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Diagnose your Chakras

In the Indian tradition the chakras are compared with the lotus flower. The root of the lotus flower is under the water, in the ground, the stalk is situated in the water and the cup is found in the air; it perceives the light of the sun. Our chakras are arranged in a similar way. Their roots, glands and organs are situated in the physical body, the stalks correspond to the nerves and ethereal transmitters, the channels, the Chinese meridians, which are located in the ethereal plane, but the cups are located in the astral plane, they perceive the light from the sun. In the Indian tradition there are three basic suns: Sat, Chit, Ananda, i.e. Will, Consciousness, Bliss. These suns reflect one common absolute, united God, the Higher Logos. The sun Sat basically illuminates the lower chakras and its energy falls on these cups and manifests through the lower planes of being. The sun Chit, the sun of consciousness, illuminates and saturates with energy the upper chakras and the sun Ananda, the sun of the divine love, supplies the middle charkas with energy. Now let’s stop directly on the chakras themselves, on the elements which correspond to these chakras and on the organs which are fixed on the physical body of the chakra. Let’s start with Muladhara.

Muladhara is located, as you know, in the area of the coccyx. There is its seat; the Earth is the corresponding element and the bone-muscular system in a man’s body is its roots; ways of sensing it are: the sense of touch, muscular sensation, the sensation of heaviness, balance.

Svadhisthana chakra is located in the lower part of the stomach. Svadhistana chakra corresponds to the element of Water. The corresponding organs are the urinary and genital system, the adrenal gland, the bladder, as well as the skin; it is responsible for the sensations of warmth and coldness. 

Manipura is located a little bit lower like a sword coming down from the chest in the area of the solar plexus. The element of Fire corresponds to this chakra; the organs of digestion, the pancreas, the liver, the stomach and the sensation of taste relate to it. 

Anahata chakra is the centre of the chest and the element of Air corresponds to this chakra, which is located in the lungs and heart system, directly in the heart. 

Vishudha chakra is in the jugular hollow of the neck, the lower part of the throat. All the elements mentioned above correspond to this chakra. Basically it is the ether. The roots of this chakra are located in the thyroid gland, in the neck. The muscles of the neck and all the glands that are located in this area relate to this chakra. Vishudha is responsible for the sense of hearing. 

Ajna chakra is located in the centre of the head and eyebrows. Ajna is the element of time, ajna is responsible for the perception of time, for feeling it. The roots of this chakra are located in the gland which is called pituitary gland. 

Sahasrara chakra is responsible for intuition, for consciousness. Its roots are located in the area of the sub-cortex. 

Now let’s look at each chakra in detail and examine their manifestation. 


The chakras may be in three states: closed, working and open. In the closed state chakras do not perceive the energy of their plane, they do not receive any information and they do not manifest themselves in any way; and the person is indifferent towards this plane of being. If the chakra starts to work, a person starts to show interest, he/she starts searching information about the corresponding people, starts expressing activity on this plane of being. But he/she is also a consumer. When a chakra is working, a person is a consumer of this type of information. When the chakra is open, a person completely perceives the light of the source, the light from the sun, the subtle plane, he/she becomes a creator, becomes a source of the energy of this chakra. He/she starts to create and produce. He/she is self-sufficient. 

Let’s analyze Muladhara chakra. In the closed position a regular person is apathetic and moves little. Such people are not interested in physical exercises. They are sluggish, usually with a weakly developed muscular system. If the chakra starts working, a necessity for movements will appear to such a person. You all know such a necessity: in childhood it appears very often because Muladhara is the only chakra which works in this period. And this age has been established by evolution that the chakra may develop. And even till now sometimes after the period of long sluggishness a desire may come to you to stretch, move, do several exercises – it indicates the fact that the chakra starts working a little bit. And if it works well, you have a constant necessity to move, a constant necessity for certain physical activities; when this charka opens in person, it means that this person completely controls his/her body; he feels it well and he has great muscular sensation. The working chakra offers you the ability to create your own style. In Ushu it is well –known that creating your own style is the sign of a working chakra. 

The next charka, the Svadhistana chakra corresponds to the sexual plane. If the chakra is closed, this person as a rule is not interested in the opposite sex and has the following belief: “I am a being without a gender and I am totally not interested in the opposite sex.” A person is indifferent to this plane of being. Usually in the older age this person gets hot. Since a lot of energy is used in the process of sexual life, a person afterwards becomes as if indifferent to this plane. If the chakra starts working, interest appears and a person attracts corresponding literature towards himself, starts being interested in the opposite sex. This chakra usually manifests itself in youth and starts working, which is built in by evolution as well, and in this period a person shows most interest towards these planes of being, and if chakra is open, a person becomes the source of the energy. He is attractive, charming and seductive. A person possesses the corresponding energy. It is even possible to receive the corresponding feelings just by looking at him/her, being near. 

