New Humanity and ~* Harmonic Relationships

Harmonic Relationships

Why we are creating Relationship? 
Lesson 1

Since ancient times, scientists have tried to answer the question:  Is the soul eternal?  This pondering amazes the wiser ones.  In fact, God created the eternal soul, and the soul is eternal by nature.  Any plant or animal is part of this eternal soul.  Any living essence has not only one, but many similar essences.  Actually, any living essence is similar to a factory that creates inferior substances, such as food, water, air, and it serves as the imprint for superior substances: such as the physical body, mind, and the emotions.
One of the most superior substances in the organism is  sexual energy, which is capable of generating a new living body.  In a laboratory, no scientist is capable of producing the smallest living cell, whereas sexual energy  is capable of creating a very complicated mechanism: our body.  This is the reason why, in antiquity, sex was considered sacred.  People adored sex and fertility, seeing in sex the most superior creative power of life on Earth.

But in addition to reproduction, sexual energy has more amazing functions that influence the daily activities of a person: sexual energy helps to receive the subtlest and highest impressions.

This is accentuated especially in the moment of sexual awakening, when a young person begins to ponder for the first time upon the meaning of life.  Then they are interested in philosophy, religion.... But, they face a sick society, which seeks to control life, and then the young  protest actively against everything dead and dogmatic that they see.  There is creative desire, not standardized declaration.  At this age, many youngsters begin to write poems, music, start to draw etc., expressing creativity.

Some years later, the state of youth finishes, it happens as soon as sexual energy finds its realization in the traditional manner – in the creation of family and giving birth to children.
If people really understood that the correct direction of this energy might take a person to miraculous results, like developing the conscience, discovering hidden talents and abilities, perhaps going all the way to spiritual transformation. This wisdom was something ancient wise people practiced in their spiritual and religious systems of development.  Some were using asceticism; which means the conservation and directing the sexual energy towards a higher purpose.  This enables the discovery of personal hidden talents and abilities, the cessation of physical sex and, what is even more important, cessation of sexual imagination.  Others were using the path of Tantra, which uses wisdom of natural sexual interaction to seek higher goals, like the ascetics.

When the adolescents integrate the sexual center, there begins a time of flourishing, the same as plants and flowers.  The flowers would represent the genital organs and their beauty and aroma would represent the manifestation of their superior energy, which always amazes us. This also happens with a person who has her own charm. Nevertheless, unlike plants- that show themselves such as they are -, people are influenced by a sick society, which dictates that sex and everything connected to it is  considered “dirty”, dishonorable, sinful and immoral.

The enormous quantity of fears and taboos about sex lead many to a high degree of sexual illiteracy, which does not allow adolescents to develop their sexuality fully and to express it correctly. This leads to the development of mental deviations as, for example, misogyny and total lack of libido.  Multiple physical illnesses of the ourogenital system as well as of other parts of the body are often linked to these kinds of sexual problems. Without overcoming the complexes and prejudices created by a sick society, young people cannot discover their human essence, let it bloom and find happiness and discover their talents and abilities.
When we are about to choose a partner, it is important to remember that people’s level of existence is not equal and that a fulfilling relationship as well as good interaction is impossible when the other has a very low level of self-development.  People at this level are often pathologically jealous, selfish (sometimes to the point of being cruel), drop outs or they suffer from severe physical and mental pathologies.  Having interaction with such people destroys one’s life and fills it up with continuous suffering, preventing all possibilities of obtaining happiness and attaining development.  Tantric relationships with such persons are impossible as, in tantric relationships both persons in the couple must be strong and have a very high essence.


Harmonic Relationships: Lesson 2



Three types of people: how to match them for harmonious relationships?

All people can be divided in three categories:  intellectual people (type 3), emotional people (type 2) and physical people (type 1). Naturally, harmonious interactions are only possible amongst people of identical types: 3-3, 2-2, 1-1, whereas people of different types cannot understand each other.

People can, further, be divided into four temperaments: phlegmatic, melancholic, choleric and sanguine. It is recommended that partners should belong either to the same or to complementary temperaments: phlegmatic (earth) with phlegmatic (earth), melancholic (water) with melancholic (water) or melancholic with phlegmatic (water-earth) and choleric with sanguine (fire and air). Phlegmatic and melancholic types interact badly with choleric and sanguine people.

In addition, people can also be divided according to planetary types. In this case it is recommended to choose a partner of a compatible planetary type. The “star of magicians” determines the combination according to planetary types. The precise determination of the planetary type of a partner requires a great knowledge, which can be attained at our School.

Interaction of planetary types:

Planetary type
Positive interaction
Negative interaction
Sun, Mars
Sun, Jupiter
Saturn, Mars
Sun, Jupiter, Mars
Saturn, Mercury
Venus, Mercury
Moon, Saturn
Jupiter, Mercury
Mercury, Venus
Mars, Moon
Sun, Venus

In the case of polygamic marriages there is no need to take types into strict account as the qualities of one partner complement those of the other partners allowing, thus, for a great union.

