him! I would never be late like that again!
I had to fight such thoughts for years. Here came the day when I stopped thinking what to choose and when I joined villagers for the prayer, then God was sending me people who would feed me and understand all the difficulties of my road. All the pilgrims have piety, they never complain about good or bad weather – for all of it there is God’s will. One should lead a life of a pilgrim, but for a certain time – months. I have seen pilgrims that spent years, decades travelling, they are walking and walking and this poor people walked so much, that the enemy put heresy into their minds – they started to judge and became lazy, careless. From all of those I have seen a rare person – one in a hundred that went on the footsteps of Christ. We, pilgrims, are weak to fight the evil.
From tiredness arises evil. For that reason you shouldn’t travel for years, but if you decide to become a pilgrim then you should have strong will and be deaf and even mute sometimes, that means acceptance. If you can preserve all of it, then you will have inexhaustible source – the source of the water of life. But at present time it is difficult to preserve that source. God is not younger or older; we feel the need that is because these days are different. But He has his own plans and in the future the days will change.
A pilgrim has to take the sacraments in every monastery, because he has a lot of grief and needs. The Saints secretly will please the pilgrim like the month of May pleases the earth. I have been to many monasteries, but I won’t advise such style of spiritual life – to leave your wife and go to monastery. I have seen a lot of people over there, they don’t live as monks, but they live the way they want and wives can’t preserve the promises given to their husbands. Here the hell came on them! You should test yourself first, for years, you should be time-tried and experienced and only after that you can go to live in monastery. It is for your experience to be stronger than words, for it to be the lord in your heart, for your wife to be as experienced as you are, for her to be able to live in the community and to endure all the need and suffering. This much, for both to see, then the Christ will enter their house.
It is difficult to find salvation in modern community, especially nowadays. Everybody is looking after those who wants salvation as if it is an outcast and mockhim. Church is a refuge and everything is a relief in there, but the priests lately don’t follow spiritual life style, but they look at you as if you came to commit sacrilege. But why should they worry about that? Savior himself told: “take your cross and follow me”. We are not coming to see priests, but the temple of God! But even not a perfect one, it is a Priest anyway. We have temptations, but he has everything, he has brother in law going for dancing, the mother-in-law flirts with him, but the wife has spent too much money on dresses, and he will have a lot of friends for breakfast. But him we have to respect! He is a priest, the one who prays with us. Same way happens in monasteries where they have gone for salvation. For example, if a landlord would send his slave for beans, but it would bring radish, what will happen to the slave? It will be punished, of course! The ignorant ones that have hard life and started to look for salvation, most probably those will receive a great gift!
Here is an example. If there would be a landlord looking for workers he could hire 2 people or there could come 2 other people just wanting to work. The ones who came by themselves would work better and do even more than hired ones. I have seen a lot of times when people gather together to talk about God, they live like brothers sharing the love of God. They just love like the Savior did and don’t look for mistakes in other person, but search for them only in themselves, they talk about love and how to join the Sacred Secrets. They sing different songs and psalms, read the Holy Book even they could be persecuted for doing that. Because the pursuers serve books, but they stand far away from God and their spiritual world is like a foreign language. We will be trying and praying for God to keep us together. They ask from us something they cannot understand themselves. We won’t ask God to punish them. God himself will show them the way, the truth. Their laughter will turn into tears by the will of the Savior. We won’t listen to their words, like the Apostle have said: “they will do bad things, but we won’t pay attention”, “we will continue to sing psalms and love each other from the bottom of our hearts”, “greet each other with a kiss of peace”. Don’t try to become a considerable person, we shall listen the only person that leads us on the right way, otherwise the evil forces will separate us and fill our minds with rubbish. We should be careful about visions. We shouldn’t believe any except those about Madonna and the Cross.
