Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The tear of creativity

Once God sent one thousand angels to Earth with the task of finding the most perfect work of creativity on Earth.  Nine hundred and ninety nine angels searched all over the planet Earth and, having found many works of creativity, returned to God-father.

Only one, the last angel, kept going on and on searching until he found what he was looking for.  Only then did he reappear in front of God-father. 
God asked, "Have you found the perfect creation?  Please give me a moment of happiness".
The angel answered, “Yes, my Father.  Here, in the palm of my hand, there is one teardrop. When I was searching for the perfect work of creativity, I suddenly heard a sinner pray, ‘Forgive me, my God, I have been so bad to people: I killed and I hated.’  Tears were streaming from his eyes.  I then caught one tear.  And here it is!” 
God-father looked at the tear of the sinner and said, "Out of the one thousand works of creativity I have been shown, this is the most important and perfect work of creativity!" 

He then began to cry.

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