Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wisdom Tree

Only a little over a decade ago, Kargan Kenesh (his names in the ancient language of Altai means Wisdom Tree) could have be regarded as an ordinary ‘good’ man, a psychiatrist dedicated to the well being of his patients who, disillusioned by the limitations of conventional medicine, had started seeking alternative ways to help human beings to overcome sufferings, disease and spiritual sterility.
By no means an open and free highway, his path led him away from conventional medicine and into the realms of a deeper and inner search for personal change and transformation. The guide and teacher, who help him to turn his life from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ is one of the greatest Masters of our time:  the Great Master of Altai. He patiently and lovingly instructed and guided him, teaching him to transform theoretical spirituality into experiential and living consciousness.
This involved undergoing an adventurous and breath taking process of self - transformation and self-discovery, a process that gradually helped him to shed off his ‘old skin’ - the harmful and hampering influences of the dictates of personality and conventions - to be reborn as a healer, guide, advisor in all aspects of a person’s life and, most of all,  as  a spiritual teacher able to use an array of methods coming from all mystic traditions of the planet to help people.
By delivering and transmitting ancient and new knowledge to the whole world, he has been able to find ways of tapping into each student’s uniqueness, and to bring to light their special talents and highest spiritual aspirations.  
He is the founder of the ‘Humanity Project Organisation’, based in Barcelona, which runs various spiritual schools that cater for the specific needs of different groups of people, as for instance:  the ‘Academy for the Spiritual Development of Women’, the ‘School for Energetic Self-Protection’, the ‘School of Advanced Tibetan Raja Yoga’, the ‘School of Business and Wealth’, and ‘The school for the development of creative skills’. He also runs a specific program for the ‘Harmonious Development of Children’ with summer camps held all over the world. 
Through seminars, healing sessions and local classes he plants into each person the ‘seeds of transformation’, so that these can grow and bloom in a fertile land, unhampered by any social and personal conditionings.  With his help, thousands of people have been able to make a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual shift in order to achieve health, gain a deeper life purpose, a new perspective of wealth, a deeper relationship to himself, the others and his surroundings.
Kargan Kenesh travels the  whole world.  His teaching journeys have led him to India, Tibet, Nepal, Siberia, Altai, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Canada, Australia, to mention only a few of the places where he has held seminars, individual counselling and healing sessions.
Kargan Kenesh can, indeed, bring about a deep and long lasting transformation in every human being who has the chance to meet him!

To be in Kargan Kenesh’s presence is like taking a deep plunge into the deepest recesses of one’s being, as if through his eyes and touch it becomes suddenly possible to meet one’s own essential being, one’s on soul in all its magnificence!
In this time of turmoil and upheaval for the planet Earth, quickly approaching a climax when more and more catastrophes knock closer and closer at our door, he delivers a message of hope, strength, transformation healing and spiritual growth.  

His ultimate mission is to help as many people as possible to find a living connection with the sacred, crystallize their divine essence, know pure happiness, love, health and success. 

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