The evil shows us a lot of lies and imperfections of other people: sometimes he will spread gossip about someone. Here you shall be careful in spiritual life. The enemy might say a lot of lies and as result people don’t want to see each other ever again and will never forget even while dying. In such case there will be a disaster for us. Like a bag with a hole cannot keep seeds, the same happens to people that don’t forgive others, but pay attention to their mistakes - they are angry and judging. We should see the mistakes of others with humbleness; caress them like a mother cherishes an angry child: she would clean after him and won’t let it cry with a cocker. We should follow the example of this mother. We should find and caress a fallen one, be careful and experienced to be close to God and show others an example not from books, but by being an example ourselves.
The cunning enemy knows how to catch those looking for salvation. Once, during winter when it was 30 degrees below zero, the enemy taught me: “take off your hat and pray on the field behind the horses”. I went there, took off my hat and started to pray, and then I felt that God is really close to me. What was the result? My head was freezing; I got sick, and then fever rose -39 degrees. After I got well I prayed a lot and fasted. You can pray on the field, but don’t take your hat off if it is 30 degrees below zero. Those who are looking for salvation and God not for profit, those will not sin, but get experienced if they follow the temptation. But after such temptation you should be stronger and act smarter. You should listen to your heart and learn from your mistake without being too zealous. You should be careful and keep God in your heart when you are working.When you are fishing you should think of the students of the Lord, that casted out lines too. When you are ploughing you should remember that every work is done for salvation. You should pray to Holy Mother time to time, but in forest think about desert that our ancestors were in looking for salvation. While doing harvest-work think of those who did good things to people. When you are going somewhere, remember the desert-dwellers that were loners. If you are walking with a crowd then remember that there were thousands of people following the word of God. Even all of us are sinners - we still are the creation of God. If you struggle with your fleshliness then close your eyes and imagine the crucifixion and then shout at your enemy: “come with me to a crucifixion, you were like an angel and so you will be presented, but I will be a saint and we both won’t be struggling anymore.” When you can’t see anyone, then shout to scare away the evil: “Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, the son of God have mercy on me and with prayers to Holy Mother save me”. If you see there someone nearby then silently pray to Jesus. Take the sacraments as often as possible and go to Church no matter what priests are in there. Think of them as good priests, because you are the one looking for salvation and the evil will tempt you. He should have become a district police officer, but he became a priest. He would like to ask before, but we don’t have such people that could have given him a good advice. Nowadays those who could give advice are sent into exile.
There is another way how devil tempts those who seeks for God – he sends diseases. Those who pray with inclination of the body start to have back pain, pilgrims have pain in the legs – all this is work of the enemy. The fasting ones start to have thirst, but the humble people meet some angry woman, the ones who doesn’t love money start to have an idea that tomorrow they will be dying of hunger. Those who make the sign of the cross on themselves lose the ability to move their hand, often cannot see properly and have cramps. At night the devil makes us want to sleep otherwise it sends different crack sounds, fear and other things to scare us. Sometimes he presents us something so other people can see and envy. On hardworking people he sends laziness. How can we overcome all this? You have to answer to everything with beating: pray a little, then flog yourself, but only when there is no one around; flog yourself with strength, so you feel the floor shaking, but you should try that only when no one sees it. This way you would benefit from it and you will be experienced, you will accept it with happiness because the enemy has taught you, not tempted and that means he taught you to love God. That’s the enemy! He tries to get you, but has no result! Take an example of a bad Jew: he cheats people and you will see that the day will come when he loses everything, the same way the evil will work for nothing. My whole life I was sick. Every spring I couldn’t sleep for like 40 nights in a row. My sleep was oblivion, thus I lived since I was 15 until the age of 38 years. Medicine couldn’t help me. Sometimes I was like a child – I urinated in bed. The people of a true faith in Kiev healed me and Righteous Simeon Verhoturski gave me strength to learn the way of truth and healed my insomnia. It was very hard to live through, but there was no other choice, the Lord helped me to work and I had work to do. I worked a lot in the field and slept little.