It is necessary to remember that if you do not only want a sexual relationship, but would also like to live together, you and your partner must be like-minded.

When people think differently and have different viewpoints of and purposes in life, they cannot harmoniously interact with each other and will remain strangers. This point is especially meaningful with regards to spiritual people, who are on the path of Tantra.

In antiquity, priests who possessed a great knowledge about types used to supervise the correct matched of a couple. Nowadays, however, this knowledge is lost and it can only be found in the ‘School for harmonious relationships’. When people of compatible types find each other, they are enriched and can help each other to flower and develop and their union is very happy and harmonious. However, for a correct interaction it is not enough just to find the right partner, but also to correctly arrange correctly their common life.

Yet, the whole decadent public moral as well as people’s ignorance in sexual matters are against it.

Why is it that in this developed era, when spaceships are sent to the space and people have been on the Moon, sexual matters are ruled by medieval ignorance, great fears and taboos? What is that hides beyond a stubborn silence this side of life?

The suppression of sexuality was already known in antiquity. Even then, many rulers understood that, in order to control people and turn free people into slaves, it was necessary to suppress their sexuality, exactly in the same way as it is done with animals: bulls and horses are, in facts, castrated in order to be transformed into working slaves. In this way, a horse is turned into an obedient mule that no longer expresses any resistance to the man who exploits his heavy work.

Rebellious slaves were also castrated in order to stop upheavals amongst them.

Matters are, however, more complex when it comes to common people. If everybody were castrated, who would have given birth to new soldiers for the king? As a way of dealing with this need, rather than forcing castration on people, they started to suppress their sexuality by means of prohibitions, fears and the cultivation of aversion to sex, seen as dirty and shameful.

Indeed, if we take as an example a sexually free lady's man or a geisha or getter, we can easily see how these would not want to do manual labor or die in war.

It is, however, fairly easy to imagine a sexually closed person in the above roles. Initially, sexual prohibitions had a religious nature. When the communists took power in Russia they began to deny religion. In public squares the first Komsomol members walked naked holding banners on which it was written: "Cut the shame!". This state of affairs did not last for long:  Stalin understood that if he did not suppress sexuality, it would be impossible to control people! With him, therefore, these kinds of demonstrations ended and, again, under the slogan that ‘ in the Soviet Union there was neither sex or prostitution’ the suppression of any expression of sexuality began.

Harmonic Relationships: Lesson3



When sex becomes tantra, development starts

When taking any situation as a practice, tantric practices can be done in very ordinary social life. Yet, it is not possible to understand how to do them without the guidance of the Teacher, and this because people fall asleep very fast, easily identify themselves with any trifle and forget what they had set as their own target. People, normally, only remember what they had been told as children as well as the desires and instincts that awake within themselves, demanding prompt satisfaction.

The basic tantric practices are: dynamic meditations - some of which are described in Osho’s books - yoga, ‘orphica’, Astroplanetary Karate. They can also be found in some of the writings of Osho, Gurdjeff and Ouspenski as well as in the teachings of Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda) and in "The way of the fool". Without these basics, Tantric knowledge cannot be understood.

Only after reaching a sufficiently high level of development - and always under the guidance of the Teacher – tantric students can master Maithuna, ritual practices with a partner aimed at controlling and using sexual energy for the pursuit of enlightenment.

Sex is the force of reproduction and, as well, a method of organizing all living beings into social slavery as, practically, all ethic dictations, taboos and prohibitions are connected with sex. Consequently, the most serious psychological diseases and deviations appear because of sexual enslavement and the rebellion of an unhealthy imagination, which thrives on sexual energy. Practically, the whole of society is impregnated with one faith, one religion, one cult, that of reproduction and its derivatives: family and kinship. No matter where people position themselves, whether they are atheist, Christian, Muslims, fascist or profess any other credo, the 99% of human beings is imbued with the belief in the cult of reproduction and family.

People still live in complete sexual illiteracy, which poses very serious obstacles on the way of tantric sexual practices and enlightenment.  It follows that all people’s evil and unawareness stem from sexual regulations, depression and the total use of sexual energy almost exclusively for the traditional way of reproduction: family -> kinship -> country -> …….and wars amongst sexes, families, kinship and countries. Reproduction and death go hand in hand as, for example, with wars.

To pull sexual energy out from this riverbed and redirect it towards development and enlightenment is, thus, a fairly complex task because, as it has been explained above, social, natural, familial and educational forces are all against it.

This is precisely why the real tantric mystery of maithuna is only suitable for highly spiritual, highly conscious and strong individualities capable of resisting the influence of all these forces.

We wish you to be constantly in a state of happiness!

Sincere love to you!

What does evolution of Man mean?

Now we have 10 billions of people on Earth and each one has three different possibilities in life. Our fundamental idea shall be that man as we know him is not a completed being; that nature develops him only up to a certain point and then leaves him, either:

* To develop further by his own efforts and devices
* To live and die such as he was born
* To degenerate and lose capacity for development

It is like a pyramid:
·         the first group is very small, 1 out of 1 out of 1 out of 1 of people who can develop themselves through their own effort and methods; it is a very small group and only made of those who have found special teachings;
·         the second group is a very big group, who will live as they were born, as part of a social machine;
·         another big group, at the base of the pyramid, will degrade, because they are monkeys. This is a huge group; the angel within them is just an embryo.