The next chakra – Manipura –  is the social plane. If this chakra is closed, a person feels bad in companies of people. Usually these people are shy, closed in certain complexes. They have a bad contact with the world, they do not like crowded places, and try to isolate themselves. It is not because they are absorbed in themselves; they simply do not know how to express themselves outside. If the chakra starts working, a person becomes active in the social plane; he/she starts striving to manifest himself/herself as a manager, he tries to lead people, become a leader. When it starts opening, such corresponding feelings sometimes appears as a property of this chakra; sometimes feelings of greed or similar feelings appear. It is important to remember that these are all manifestations and there is no need to fear it if such feelings appear. You must try to be aware of them in yourself. In the next stage of opening we find entrepreneurs and business people corresponding to it. As a rule, they are not attached to material values. But they are creating on this plane, freely treating material values, without being attached to that. In other words, their field of activities is like creativity. 

The next chakra is Anahata. Anahata is the chakra of the sub-social plane. This chakra is well-developed in religious people, who devote their lives for serving God. But it does not mean that any saint has an open Anahata. Not at all. Because there can be different motivations, and we will talk about this later. If this chakra is closed, a person is dry, stale, not supportive about other people’s sufferings. If it is open, the person is more gentle, elastic, soft and compassionate. If the chakra is open, great bliss comes and it can be only experienced by yourself. A person, who has been in Stalin’s camps, told us that there was a short, slim man. Life conditions were very heavy there: they lived in huts, they had to work hard, had little food. And when people came, they were tired all the time, started arguments, fights, scandals, but that man came ad started praying; quietly prayed by himself, and gradually people around started to calm down; those who had some grief, offence or anger, slowly stopped, and even a calm state approached them. Bliss came from that man, which simply calmed people around down and took away all their worries, troubles and offences. Simply a calm state and that is all. 

Vishudha chakra – plane of creativity. The expression of Vishudha is the inspirational excitement of the creators, poets and artists. People who truly manifest themselves in this chakra, as a rule, do not get attached to their creations; they do not create for money, they create for the process of creation itself. And it saturates them. Maybe you have had such times of inspirational excitement, when you wanted simply to do something, to draw or sing, simply sing, it did not matter how, where, why; it did not matter how you would be judged, you simply wanted to express yourself in this plane. This is a sign that this chakra starts working, actively working. A closed Vishudha belongs to those people who are not interested in aesthetics at all; they plunge into the material world, they do not see the beauty of existence. If you tell them: “Look! What a nice tree!”, they usually speak about something that you can eat from this tree, something that you can possess. Such an approach is of the utilitarian people. If Vishudha starts working, a person starts being interested in painting, art and literature; the person is attracted to music. People of Vishudha plane do well at music, because hearing is the prerogative of Vishudha; they feel and understand it finely. If Vishudha is working, the person is a creator creating for the purpose of creation, not for the results of it. 


 The next chakra is Ajna chakra. Its state is that of concentrated will. A person of this plane, if his/her chakra is closed, is completely deaf towards expressions of theoretical type, he is not interested in information, i.e. he may perceive the world with feelings, like, for example, a person of Vishudha or Anahata, but he is not interested in mind conceptions and logical formations. Very often such people are narrow-minded or rough, plunged into their lives with their feelings. If this chakra starts working, a person is very interested in different theories, conceptions, philosophical developments; he is searching books, he is searching for information. And when this chakra opens, this person becomes the creator of theories himself, he delivers the knowledge of the higher power, he creates and writes books, he is able to explain the construction of the world.
It is very little knowledge – intuitive. As an example of good-working Ajna, we may mention the scientist Timofey Resovskiy. Read the book “Zubr”. This person was manifesting himself through Ajna, but he was attracting certain results. Thoughts came to him as he describes in this book; he could start one thing, a thought would come to him he did not care at all about completion, awards, and he moved to another thing. But if we take a regular scientist, who is motivated by Manipura, by basic social wealth, he writes essays for receiving a phD; such people cannot be called the people of Ajna. 

 The next chakra is Sahasrara. Sahasrara is intuition. The correct state of it is renounced wisdom. It is very difficult to describe Sahasrara chakra because all mental formations, all indications end on the plane of Ajna. It is the plane of verbal communication and it goes further to intuition and sensations; if we have a look at its expression in the outer world, there can be a glimpse of foretelling in it; if Sahasrara is not working, a person may completely lack presentiment, understanding intuition, i.e. a person may learn something by heart and tell it back well but he is not able to get to the essence of things. It is also rather difficult for such a person to apply the knowledge in practice; as a rule, this person is a scheme-type person: he learns a scheme and acts according to the scheme, and does not catch the connection between the knowledge and practice; it is very difficult to draw any parallels for him. When the chakra starts working, such a person starts having a glimpse of intuition, revelation of the consciousness, discoveries. He finds the essence of being in a regular, popular, well-read truth. People with an open Sahasrara are great yogi possessing higher knowledge about the laws of this world.

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