After I started my pilgrimage to the holy places then I started to feel satisfaction in that different world. Sometimes I visited places that weren’t holy and felt a lot of different emotions. I have seen how people worship in the house of God and thought that those who live their usual lives with fear and blessing of God they also are spiritual people and even more than some others. Tsar himself lives from what the villager gives, he eats of the hands of the working ones, all the birds are using the villager, even mouse is eating his food. We should be grateful to God for every breath and pray for a villager – for him not start to complain! A villager is great in front of God: he never throws a dance party, goes to theatre very rarely, he only knows: our Lord was a common worker and he ordered us to – we are workers of God! Instead of body organs he has a scythe; he has a plough in his heart instead of amusement; instead of wearing fancy clothes he has a simple coat; instead of triad of horses he has a tired one. He goes and asks God from the bottom of his heart: “take me from this valley to your shelter or to a town”. Here we can see Christ inside him! And meanwhile a villager goes by foot with tears in his eyes. He is here with Christ and he has a place in paradise ready for him. Sometimes when he has difficulties, he prays to the saints Frol and Lavr and even in such God helps him to be happy! But without God you can ride a triad of horses and have all the passengers gloom. Why should we envy them! They are just like a bad Jew – they have bad products, but they are painted and fixed to appear better. You pay money for it, but you don’t get any good. Their happiness is like walking on the ice in spring. They have beautiful clothes, but their soul is in darkness. But in reality not everyone lives this way: “won’t spoil a fancy dress, won’t take off my shirt”, but knowledge and experience are necessary for everything. You shall always dress modest and think of yourself as an unworthy; not only in your words, but also in your spirit. Diamonds are also a creation of God and gold jewelry of the Holy Mother – those are revered pearls too, but you have to know how to preserve it. We wear pearls – it makes us feel greater than the biggest cities, we raise our spirit, but then appears the flaw of being proud and disobedience to everything. And do you know who was disobedient? Only the Satan! He was trembling, he didn’t sleep and never had eaten anything and do you know where he is now? You need only humiliation and love – this is joy! Love is a big number! The predictions will silence and knowledge will be gone, but love – never. You don’t need to go for respect and study, but seek for God and all the scholars will listen to your words.
Many times I have been with a lot of eparches, I spoke with them a lot and they questioned me. You come to them with broken spirit and humble of heart – their doctrine seems insignificant and they listen to your simple words. It is because you come to them not with a usual spirit, but you come to them with God inside. You say one word, but they picture you a whole painting just for you not to come with corrupt desires. They really are looking for something. You shall refer to them as to a superior, that is, with fear – here their lips freeze and they can’t contradict anything you say. I have been to many ecclesiastical academies: in Kiev, in Moscow, in Kazan and St. Petersburg. Nowadays, in the year 1907, the year of disturbances you cannot influence all of them. And Lord himself didn’t influence all of them, but prepared hell and darkness for some; with those following God I had the chance to speak about this time of disturbances. I talked more about love, but they wondered even more while listening to the experience I had. You have to be prepared for everything and shall not be in a scientific mood.
If you stop looking for profit everywhere and you try to comfort, invocate God, then the demons will leave you, sick will heal, if only you do everything without thinking of gaining profit. But if you will be seeking goods for your stomach, for being famous, being rich, then you won’t get anything not in one, not in another; that is not spiritual and neither carnal. But, if you will be trying really hard, God will give all you need and you will receive everything that is necessary. The enemy, the Satan always is looking for a chance to tempt you and says you to speak louder for becoming famous and speak eloquently to eat well! Satan is like a fox. I have lived through all of this! No, you shouldn’t ask or talk to be famous – this will be only a disturbance – you will not be given, nor receive anything: not carnal pleasure, nor heavenly joy. If you will be buying things, you won’t adorn your temple or yourself, but you will become a living corpse as it says in the New Testament. Education doesn’t mean anything for piety. I don’t criticize education – you have to study, but I mean that you don’t have to be literate to pray to God. One learned everything from books and doesn’t need to pray. Knowledge confused his head and tied up his legs, so he can’t follow the footsteps of the Savior.
