Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knowledge from my Teacher: "Fame, Wealth, Love"

You have to understand what Fame is. When people applaud you, admire you, they direct their attention towards you, and with this attention they also direct their energy towards you. You need this energy. When you want to be wealthy, you also need this energy, because money and goods are materialized forms of energy. People waste their energy and knowledge at work, in return they receive an equivalent of energy in the form of money, and with its help they can renew their energy reserves. Wealth is one form of energy. Youth and beauty are other forms of this energy. As long as a man is full of energy, he is young, energetic, beautiful - regardless of his age. Yogis conserve youth and beauty till they come to age of discretion – 200-300 years. At this age they can look like young men and young women, because they are full of vital power. Goddess Shakti gives them beauty, energy, youth, power and other qualities.

Love, happiness, knowledge are also different forms of energy. A man pursues those because he wants to be filled with energy of Shakti. When a man is filled with energy of Shakti, he is satisfied. Therefore, he is intent on all these purposes. 
If a person understands this and knows how to manage this energy, he starts to connect with energies that come from planets and stars, he starts to receive satisfaction much faster. Otherwise the process is slower because of attachment to particular form that always limits him. He is being told, “In order to be wealthy, you have to do business; in order to attain fame you have to desire it for a long time and go the way that your society dictates”. There are people who gain wealth and fame in very unusual ways: it seems that fortune helps them, they seem not to do much, but they reach all their goals. This is because goddess Shakti is helping them.

If a man obtains certain inner qualities, he can be famous. If he obtains other qualities – he can be wealthy. Yet other qualities help him have power and love. You have to understand that if you don’t obtain some manifestations of Shakti, it means that you don’t have certain quality, the chakra of certain energy is closed, it can’t receive and transmit energy. You can do many things, but you will never be able to obtain anything without opening this chakra, you will not receive corresponding energy inside of you. After opening the chakra the energy can fill you!

Any energy (fear, anger, passion) has its determined qualities, inner knowledge. It is not just a mad power that fills a man. Fear can convince a man that he has to be afraid of everything in this life, he sees danger everywhere. Anger can suggest an idea that everywhere he has to see negative manifestation of what he doesn’t like. Passion can suggest an idea that desires of his heart lead him everywhere, and he definitely has to be with them. Any energy has certain information, individual qualities. If a man is keenly intend on being wealthy, he will always see this energy of wealth which he wants to receive. Herewith, he should never become a slave of his wishes and ambitions; he has to understand that planets and stars communicate with him through these wishes. There is nothing bad in these wishes – those are merely manifestations of his ambition to obtain energy. Problems begin when a man becomes enslaved by his wishes, when he doesn’t understand that wealth and fame is the energy that is coming towards us from other planets; and we could fill ourselves with this energy, the energy of Shakti and Holy Spirit.

Sometimes he starts to think that this is the way of living, and in that moment he is making a great mistake and his desire becomes suffering. He goes the wrong way and receives negative karma, because of the desire of objects that are just material form of life. We always have an aspiration for energies and never for certain forms. When you experience some feeling, you think – “I want this person to love me. I want all people consider me as good.” You have to feel this state, how it is. You have to imagine that you have already reached it and you have to feel this state: “Yes, I feel the state that I want to reach. Yes, it is just the state when this person will love me, when all people will consider me as a good man.”

When this state comes to you, try to feel in which chakra it appears. Then, concentrate in this chakra and attract this state towards you, fill yourself with it, because this state is pure energy. If you really fill yourself with this energy, the first thing you will feel is satisfaction. You finally have that which you wanted!

When you feel that you have already obtained what you wanted, you will see that the person whom you wanted to love you for some strange reason indeed loves you, that everybody considers you as a kind and good man. So, what happened? The energy by itself attracts that which you want, but at first, it is necessary for changes to take place within you.
Western businessmen already know about it and they do the following: when they go to some meeting and they want to impress their customer, they imagine that they are full of energy of consent, happiness, charm and success. Being filled with this energy, they go to see their customers, clients and start to charm and involve them with this energy. Business, in this case, is more successful. 

Can you imagine a businessman who goes to a meeting with a gloomy, angry face trying to impress his customer? The customer, of course, will go away very far from him in order to never meet him again. But, when he sees a charming businessman filled with positive energy, a businessman will not have any difficulty impressing the prospective customer, influencing him. For this reason, you have to remember that when you feel energy within you, all life goals start to attract things into your life and your wishes materialize. When you don’t have such energy, you can’t realize any of life goals. When you are filled with the energy, you have a different feeling, you have already obtained that which you sought, and you don’t have to be limited by forms, because you already have what you wanted to get. At least, you will understand that you don’t have to desire money or fame in its physical manifestation (in a form of coins or applause). In a mysterious way all these goals will be reached, money will appear from somewhere, people will pay attention to you and applaud you.

Why will all this happen? Because you are filled with the energy, and the energy starts to attract material object to you. You have to remember that if material things come to you or, vice versa, you can’t reach something in your life, it means that you have (positive result) or you don’t have (negative result) necessary energy for it. Energy, filling you from inside, starts to work as a magnet, as a magnetic field, as a biological field.
Biological field has has certain qualities which attract, like a magnet, all corresponding life forms. Thus, life form is like a vessel, and energy fills this vessel, so all things happen this way. If there is energy, the vessel will always be found. If you will desire life forms, you never obtain necessary energy, so the vessel will not be filled. And, more than likely, you will not even obtain the vessel.

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