Here is a story:
When God created the human being he was not a product of evolution. God took a monkey, a big one, a gorilla, and an angel; and then married them: as a result the human being appeared. What is the angel??? - The Spirit. - Yes, but not only this: What qualities does an angel have?
- He helps and supports people!
- Which qualities does a monkey have? To eat, to sleep, to protect himself, to reproduce, yes?
If we took a human being and scanned him we would see something very interesting. Which of the qualities would he have more? Monkey’s or angel‘s qualities? Monkeys!!

What you will choose depends entirely on you.

Not everybody can develop and become a different human being. Evolution is not for everybody: it is a path of personal efforts.

For somebody who smokes and who can understand that smoking is not good for him or for people around him, evolution will be to make the correct choice: either to kill himself or live and be healthy. Each moment in our life we can choose to be like monkeys or like angels. You can choose. When people come to us, lots of them stop smoking; we cannot make the effort for them, they do it by themselves, when their soul starts growing, it can no longer accept this situation. This is how it should be with everything, with all bad habits.
If in the previous century a small group of people could develop, now more people have this possibility, but God created many identifications for them. It is a very difficult process to find the right way. For this we must find a Master.

Why can’t all men develop and become different beings?
Why such an injustice?
The answer is very simple:
- Because they do not want it
- People do not know about it and will not understand what it is without a very long preparation. 

Experience and observation show that this development is possible only in certain definite conditions, with efforts of a certain kind on behalf of man himself, and with sufficient help from those who began similar work before and have already attained a certain degree of development, or at least certain knowledge of methods.

We must start with the idea that without efforts evolution is impossible; without help, it is also impossible.

Who can really help us?

Without efforts we cannot develop, because we have many programs inside of us, and to take out one single program we must make a personal individual effort. 

If someone tells you that you can be healthy without effort, he will be lying. Evolution can only happen through efforts. Which conditions show the result of evolution? We should receive more abilities and super abilities, have more power, be more successful.
Those who participate in our seminars can see that their life changes, it is true, but you have not done any effort: your change is the result of the influence of the enlightened Masters, who are moving, pushing energy to you. But if you want to develop more and receive super-abilities and additional power, you must have an individual program.

Watch the video:
How can we develop ourselves?
Firstly we have to observe ourselves and see that we don’t know anything about ourselves. We can learn how a recorder or a car works, but we cannot learn how our ‘machine’ (our being) works. 

Every time I see a woman who has had a baby I ask her: “When you had the baby inside of you, did you know how he was developing? Of course not! And this is because you cannot see what God does inside of you”. How can these one or two cells connect and develop from nothing to create a human being?  It is a real miracle! We can see how chicken make eggs, but we cannot know how we can create a baby. Only now scientists are learning how to clone, but this is not exactly what God has created.  When people clone, they are thinking about machines, not about the evolution of humanity, because evolution of humanity can’t be so easy. And if scientists could change anything about the evolution of human beings, this would be very dangerous for all humanity. This is why God locked it.
Now we live in important times, the times before 2012, when human’s consciousness can open faster. Now our children have open consciousness, but cannot receive knowledge; all they receive are broken programs. This process depends only on us, on our choice, on what kind of education we chose for our children. Children are our future! For them to be 1 -2 -7 days in ‘the Camp of harmonious development’ is like fresh air, fresh air for their soul and this is very important. The children who have been in our camps are totally different from other children. For this they should continue.
This last video we have seen is very interesting, it shows us how people help each other, but it is not real help.
Why? May be you can remember a story from the Bible, when Jesus told someone who asked for food: “Welcome with me, I will not give you fish, but I will teach you how to fish.”
What does it mean? It means that if someone is suffering and we give him bread, it would be only temporary help, tomorrow this person who received bread, will want to receive it again, and without any effort. We can see the situation in different countries where there is a huge revenue, if someone that works has a salary that exceeds a certain amount per month, they must pay to the Government more than 70% tax, but many immigrants coming to these countries form abroad, receive social security, and they say: “Why should we work, if we can get this?” This is crazy support, it would be better to say: “If you want to live in this country you have to work 5 years for free and after this you can live in this country. Not the opposite, because this law make human lazy, it creates economic and energetic vampires in this country, so the country degrades, businesses cannot develop, no one wants more salary because they have to pay more for the vampires.

Once a correspondent from Costa Rica asked the Master:
“We are living in a very poor country, Costa Rica, we have a very rich neighbor, the USA, who uses much money for war and other things. Would it not be possible that they give some money to our poor country?’
The Master answered:
“This is not a good idea, because if you receive money once, you will ask for more another time. It would be better if you could set up an educational program, a very good educational program that would teach everyone in your country how to be rich and change your country’s financial situation. This would be a real help for people in your country.’
The correspondent did not like to hear this, because all she really wanted was money from the USA.