Whole Russia is confused and the laity doesn’t listen to their clergy, I mean you have to love your motherland and the Father of it – Tsar – anointed of the Lord. I have been to many places. I have been with noblemen and officers and even princesses, I have seen the family of Romanov and have met our Father Tsar. Everywhere you need to be prepared, humble and loving. Christ lives in love; I mean you always will receive grace – preserve that love in you and it will never leave if you don’t position yourself higher than others, but just love more. All the scholars, boyars and noble princes listen to the word of truth if it comes from love, because if you carry love within you – lies won’t approach. In real life to meet highly placed persons you have to be careful and prepared for everything, then God will approach them in its grace through your belief. They will tremble and your simple word will be taken as the highest knowledge. It seems you cannot describe much with words, but God will affect them with his blessing. I, a sinner, have been here and I cannot express everything, but I have witnessed many things. One is important: those who live with Christ in his heart even poor and miserable have joy bigger than his house. In the palaces of the highly placed ones there is no God, but sadness is bigger than their houses.
Actually, there are many noblemen whose grace is larger than their houses and they have a gift of being graceful. Those who know how to lower themselves have grace bigger than their palaces; they don’t seek for fame, but for highest grace and sorrow means nothing to them. But, those who expect to receive honors and awards from Tsar, but didn’t deserve it – their basis is made of sand. Water comes and wipes it out, that is, a small mistake and they hang, shoot themselves or get drunk, because they didn’t look for spiritual glory, but carnal pleasure. Even God was bought in the market – a jade God. But that jade rusted and it became a witness. Those who served God and Tsar and didn’t search for glory, those worked and earned. They don’t sleep day and night for the right thing, serving God and Tsar. If a mountain falls onto Tsar nothing will happen to him, he will survive everything with joy.
I have remembered another experience and test from my life. During St. Peter’s Fast I went to islands to pick bast; I carried it for more than a half kilometer to soak in a lake. I ate little bread and didn’t scare away the mosquitos and botflies. At about 5 in the evening I was taking off my shirt and was bowing 100 times in a prayer to Christ. The evil enemy begrudged it and sent melancholy and displeasure upon me. I could barely take it, but understood that I annoyed him. Later I made a mistake to asperse it and that was the time he exhausted me for the second time, that taught me and his tricks didn’t work on me anymore. His objective was blasphemy and it was caused by my prayer for a miracle. So, I recommend you no to ask for miracles or plan big achievements, but plan ones that you can really manage. I really got a benefit from mosquitos and botflies, it can’t be measured, and I learned patience, beats and other exhaustion of the body. If I have to sleep on a soft bed, so it is good, especially if there are intelligent people around.But sleeping in the field is sweeter with a tree by my side; you will never oversleep the sunrise, it is always an experience. Also, when I worked in the field at nights I had to scare away the botflies – let them eat bad flesh and blood. I was thinking: they are creations of God too, just like me. If God wouldn’t have given good summer there wouldn’t be any mosquitos. Ah, what a golden work does a man! He will feed the mosquitos and even this will be done in Gods glory. A villager is a wise and experienced man. He has a lively soul and he has experience in many things. The only thing that makes me sad is that their mind is asleep, because they haven’t gone to school. Although we can’t know what would happen to him if he would have studied. The only thing is certain, the knowledge of God and in God; you shall receive the Holy Secrets three times a year in the church. You shall preserve all of it in you.You will receive accusations, pursuits, priests will be testing you.You need strength for everything and God will give you a present – their word will be a cheap coin. When there is a priest in a church we have to respect him. If he is dancing with young ladies then remind yourself that it is not him, but a demon in his place, the priest is serving somewhere at the altar.If you see that he made a delicious dinner and called for ladies, then it is because his sister-in-law is a young lady and his brother-in-law a chevalier; they come for because the wife of the priest has pity on them, but the priest follows Christ and had pity on them too. Thus you should picture it.
