Saturday, July 23, 2011

12 Archetypical Roles

In any group setting, whether at work or in a social environment, the energy is divided into 12 Archetypical roles according to Cosmic Laws.  This webinar will introduce you to each of these 12 roles; which are the roles people play in group situations, which are often acted out unconsciously. Kargen Kanesh will talk about t how to become the conscious observer unidentified with just one role - and yet how to be able to flexibly play the appropriate role in any situation. 

This Knowledge will help you to:

Learn how to determine your role in a group and the roles of others
Determine main roles you typically play and their energetic significance
Learn how to play different roles in a group setting and not be attached to any of them
Learn how to take on a significant role and maintain harmonious and well-organized group setting

Kargan Kenesh’s (in ancient Siberian language it means ‘wisdom tree’) work is a powerful blend of practice and direct transmission of spiritual, healing and artistic knowledge, which seeks to harmonize the synchronic development of all aspect of each person’s essential being, and  to awaken the divine individuality of each student. 
In this time of turmoil and upheaval for the planet Earth, quickly approaching a climax when more and more catastrophes knock closer and closer at our door, he delivers a message of hope, strength, transformation healing and spiritual growth. 

“You are a spiritual warrior, master of your inner state, creating your reality as the world is a play!”

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