I also want to talk about doubt. I have found a lot of people who doubt themselves since they are 16 until 33 years of age and I had to talk to them about doubt. This doubt have reached such depth that in the end a person thinks he is unworthy of going to a church or learning the Holy Secrets and look at the holy icons, that is to look at God himself. It is so deep that you can’t find the reason. It is said: you should always test and explore yourself. It is true, you should always test yourself. I agree with it, but you shouldn’t exaggerate. From exaggeration a person starts to think that he doesn’t have the true love inside him. I love not with my heart, but i see a flaw in something and sympathize, but love is away from me. I am not worthy to love and God didn’t give me love like a brother loves, for example. What happens then? What happens is that people blame God for he didn’t give them love. And afterwards a person reflects that he feels unworthy. In such case you shouldn’t think about yourself that you don’t have love inside, but you shall ask the Almighty for him to show you and teach you true love. And he will teach you! Sometimes you can ask for God not to take true loveaway, for it to triumph in glory of Christ and hope for Divine forces. But you can’t exaggerate love to the limit! You should enjoy the one that God have given you! You cannot advise someone to love “more”, you should be attentive, because a person loves sincerely with his heart, but the enemy is artful and will show you this: “you haven’t learned to love yet, you are not worthy to love; sinner, that is not the way you shall love, but you shall love only God, walk with your head down and don’t be joyful!” No, God did not refuse to accept cheerful people into paradise, he loves them, but you shall be cheerful in the name of God.
Sometimes the evil enemy whispers into our ears: “people prayed and were fasting in desert and Christ himself was fasting for 40 days, but you, what kind of a man are you, what kind of a prayer and abstinent are you, go fasting and unite with God”. So we start fasting and praying for weeks without asking any priest. What’s the result? Self-conceit comes from it and we picture that we are the prayer of all prayers and we will hear a voice from an icon and then what? The enemy knows how to approach us from godly side that we won’t be able to distinguish it. From long fasting, from physical tiredness a back pain will appear and you will have a nervous breakdown. Everybody seems to be a sinner in such person’s eyes, often he feels dizzy, he falls on the ground of weakness and often becomes insane. Here the enemy would finish us; here he has laid his net.In fasting, in prayer he makes us feel like we are wonderworkers. Here we forget hours and days and the words of the New Testament. Let’s take the easiest example from animals, from horses. Look, if you will ride a satiated horse, then it won’t go fast, but if you take a hungry horse it would be tired soon. You should keep balance, then it will be good to ride to the place you need. Same way with prayer, you should pray a little and then think a lot and during the Great Fasting you shall think: “remember me, my Lord, in your kingdom”. Your spirit should retire to desert.
You should pray more to Christ: „My Lord, Jesus Christ, the son of God, have mercy on the sinner”. If you keep it in your heart anywhere you go then you will be Gods ascetic and hieroschemamonk. Hieroschemamonk’s duty is to pray, but you will do it from your own wish and you will receive the Holy Secrets twice in the great fasting time. The same way you should stand in the church until you have a wish to pray. If the laziness appears, then hit your chest, call names, and tell your heart it is lazy. You shouldn’t be ashamed in a church because it is the house of prayer. You see, if some trader would feel lazy to weight out his goods then he wouldn’t sell or earnanything. We also shouldn’t leave with a hole in the bag and lose something that we have put inside. We shouldn’t speak too much, but keep to the middle line, especially to pray better.
But those who live spiritual life are more abused than others. Here you shouldn’t be ashamed, but do as God leads you, and pray like that. The evil might tell you: “don’t go to the church, there the psalm readers, deacon and all priests are laughing at you, whole world is tempting you; so you better stay home and bend 200 times in a prayer”. Church is a shrine; it will attract the enemy because in there the sins are forgiven. Once, a thought came into my mind and staid forever in my heart. As Apostle Paul said “the one, who builds a temple, will never be doomed to hell”. So, I started to ask the Holy Mother and I had to work hard, and many times I had to think about a church. I am an illiterate person and I don’t have money, but I can see the temple in my heart. How to make it come true? Most important is to pray to the Holy Mother for her to give me strength and not to lose my spirit and hope for His generosity in favors and for protection of the Holy Mother. It is easy to say: “give me 20 thousands to build a temple”, but how to give them or where to take them from? We have to think, unite with our Lord, talk to Him, ask Him, for him to be generous and give me his happiness. I will talk shortly about benefactors: if I start to talk in details it will take too long. As it is writer in the Holy Bible:” God will listen to your prayer, but Tsar will help”.
God’s grace came upon me. I, a common man was looking for benefactor while going from Tobolsk province with one ruble in my pocket. I looked at people throwing griddle cakes into water while I didn’t even have a cup of tea. How could I live through it? I came to St. Petersburg. It was the same for me in Petersburg as for a blind men walking in the streets. At first I came to Alexandr Nevsky Lavr to worship holy relics and I had a big bag with dirty clothes behind my back. I held a service for orphans for 3 kopecks and spent 2 kopecks on a candle. I was leaving Alexandr Nevsky Lavra and I asked something to Sergiy, the new bishop of the Ecclesiastical Academy. The police approached and told: “what kind of friend are you to the bishop, you are a bully, my fellow”. With Gods mercy I ran out to the gates in the back after that I found the doorkeeper. The doorkeeper was so kind to hit me, then I fell down on my knees in front of him and he saw something special in me. After that he told to the bishop about me and the bishop called me to talk. He was telling me about St. Petersburg, introduced me the streets and other things and later to the noblemen and even to the Father Tsar, which had mercy on me and gave me money for a church.
I was happy and went home to talk to priests about building a new church. But the evil enemy had tempted everyone even before I came there. I am helping them to build a church, but they are trying to accuse me in heresy and say such nonsense, that doesn’t even come to my mind to tell you. Here you can see how powerful our enemy is to hurt someone and to make their good deeds seem nothing. They accuse me as a member of the lowest and filthiest sect and the archbishop rose against me. It is hard to distinguish love. As if a men never knew love. Compassion is in our nature. Yes, our nature is compassion. Take a pity and it will be compassion too. But love is such a unique thing that nobody can define its price. It is most precious of everything that was created by God himself, but little amount of people can understand it. They might understand love, but not as something that is priceless. The one who knows it is a wise man, he could teach Solomon himself. Many people, all of us, talk about love, but we only have heard about it, we still are far away from it. It lives in the hearts of experienced people, but it won’t come by itself to ones that live in peace and whose life is good, even he is a priest. Because being a priest is a two way thing: there is a leader of his fold, but there is one whose destiny was to become a true priest. He will be useful to God.The other one always lays information against and criticizes him.
The ones chosen by God have the ultimate love.  You can come and listen to them, they will speak not from a book, but from their life experience.That’s why they know the value of love. Here the enemy interferes trying to prevent man from feeling love, because it is the worst for the devil. Love is a millionaire of spiritual world – there is no bill to measure it. Actually, love lives in outcasts that have experienced everything, but everybody can have compassion. It is hardeven to talk about love; you have to talk about it with an experienced man. But those who aren’t experienced, those will corrupt it. In places where there are the chosen ones in spiritual talks with them people understand better love, live united in their spirit according to the New Testament. They have genuine love and pray together day and night for each other. Those are the people who have the priceless love. Brothers, beware of your enemy, sisters, think of the pure priceless love. You shall sing psalms and spiritual songs. The evil enemy is looking for any good chance – they whisper to the ears of priests “the beggars are from other sect, they don’t have a brotherhood”. But let us not be afraid of the spirit of evil, we will continue being with God, we will sing for Him and glorify Christ, especially we will love the church and will receive the sacraments more often.